Our Church is the church of physical love and adoration

Sex is how we commune with ourselves, with each other and with the universe.

We must spread the good news. We are the Church Of Carnal Knowledge.

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The public works of our Church collected in the Good Books. Learn to better yourself and your sex life.

Our traditions, rituals and the teachings that we live by. Koans on existence. An education in nobility. A framework for living a life of ritualised fetish.

This is a life changing manual. Not to be taken lightly. For a discerning mature audience only. Every home should have one.

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Note: Our official merchandise store is offline while it undergoes a facelift. In the mean time, please visit our friends at Beaver & Johnson.

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If our teachings have moved you, we ask that you show appreciation. If you have learnt about yourself, if you have grown, we ask that you show appreciation. If you have been moved, and if you have attained orgasm due to the enlightenment you have received through our Church, then we ask that you show your generous appreciation. Because it is through your support that we can continue our good work.

Donations of €50 and above are eligible to receive a free high-quality premium hardback edition of the Good Books. For large donations please contact us. Please consider remembering us in your will.

Please also consider donating to these fine organisations who do important work:

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom


Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

Outright International

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Our Church is open to all. We actively recruit for Elders on a twice annual basis. Sluts are invited to introduce themselves.

For a gentle introduction to our Church and all she does, you are invited to join our low-volume newsletter.

Seminary education for Elders includes preparation and guidance towards the Ordination Ceremony. The path for the holiest of holy, the most righteous and those filled with lust. Devoting your life and your efforts to the betterment of our Church. Truly a noble calling.

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