General Disclaimer and Statement of Facts about Our Church
Last updated: 2018-01-08

✭ General Disclaimer

Our Church requires appropriate levels of explicit consent from all individuals involved in rites, rituals, performances, practices and gatherings. Only adults are permitted to engage with, deal in or have any access to the sexual services we provide, support, encourage and teach.

The rules and norms that we, as members of the Church Of Carnal Knowledge, apply to our sex lives may not be suitable for everyone. We believe the dominance and submission are important parts of the sexual tapestry. We believe that consent is required until it is not. And we believe that satisfaction can be found only through the genitals.

All are welcome to adopt and evolve the noble ways of our Church regardless of their gender, orientation, race, colour, creed or their ability to perform every ritual or embrace every edict. What matters most is what they feel in their heart and what they feel in their loins.

There are some who know what they want sexually and there are others who are searching. We wish to expose ourselves to the curious. We want everyone to experience what we have to offer. We work for the betterment of all humanity, in adherence to the Grand Rules and all they entail.

Sex can be at the centre of your world if you open your heart to it and open your body to it.

For questions related to our beliefs or methods, please contact us.

✭ If you see something, say something

Have you spotted misogeny, homophobia, racism or exclusionary language, tactics, beliefs or actions, in our literature, our organisation, our members, our online presence, or amongst our practitioners, or Elders?

Please report what you have seen so we can take action where appropriate.

Agent of Pleasure
Church Of Carnal Knowledge