No horny soul should go without sex.

We can help with this. Our purpose is to help with this. Speak to our spiritual Elders and our holy temple sluts. Find answers you seek, uncover questions you have yet to ask.

You will not be judged. Ask the questions you need answered. About yourself, about others, about life.

Donations inspire answers as generosity is the purest form of appreciation and our organisation is operated on a purely volunteer basis.

✭ Consult an Elder

Present yourself to the Elders, ask for their help. As part of their mission to liberate human sexuality, our Church Elders dispense wisdom and sage advice. This is central to what our Elders do for our community and the wider world. By helping those in need find better, happier and healthier sex lives, the Elders invest in our shared future. Our Elders are changing the world, one fuck at a time. Show respect to our Elders and donate appropriately. Elders are especially well versed in the application of fetishes, the procurement of sexual relations, the tightening of primitive arousal and the administration of corporal punishment.

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Please consider the urgency of your query when you consider your donation amount.

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✭ Speak with a slut

Do you need advice about sex, life, love, relationships or cooking? Want to hear stories? What do know what works, what to say, how to act, who to be? Do you need the advice of a professional slut? Our girls are here to help. Ask our tarts whatever you desire and they are honour bound to answer honestly. These girls are talented and experienced, they have seen it all and they are devoting their free time to helping others achieve their own sexual satisfaction. They want to help get you laid, you just have to ask them the right questions.

» Donate today and get the knowledge you need

Please remember these are busy sluts and their time is valuable, so give generously.

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✭ What do I get for my donation?

If you donate, and if you formulate a good question, and if the Elders or the sluts can help you - you will get distilled wisdom from people who know. What you will get depends on what you can give. If you give the context to your question then you might receive the answer you are hoping for. If you give the meaning behind your question then you might get to know what you want to know. We are here to educate, elucidate and elevate. We cannot guarantee satisfaction, we can only guarantee we will try our best.

We are always recruiting new temple sluts but we set the bar high. Contact us for details.

New sluts and Elders are inducted twice a year, for more information see ordination.