In the beginning there was Sex.
And the Sex was good.

Sex is how we commune with ourselves, how we commune with each other and how we commune with the universe. We live wholesome fulfilling lives built around fetish and sexual ritual.

Ours is a church of physical love.

Ours is the Church Of Carnal Knowledge.

Safe haven for the sexually depraved
Good Books

Good Books

Begin your journey today towards sexual liberation and ultimate gratification. Read the Good Books and abide by them.

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The Ritual
Unbridled Lust

Our Church

Learn about our Church and how it can help you become who you were meant to be.

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Red Light District
Suburban Brothel

Reach Out

Sex is happening in red light districts and suburban brothels. Sex is happening, and you should be part of it. Contact the Elders for support. Contact sluts for advice. Find out what you need to find out, from the people who know.

Seek Answers

Coiled rope for corrupting rituals
Black rope for slavegirls of every colour

Training & Education

Come together so we can cum together. Masters, Dommes, slaves, subs, and pets - all are welcome.

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Become an agent of pleasure

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