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Good Books by the marvellous Minx

Read the Church Of Carnal Knowledge Good Books and learn all that is worth knowing about sexual congress. Understand what it means to chase Clarity, know how to access your genitals, and learn to fuck like the rabbits. Volume 1035 is out now!


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Our words are always subject to revision and improvement. We are guided only by our genitals. We welcome you to join our community and contribute to making our words wiser and our lessons deeper. We invite you to join us in carnal knowledge.

So please cum with us...

✭ Public Knowledge

The Holy Books, our guiding scriptures, which make the case that sex is the reason and sex is the way. And that this is justification to worship at the altar of sexual satisfaction in whatever form that takes.

Book 1

Begin at the beginning. Learn the basic truths that apply to us all. The first book of our Church is titled appropriately, Foreplay. It is only by properly investing in our sex lives that we can hope to achieve sustained Clarity. Sex and how it applies to your lives, your loves and your genitals.

Book 2

Grow your knowledge. Understand the mechanics of what it means to be human. The second book of the Church is titled appropriately, Fucking. It is on the basis of our shared understanding that we can build a life of wholesome sexual liberation. This book details the means and the method.

Book 3

Experience epiphanies. Know what it means to know who you really are. The third book of our Church is titled appropriately, Clarity. Because it is through orgasm that we reach Clarity, and it is through Clarity that we are made more. This book is the orgasm of the series.

The Noble Books, our traditions, rituals and teachings to live by. An education in being noble, and living a life of ritualised fetish. Expending sexual energy in the pursuit of the ultimate. Instructions on how to quench your thirst.

Develop nobility. Become the person you were meant to be become. The fourth book of our Church is titled appropriately, The Noble Lifestyle. Because it is through ownership that we are free, and it is through freedom that we are made whole. This book is the first revelation of Clarity.

Master ritual. Develops skills capable of manifesting clarity. The fifth book of our Church is titled appropriately, Noble Rites and High Rituals. Because it is through ritual that we are made perfect, and it is through perfection that we are all we can be. This book is the second revelation of Clarity.

Life fetishised. Be all that you possibly can be with a life centered on abject objectification and sexualisation. The sixth book of our Church is titled appropriately, Book 6 - Formulas for Fornication and Love Letters of Lust. Because it is in fornication that we are free, and it is in lust that we live. This book is the third revelation of Clarity.

✭ Private Knowledge

Our Church's highest teachings are reserved for those who are noble and filled with lust for our Church. The path starts with seminarian education and prep for ordination. And the path ends with introductions and sermons on advanced areas of research. Set aside your life of banality and become an Elder.

Our seminary education with teachings leading up to the Ordination Ceremony. The inner workings of our Church. Education in our code of conduct and ethics system. Indoctrination into our messaging and control theories. Introduction to mind control and propaganda techniques. Promotion and advocacy for our good news and our noble message. Working to lay the groundwork for a future of pleasure and satisfaction for all.

Book 10
Beyond the Rope

Mental Bondage, Mind Control and Brain Washing. Research and findings from the entire history of our Church's investigations into psychological control. Highly sensitive material, run-downs, instructional routines and holy ceremonies. The culmination of our scientific and dogmatic efforts. The combined insight and revelations of our community of Elders and their good works. Available only to Elders.

Book 11
High Fetish

Semen Worship, Pussy Juicing, Squirting Studies, and Fisting Fearlessly. This is our highest level training and only suitable for some people. Obscene on a level that has produced visceral reactions in some. Includes recipes, tutorials, pamphlets on safety, cleanup tips and everything you need to know to host others for ritual use. Available only to those who truly chase it.

Book 12
Sex Work Saves Lives

Pimps, Pornstars, Whores, Johns and other wholesome pastimes. A critical study of the economics of sex, as it pertains to the casual no-strings-attached hook-up. Detailed notes and instruction on success in all the sex work fields covered. Detailed and meta level analysis of what it takes to succeed renting your genitals in the modern era. Available only to those who can afford it.

Quoting the First Elder:

A classic does not need redemption, its mere evocation is enough to remind us of irrefutable truths. A well-known classic once said: Be perfectly perverted in everything you do, to do otherwise is to reject your birthright and the expectation of your existence.

But here is a fact, even having this axiom of De Sade, paradoxically, not everything has been said about the art of sex. Because although we have survived so many centuries as a species -largely thanks to this inevitable exercise- this infinite source of knowledge (our sexuality) still has much to reveal.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Church Of Carnal Knowledge. Our Good Books is more than a compilation or a series. It is a template to sexual liberation and fetish rites. It is our contribution to the pursuit of pleasure in the infinite delight of the human soul. The Good Books are an invitation to discover your true self, an invitation that would help you grow as a sexual person through perverse play and salacious rituals.

Six books make up the whole, structured with a coherent purpose of covering different dimensions of the sexual phenomenon. The first three books are where we discuss and understand how to achieve fullly immersive and freeing sex lives, and the three last books are shared wisdom delivered in the a series of stories, parabels and lecturess. These works are gathered so readers have a guide that teaches them how to upgrade their sexual existence and liberate their true selves.

We could say, without any fear of contradiction or a shadow of a doubt, that this collection of knowledge is a gateway that transports you on a journey with no return, to the core of satisfaction, to the core of sexual release. It is a path that is going to make you discover the essence of your sexual drive without mincing words or inhibitions of any kind.

Every chapter is a challenge to the readers to improve themselves, to reach new levels of pleasure in deep devotion and to discover their inner sexual hunger. This is a masterclass in finding pleasure through the pursuit, starting from the revelation that great sexual potential exists in all of us as a birthright, but only if we are brave enough to embrace it.

This manuscript is a call to learn about the current evolution of sex and understand how we can achieve purpose in it. The feeling deep in our bones the thrill that comes only after a wonderful night of uninhibited wild pleasure seeking.

Let's not forget this, the diversity of human perversion has a wide spectrum. This is so extremely delicious and so driving, that it makes us chase the orgasm. To chase Clarity.

Our work is dedicated to everyone who wants to dive into Noble Hedonism. To all the sluts and the pervs. Specially to you, who are in the search of your true chalice. If you are looking for clarity, you are in the right place.

Become an agent of pleasure!

Cave painting depicting early ritual sex
Holy Elder

Good Books, page 1

The holy word is sacred and governed only by our sexual desire. All wisdom is subject to change.

We are students of our sexual impulse, now and always. We are agents of pleasure.