Thank you for your interest in Ordination.

The taking of holy orders is a sacred bond and commitment. You are hereby invited to consider a life of devotion and giving.

✭ A new life

We believe that everyone possesses unique talents that can be channeled and focused to optimise their potential to make a meaningful difference in the sex lives of others.

Our Church is a sanctuary of compassion and growth. The Ordained are those who will guide us to that compassion, and lead us to that growth. It should be in all ours hearts to aspire to serve others as the Ordained serve our Church.

Have you ever considered dedicating your life to a higher purpose, to serving others and nurturing a deep connection with spirituality through your sexuality? If you wish to explore the path of becoming a priest or priestess within our vibrant and welcoming community you are most welcome.

The live of an Elder is one of giving and sharing. It is a life helping the lesser be the better, through sex and through sexual freedom.

The Work Of The Elders

✭ Embark on a remarkable journey

Embarking on the path of the Elders or choosing to live openly as a slut is a deeply personal commitment. A journey to become who you were meant to be. It is an opportunity to align your purpose with your passion, to find fulfillment in serving a higher calling, and to make a lasting impact on the lives of others. But only some of us are truly capable of the sexual deviance and perverted corruption necessary. Only some of us aspire to greatness.

✭ Training

Our ordination training program offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses theological studies, pastoral care, leadership development, and practical experience. With the guidance of experienced elders who will act as mentors, you will receive the necessary tools and knowledge to serve as a compassionate and effective spiritual leader.

Our Church is always looking for new talent. Ordination ceremonies for Elders and induction ceremonies for sluts are run twice annually. We are not currently accepting applications, please check back in a few months. Join the newsletter to begin with. When you believe you're ready, contact us to register your interest.

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