Official Style Guide of Our Church
Last updated: 2005-05-12

What follows are stylistic rules we enforce to enhance the conhesion of our message and our teachings.

We believe that conformity promotes the best outcome in terms of clarity and execution of message.

The name of our Church is the Church Of Carnal Knowledge. the capitalisation must be respected always. It should always be written as "Church Of Carnal Knowledge" or "the Church Of Carnal Knowledge". When referenced informally, the appropriate grammar is "our Church".

To show respect to the noble tradition we always capitalise the following words and terms:

- Elder
- Clarity
- Noble Hedonism
- Ordination
- Good Books
- Noble Books
- Noble Rites
- High Rituals

The titles of our books must be correctly capitalised always:

- Book 1: Foreplay
- Book 2: Fucking
- Book 3: Clarity
- Book 4: The Noble Lifestyle
- Book 5: Noble Rites and High Rituals
- Book 6: Formulas for Fornication and Love Letters of Lust

As a mark of respect we refer to practicing and due paying members of our Church as ladies and gentlemen, lady and gentleman.

For questions related to style and writing standards, please consult

For assets see our media kit.