Enjoy the cartoon tits, they can't hurt you.

Sex is the medium. Sex brought you here. It brought all of us here. It decides for all of us. We are helpless under it's influence. And we would not want it any other way.

Our Church celebrates the unabashed enjoyment and inner fulfilment that only sex can bring us. We fuck how we want. What is life if not for spending entwined with other people?

We better ourselves so that we can earn better sex lives. We aspire to be people others would want to have sex with. We acknolwedge that we all have a long way to go to be the best we possibly can.

This is the core of our belief.


✭ Sex

Sex is a celebration. It is evidence of our lives. Our existence is charted in our loves and our lusts. Sex is the background theme in all our personal lives and we should never be ashamed to acknowledge its importance to us. Our Church promotes a way of life that, while not suitable to all, is absolute liberation for some. We aim not to convert the non-believers, but we will try to lure the curious. We have good news to share, your genitals are the tools of your release. But first you must choose to be an agent of pleasure. Tell me more.

Golden Inversion
Golden Submission

✭ Kink

We embrace kink and this is what makes us strong. We indulge in acts of depravity, perverted ceremonies and riotous rituals. We believe in fetish and all it can do for the human soul. We embrace diversity in friends and lovers. We accept all and we ask that you accept us.

✭ Worship

Read our words, discover our ideals and see if living like us will see you free. We are noble hedonists, we embrace consent, we value diversity and we fuck how we want.

Taste Yourself
Slavegirl in prayer position
Higher Power
Holy Elder