Published by the Church Of Carnal Knowledge.

Knowledge, wisdom and rituals inspired and derived from the carnal pursuit of pleasure.

Copyright © 1981 Carnal Knowledge Research Foundation.

All rights reserved now and into perpetuity.

Approved for use in propaganda and indoctrination.

The Church Of Carnal Knowledge: Good Books


Read no further lest you be offended.

Learn no more lest you grow as a person.

This is our stipulation. We are who we are. Our aspiration is that you join us. Persuasion will not be employed. Only explanation and exaltation.

Our work is dedicated to the sluts and the whores, to the pervs and the fiends.

Abide by the law. Respect consent.

Learn to live a wholesome and fulfilling life through perverted play, obscene ritual, and the physical defilement of the human mind, body & soul.

Welcome to the Church Of Carnal Knowledge.

Book 1: Foreplay

The first book of our Church is titled appropriately, Foreplay. It is only by properly investing in our sex lives that we can hope to achieve sustained Clarity. This book pertains to the basic facts and how they apply to our lives, our loves and our genitals.

These are the truths.

1. Awakening

In the beginning there was Sex.

And the Sex was good.

First comes foreplay. Second comes fucking. Third comes Clarity.

Second is the one who comes first. First is the one who comes second next time.

The human condition is a known problem. Humans do not have Sex. It is Sex that has humans.

Hundreds of thousands of years for evolution to craft humans through sex, by Sex, for Sex.

We are agents of pleasure. We are vessels for sexual impulse. The soul exists in the Sex drive. The body and mind are compelled to act in accordance with their sex drive. Attending to the Sex drive brings satisfaction and satiation. An unattended Sex drive causes decay and necrosis, manifesting as physical illness and emotional instability.

Humans are engineered by Sex. And Sex has a plan for us all. This is the sexual impulse doctrine.

You, reader, are a product of Sex, an agent of Sex and through this manuscript you can attain a lifestyle that will develop your sexual understanding and sexual mastery, and you can set your life-long path of pursuit and worship of that sexual energy that brings us, that sexual energy that holds us and that sex energy that forever binds us.

2. These Are Obvious Secrets

Contained in this text are the secrets to living a long and healthy life of obscene perversions and satisfying orgasms. This work attempts to share answers to questions that mankind has asked for centuries.

What is it about breasts that makes them so pleasing?

Why is the average throat so small compared to the average cock?

This treatise should act as a catalyst to your sex drive, spurring you to new heights and possibly even to destructive levels. This work may offend and harm you. These books could change how you see the world, not necessarily for the better. By continuing to read you accept this risk and you accept all related responsibility.

From this point on, you proceed at your own risk.

Anal sex is a vile corrupting act, we recommend you try it. Lesbianism is a beautiful talent that should be shared with as many as possible. Non-consent is a choice for some, and a requirement for others. Semen is an elixir with the power to rejuvenate the mind and body. And the juice of a pussy is a wholesome treat for everyone, especially the owner.

This wisdom was received through insights bestowed on us from parts below. Think of them as gifts from the universe. Wisdom plucked from the brief moments of post-orgasmic Clarity that Sex can bestow on us. That momentary dissolve from one to many, from me to you, from the person to the divine. When we cry out in climax, it is the universe that answers. Sex is how we participate in the eternal.

The penetration of orifices, the grinding and the fucking.

And the cumming and the squirting and the spilling of semen.

Beautiful and ancient displays of meaning, of belonging and of worship.

3. Who we are

This opus will teach you the workings of your sexual existence.

This manuscript will help you master the heresies of hedonism, the sex positions of the rabbits, the rights of human ownership, the rituals of human defilement and the incredible satisfaction of the endless orgasm.

Through careful application of our methods, and through a life lived in devotion to sex, you will be rewarded with a clearer mind, a healthier body and a perverted soul.

Why live if not to pursue meaning?

Why live at all if not to seek deep and significant satisfaction?

You should go forth and fornicate. Stop reading. There is no time to waste.

Gentlemen - spread your seed far and wide. We pray you are emptied often.

Ladies - spread your legs far and wide. We pray you are filled often.

And yet…

You are a slut.

And you are a whore.

You are our kind of people and you are most welcome.

4. Driven by sex, owned by sex

Humans do not understand sex. Humans do not know the purpose of sex. Sex is aware of this blind spot and will use it against you to make you an agent of pleasure.

Humans, in this current evolution, are not capable of understanding what it is that sex wants from us. Evolution is not a straight line and the connection from brain to sex drive is patchy and unreliable.

To believe otherwise is blasphemy.

Humans can only guess at the agenda sex has for them. You must accept the fact that to fight sex’s demands is to fight your own mental and physical well being.

Sex will teach you. Sex will own you. And if you behave, sex will reward you.

Without exaggeration we can say that sex defines you in the most important ways. Sex makes you. Sex is the root of your true relationship with yourself, and your relationships with others.

Human evolution was shaped by sex, driven forward and made possible because of sex. You humans owe sex a debt of gratitude. It built the world you now inhabit.

And while you are helpless to pay the price, you can choose to fight it, some do. But it is not easy to fight who you are. Nor is it healthy or wise.

But it is possible. Consider first why you would fight your true self. Be sure you are comfortable with the sacrifice this invites.

And know there is an inner peace in being the driven one. Living in the light, means embracing your animal side. Accepting the sexual desires you feel and all that they bring.

Humans are merely animals, primitive still. Full of redundant organs, primate brain reflexes and forgetful disorganised minds. Humans have a long way to go.

Until you all devote your attention to the power of the orgasm, your species will fail to reach its potential. Or worse, a new dark age may descend and if it does, it may never pass.

Why do humans not wish to live in accordance with their purpose?

There are many who have still not embraced the orgasm.

But they must serve the prime mover - the reason for being - they must serve sex.

Sex gives roots and structure to the manifestations of human culture, society and expression. Sex is the first and the last. Sex is your friend and your enemy. Humans are built for sex, and more than that - built in a way that surpasses all other animals. From kinks to pain to clothing to food - sex in humans is a beautiful and complex tapestry.

Sex is all that really matters. The sex comes first and the sex comes last.

5. First was the mouth

Mouth first. Pussy second. Always and forever.

Only the best deserve access to someone else’s mouth.

And only the best take it in the mouth without being asked.

Truly special is the person who sucks for their own pleasure.

Truly gifted is the person who takes it up the ass.

Truly precious is the person who smiles as they swallows.

Truly worthy is the person who deserves sex.

Gentlefolk, the sacred act of oral copulation must be performed only after bathing. Washing, scrubbing, weeding and general grounds-keeping is expected. To be foul smelling or otherwise undesirable would be most ignoble.

We must always hold in high regard the sluts. Their existence makes a measurable difference in this difficult world.

- Quote attributed to Queen Cleopatra, circa 40 BC

6. Praise be

Praise be to our Church Elders who teach and administer the rituals.

Our Elders are known for their sage advice. A gift granted them through a heroic schedule of ritual orgasm. Through a heady diet of ritualistic sexual depravity the Elders maintain a level of Clarity that lends itself to supremely elevated levels of intelligence, creativity, and sexual charisma.

Praise be to the Elders and their sexual organs and the good work they do with them.

May your dicks get wet and your pussies get filled.

Praise be to you and your sex organs.

Love and worship your sex organ, it will reward you with pleasure.

Praise be the semen and praise be the juice.

7. Freedom for free love

Attraction is automatic.

Desire is not deliberate.

Love is fleeting, temporary and utilitarian.

Love the person you are near.

Love yourself, love others.

Enjoy the freedom to be free with your enjoyment.

Love the freedom of being free.

Sex is the lock and sex is the key.

Just choose who qualifies. Free love is an invitation but not a promise. You must choose wisely. You should pick the best and you should be the best you can be to ensure you attract the best.

Did you believe in monogamy?

Do you enjoy monogamy?

Does polyamory scare you?

Does promiscuity scare you?

Are you afraid to live or are you living to be afraid?

Monogamy is the safe choice. There are some for whom monogamy is the only option. They are not to be judged harshly. They are the few who stay strong so we don’t have to. We must always show respect to their choice to pair bond. A reasonable and safe choice, certainly.

We are those who fornicate. We are the pleasure searching souls who feed the universe and are blessed by it. Energy generated from between the thighs of someone being fucked goes to feeds the everlasting. Energy generated from the powerful thrusts spawn creation. And the mixture of semen and juice, a precious and delightful cocktail, indicates orgasm and the Clarity that follows.

Energy shared is energy multiplied. Hoarding what nature provides you, keeping it in, drives illness and injury. Energy should be shared like a fluid resource that flows where it can and where it will. Sexual energy should be allowed to flow. Damage can occur where sexual energy is blocked from its desired path.

8. Perfect perversions

Quoted extract from the chronicles of Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade:

“As I sit and write this, cast only in low tinted light, my robe open, my cock limp - but ready - in my hand. And I write this filth for you. I feel that I am you. Or a part of you.

The light rests on my muse’s curvy hips. Her ass high in the air and her face down against the rug. I look at her exposed holes and know that I must share them with the world.

How can I not? The world deserves to know.

My muse is my wife. She holds the position, while I write, just like I trained her. I am very proud.

Because when we pervert – we exalt.

When our bodies are in the gutter – our minds are reaching for the stars.

Perversion is more common than the desire for the mundane. The majority want more than vanilla. And slowly our cause grows.

Live as it comes. Be deliberate and conscious. Seek out perversions and turn fantasy to reality. Manifest the existence you crave. Only then can you attempt to be whole. This is the path to happiness and satisfaction.

Be perfectly perverse in everything you do.

Look for the obscene. Engineer it. Manifest the perverted world you wish to live in.

Ultimately we are perverted creatures. Whether we are fascinated with ladie’s shoes or gentlemen’s wallets, we can turn objective reality into subjective fantasy. We are gifted with the ability to sexualise everyone and everything. We must exercise this fantastic ability. To do otherwise is to reject our birthright and the expectation of our existence.”

9. The gift that is sex

Humans are so lucky to have sex the way they do. Many of the other species on Earth endure terrible extreme outcomes after sex. Very few species have it as good as we do. We get pleasure from sex.

But also our culture has advanced to the point where we can decide if pregnancy is acceptable or not. The humble condom catapulted us forward in our supremacy and mastery of sex. Birth control pills were a rebirth for female sexuality. We can test for disease easily and cheaply. We can get things inflated, lengthened, rejuvenated and augmented. We can order up sex using technology and we enjoy sex remotely. All of these are further leaps we have made, gains on the strong lead we already had over the other creatures.

Humans are at the top of many domains on Earth, and one of those domains is sex.

We are turned on by things we see, things we hear, things we feel, things we taste, things we remember, things we imagine and even sometimes things we know we shouldn’t get turned on by.

We get enough build-up to give us a big pay-off. It doesn’t take too long. And it feels amazing from the moment it starts to the moment it ends, if you’re doing it right. No judgement on all the delightful freaks who want the other types of “amazing”. How you reach Clarity is your choice and your right.

Step by step our Church works for a world where more and more of our sexual desires are satisfied and serviced. Our future will be rich with technological, biological and psychological enhancements to sex. All sexual dysfunction will be cured and all manner of incredible fantasies will become easier to satisfy.

Sex bots, artificial intelligence and brain interfaces will transform what sex means completely. Over time sex will become increasingly transactional and universally obtainable in a myriad of options. The terminology we use - sex toy, sex partner, sex life - will change as necessary and we will grow in our roles as agents of pleasure.

We are still learning to master our sex drive and its related mechanisations.

We gift sex what it needs because it gifts us what we need.

10. The divinity of fetish

Sacred fetish whores,

ladies of dark parts,

mistresses of my heart


devotees of my cock.

I worship none other than you.

My erection tells me to worship you.

And so I do.

You are everything, you are all.

I must have you.

You will be violated in every way.

You will be used as a fetish toy.

I believe in the divinity of your fetish.

I believe in the sanctity of your asshole.

My world for your body.

My cock for your holes.

My cum for your filling.

I love the colour of your soft ass cheeks.

I love to spank them pink and red.

This is my poem to you.

My red assed lover.

May we never be apart.


11. The beauty of perversion

The examples of beauty in perversion are plentiful. From the symmetry of bondage to the warm embrace of a golden shower, there are examples everywhere in the world of the pervert.

Some want to be spanked, some want to spank.

Some do it in groups. Some do it for audiences.

Some like it in the park. Some like it in the rear.

There are some who want to feel used and, delightfully, there are some who want to use.

The diversity of human perversion is so very pleasing. It’s not an aberration, but a beautiful spectrum imbibed with depth and significance.

Do you know what side you’re on?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what your sex drive wants?

You must listen and you must take heed. Be worshipped or go worship. Pleasure or pain. Anal or oral. Fuck or flagellate. One or many. Him or him. Why not all?

How does that feel? Are you satisfied now or do you want more?

Life is to be lived. Leave fantasy behind.

How does it feel to know you can have it any time? Is that comforting? Your perversion is available to you. The universe allows it. But only if you are the kind of avowed and determined pervert that inspires others. If you be the guide to a better existence.

Do you know how to make it happen? Can you visualise your path to personal gratification?

Challenges may beset you but only more satisfaction can be had from overcoming them. Challenges make the reward so much sweeter.

Find your kink. If you don’t, you risk never knowing who you really are.

There is sexual hierarchy and it is a pyramid you must scale to attain true Clarity.

Find your kinks. From shoes to submission. From whips to wedgies. Find your sex.

Explore the spectrum. Find exploring souls to experiment with. Live the naughty life you were born for. You will find it in you as we found it in ourselves. We are guides and we want to enjoy your fulfilment. Later you will be the guide, so pay attention.

Cheese crumbs spread before copulating rats will distract the female, but not the male.

- Alfred Kinsey, Institute for Sex Research, Indiana University, field notes, August 1947

12. Sexual focus

The mind’s eye is the third sex organ, and one that is common to us all.

Trust in it. Inspire it. Use it to harness Clarity.

Moons set behind the horizon and spiritual suns rise to trigger the new day. Focus on pleasure in between and focus on pleasuring. Focus on doing a good job in order to get a good job.

Sexual focus means to tune in to the wavelengths of desire. Sex lets you modulate and attenuate that signal. But you have to focus. You have to shine a probing light into the deepest parts of your mind.

Close down your anxiety and close down your restraint. Open up your inhibitions. Open up your mind and allow your sexual liberation to come pouring out.

You are a sexual agent and you must not be distracted from your path.

Sex knows and it is pleased when you are pleased.

Your goal is to satisfy desire of the purest and basest form - the need and urge to thrust and grind and moan and cum. To be fucked is to fuck and to fuck is divine.

Your mind’s eye is there now. It’s focused on the grinding and the thrusting. It knows what it likes. See yourself fucking, see yourself being fucked. See cocks and see pussies. See it all.

But you see none because you waste time reading when you should be fucking.

Moan with me.

Cum with me.

Focus on the fuck. And feel that focus manifest the release you crave.

Earn that feeling. Wake up with purpose and with the intent to succeed in this simple and profound mission.

Everything depends on your absolute conviction and absolute focus on achieving Clarity.

Cum with me.

Cum with us.

Cum together.

Cum alone.

Cum now.

Cum later.





13. It’s not cheating

Infidelity plagues our nightmares. It lives in the stories we tell each other in the dramas we subject ourselves to. And when we experience it, it has a habit of becoming part of who we are. Scars we carry with shame. Fears that we nurture and feed.

Why are we so weak in our relationships? Why can’t we see past temporary fears and embrace ongoing freedom? Why close down reflexively, when instinct wants us to open up?

When asked, about sixty percent of gentlemen admit to cheating at least once, and about forty percent of ladies. There is a difference between the two for sure but clearly no one has a monopoly on cheating. Put together, we can say that on average half the population admit to having cheated. That’s a lot more sluts than most people are comfortable acknowledging.

The evidence demonstrates humans are not all capable of remaining faithful. At a genetic level we are not programmed that way. Infidelity is likely. But there are pockets of sexual liberation, many of them, in the sea of repression.

Monogamy builds stable communities but sex, it seems, has other plans for us. We are under the influence of its designs and expectations. Acting as if this were not true would be sheer madness.

It is not cheating if … it’s with her sister. It is not cheating if … it’s your birthday. It is not cheating if … it’s in the ass. It is not cheating if … you’re in a different postcode, different cities, different rooms of the house, I could go on…

- Joan Rivers, The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, November 1986

People who know they can’t stay monogamous should not promise they will. But due to modern repression they cannot admit their true nature.

People should not wrestle promises of fidelity from people who cannot be trusted to keep them, these promises are worthless.

Have pride in who you are and seek those who are compatible. Monogamous or poly, one or many. We respect your choice.

Anger at infidelity is unfocused and unhelpful. Turn instead to exploitation. What would you like to get in repayment for the infidelity? Husbands who are cheated on sometimes find themselves very satisfied trading obscene sex acts as repayment, anal sex is a traditional option. Wives are usually more interested in material possessions when the shoe is on the other foot, but the idea is the same.

Should you find you have cheated on a trusting partner, having given said partner a commitment of fidelity, especially when the partner is the sensitive, jealous or anxious type, do everyone involved a big favour and keep your fucking mouth shut.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - for everybody’s benefit.

There are many who like to hear the details of sex that occurs outside their relationship. And there are those who like to watch it happen. Watching is very intimate, it is pornography right there in your living room, on the new rug.

But cheating is more because cheating is fun. It’s dangerous and sneaky and exciting. Some people are just chasing that energy. Some need to be in a relationship just so they can fully enjoy the illicit sex they’re having outside the relationship. These folks are just sexual dynamos who get off on the cheating, often lowering their standards in the process and doing most of the work in the seduction and in the fucking.

For the longest time we thought many types of animals were monogamous and pair bonded, particularly birds. One of the early discoveries made by modern genetic testing was that the pair-bonded species we all thought of as so romantic, love birds and the like, were in fact more like humans than it seemed because while they like to sleep in the same nest every night, they also like visiting other nests during the day.

- Carl Sagan, Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, April 1968

14. Sexual freedom makes for a happy marriage

Monogamy is monotony.

Monogamy is too cruel a rule.

Unless it’s your thing.

Gentlemen who say they want monogamy, often mean they want it for their partners.

Ladies who say they want monogamy, often do. Until a time comes when they don’t.

A loving and balanced marriage requires infidelity on both sides.

15. Sexual heights

A sexual diet consisting of only quickies will rot the soul. And with your soul will go your sexual desire and sexual desirability.

The females of the species often cannot achieve any sort of meaningful satisfaction without copious amounts of fucking. A quickie is usually only able to satisfy the lazy male.

To achieve significant highs you have to earn it, you have to work to get that incredible release, to get that deep sense of satisfaction. Quick relief cheapens the thrill and leaves you weak.

Masturbation, porn and the vibrator - are all necessary and indeed poetic and beautiful in their own right, but they are cheap solutions. Each serves an important purpose but additionally, each fails to satisfy in the way that only a good long fuck can.

Ladies - do not play with a greedy man only interested in a quickie and a spit-spit. Find a gentleman who gives you a good hard fuck and a squirt-squirt.

- Nina Simone, New Years Eve party at Jet Magazine, New York, 1974

16. Hedonism over routine

Enjoy long and joyful relationships by replacing sexual routine and sexual monotony with a hedonistic lifestyle. Sex hates routine, it wants variety and it wants novelty. Give in, give it what it wants. Try it all. Sample all the fruits and pick your favourites. Pick those that nourish your sexual urges. Don’t be afraid of the garden, explore it and surprise yourself with the Clarity that you gain as you go from experience to experience.

Hedonistic experience is educator and motivator. Experience is how we develop and how we can evolve to be more. Chase the Clarity that exists so close to hedonistic pleasure and ethereal enjoyment. Chase Clarity in all its forms.

The shadow that is cast by the mind is dwarfed by the power of the sexual urge. Hedonism is the acceptance of your evolutionary purpose. Sex will tell you what it wants, you must want to hear it and you must give it what it demands. And in return you will be granted Clarity.

17. Pretty little sluts

Attractive people have more sex than the average, by a considerable amount. And it doesn’t go up gradually as the subject gets more attractive. Instead, what we find is that most people don’t have much sex or many sexual partners over their lives. And a small number of people have a great deal of sex and many sexual partners over their lives.

This leads us to the conclusion that attractive people are able to be slutty if they are so inclined. If we isolate the top ten percent of attractive people, we find the sluttiest people. This is a lovely truth to uncover. These pretty things are out there helping spread pleasure and passion, one fuck at a time. They are heroes and deserve our love and support.

We should aspire to be one of them. We must work to achieve that worthy goal.

We must all want to be sluts.

18. Sexual exploration

The message is that we should be free to explore what comes from between our legs. That this is the driving force that brings us, binds us and bonds us. This is the energy of sexual adventure. The energy of the soul. The spark that makes us human.

Erotic devotion and addiction to the source of belonging is the ember of your meaning. Your ownership and your property. Bondage of what we are. So explore and reach the everlasting that is sexual divinity. Explore your body, and explore each other's.

Sex has a vision for us. Sex has a path for us. Sex is the map and sex is the territory.

Explore and you may find. Finding is when you start to learn.

Explore yourself and explore others. Do it with the same urgency. Do it now or all is wasted.

Do it for yourself and do it for each other. Freedom is the price you pay for the desires you get to enjoy.

19. The levels of pleasure & the depths of devotion

There are levels to our pleasure, strata we can stretch to reach. Alone or together, sexual release can be quick and satisfactory, or it can be built slowly and gradually until it escapes our grasp and reaches new heights of bliss.

Have you experienced sexual bliss recently? The kind that stays with you for hours, even days. Are you horny again the day after sex? Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Our enjoyment and gratification comes in the form we invite. A quick fuck is no more pleasing than a cold and rushed meal.

See sex as a hobby, something to invest time and effort in. Plan it in advance. Decide how you will draw it out, how you will reach the elevated plains of self-indulgence and what you will do when you get there.

Devote yourself each and every waking moment to preparing for the joyride that is sex, the abduction and the molestation that is sex.

Sing to the heavens as the climax takes you. Glimpse the truth of your existence in those moments of untamed joy.

Enjoy the gluttony of titillation. Experience the fulfilment of recreation.

Reach for higher and higher levels of pleasure. Devote yourself to that goal.

There is no upper ceiling to sexual release. There is only the climb and the fall. The climb and the fall. And it’s all about the fall.

Find someone, find many people even, who will help you reach the elevated delights. Find that perfect partner or partners who will seek with you the prize of the ultimate climax.

Always be reaching for the final orgasm.

20. Consuming bodily fluids

From the testicles squirts a sticky elixir.

From deep inside the pussy seeps a delicious bounty.

You are well advised to consume any semen which you are given. From its constituent ingredients alone it comes packed with the instruments of youth and beauty. Usually you can only receive the gift of semen through hard work and focused effort. And so it is only natural that you should be rewarded for your diligence.

Semen can be taken directly from the penis, either as it orgasms and pulses out, or through licking the last drops of semen from the head in the moments following it’s expending elsewhere. Semen can be sampled directly from an orifice or from a condom. Semen should not be wasted. It should be considered a valuable resource and given due respect.

No one should need much persuasion to lap at the joy juice that springs forth from deep within the pussy. The juice is intoxicating and exhilarating. Pussy juice tastes best when consumed directly from the source. Like semen, joy juice is a precious commodity and should be treated accordingly.

For many tasting semen and pussy juice is normal and everyday, for others it takes time and patience. Indeed it is not an urgent requirement, but a spiritual goal. With love and support anything is possible.

To swallow cum is an offering.

To taste pussy is a blessing.

21. Sluts and their stories

My name is Alice, I’m 36 and I am a slut.

It feels good to say it somehow. Kind of - empowering.

I’ve had more than my fair share of men. I just like sex. I like how it feels. I don’t know why that surprises anyone. I don’t really understand why being a slut is a problem, honestly. Why are women who don’t want to be sluts worried about those of us who do? Do you think we’re coming for your men? We’re not. Unless they’re hot. But come on, your monogamous friends are interested in your hot husband also, you know that right? I like sex, not drama.

It’s nice to just enjoy life. Why not? I’m careful. My husband is often there to keep me safe. He’s a pervert. He just jacks off furiously in the corner. Big smile on his face. He records me with his free hand sometimes. I try to give him a good view of the action. There’s something very empowering about looking deep into the eyes of the stranger who’s inside you, then turning your head to blow your husband a kiss.

After I’m done with the gentleman caller, I move over to my gentleman and take care of him. He just needs to be finished off, doesn’t take long usually. Sometimes when I’m drinking, I’ll swallow. He likes that.

My name is Jane, I’m 32 and I’m a slut.

I like being naughty. It’s kind of that simple. Just having fun. It’s not meant to be a big deal. I do approach men and you know, hit on them. But I don’t do it every day or anything. Maybe once a month.

I have needs. And if the guy accepts my offer, great, and if not, OK, no big deal. I just say something naughty to the guy like - I am actually very horny, and I’ll say that slowly while holding their gaze. I might play with my hair or tug on my clothes a little. Or it can just be something sweet and simple like - can I see your penis, if I like it I might suck on it.

I’m not kidding. I just get his attention and then let him take the lead. He’s got to be interested in leading if he’s going to be good in bed.

My name is George, I’m 29 and I am a slut.

I have lost count to be honest. I’m determined, when I set my eyes on a goal, I go for it. I want to fuck as many hot women as possible. I’m on a mission and I’m doing pretty well, you know? Like, I won’t brag I know that’s not cool. I’m just enjoying life. Women respond to that.

I prefer a girl who knows her place, you know. Like get on your knees before I have to tell you. Why isn’t my cock in your mouth already, you know what I mean? You have to be cool about it but honestly, don’t be talking too much before you’ve made me cum and I’ll be out like a light after so good luck with that.

Honestly, I know I’m not boyfriend material. But I’ll give you a night to remember.

My name is.. well, my real name is Sandra, I’m 34 and I’m a whore.

Well, I mean, unsurprisingly I’m in for the money. It pays very well. It’s easy work most of the time. I work with agencies who keep me safer than I’d be on my own but it’d be nice to have the law more on my side. I don’t want to complain, I choose this. Beats a real job.

It pays well and it doesn’t take much effort. I don’t think I’m the best at it, but I do try to be good. I encourage repeat business and that depends on good service, you know. So ultimately I get to be self-employed as an independent contractor for one or more agencies who do take a share but they handle advertising, security, vetting, scheduling, all that.

It can be a good life, people ask that, I always recommend it to anyone who’s curious.

My name is Frankie, I’m 23, I’m a whore.

Why am I a whore? Well because college was expensive and I saw an easy way to make money. Turns out I really liked it. It’s fun having that sort of control over men. I literally talk them into handing me more and more of their cash. It’s barely work most of the time. If you think sex is work, you’re not doing it right. Because, honestly, I enjoy the sex. I get paid to have sex with different men every day, if that isn’t a perfect arrangement, I don’t know what it is. They aren’t all the best looking, but there’s always another one round the next corner - so maybe he’ll be better.

I’d only recommend it if, I suppose, you do really actually like sex a lot, like all month long in all sorts of different ways and I suppose with some acting and occasionally dressing up, not to mention kinks. Like it’s a lot of sex, all kinds of sex with all kinds of people. You have to really like sex. If that sounds like you then go for it, give it a try, you might really like it. Like I did.

My name is Jefferson, I am 40, I’m a rapist.

I’m not really a rapist. For a long time they tried to make paying prostitutes the same, legally speaking, as being rape. As if the fact that money is involved makes it a rape of the soul or something. I pay for sex because it’s easier. I’ve tried it with normal women, they are a pain. Like they’re great in lots of ways but living with them, I can’t do it. I’m only human. Like the man says, I don’t pay for sex, I pay for them to leave afterward.

I’m a regular. I have girls who I like. I hire girls very often, money isn’t really an issue for me. It’s liberating paying for sex. It’s not a cheap hobby, there are no frequent flyer miles. But it’s in my blood now, I love it. If you have never booked in a quick suck and fuck, then showed up on time, enjoying a brief interlude in your day and then went back to work or otherwise got on with your day, well, you have not lived.

22. Tight and revealing clothing is an expression of free speech

By the time you finish reading this you will be released from any previous restrictions or prohibitions on what you may choose to do with your body.

You are free to dress as you choose. Especially if you choose to show off your talents, should you have any to speak of.

It is true that when a lady dresses for attention, she is rewarded with it.

To ladies who enjoy attention like this, may we ask, why is it you don’t dress provocatively all the time? Unhappy with some or all of your body? This is most unfortunate, but denying yourself the attention you desire is not going to change anything about that body part. It is the attention that drives the changes you wish to make.

What if others don’t like what they see? They are welcome to look away. But if you look for attention you will find it, if you look you will find eyes that never look away.

A life well-lived is one dedicated to producing lust in others.

You are an agent of pleasure, so get to work. Dress like you want it and you will get it.

Our final piece of advice - nipples are always in season.

23. Finding god at the end of a used condom

Consider the condom as a chalice which has been filled with a sacred gift. When the essence has been delivered and received by the precious receptacle, it is ready for communion.

Pray that you never spill the condom’s contents. Instead, hope to have the pleasure and reward of proper cumplay. The reward has been given and it is now ready to be taken. In full view of the giver, the gift should be consumed with eagerness. Swallowed quickly but with grace and appreciation. Through the mouth, in the traditional way.

To swallow cum is to show respect and honour. It is a truly selfless act.

See the true slut who laps at the liquid drops, whose tongue explores the condom’s insides.

A little or a lot — good girls swallow cum — why not?

Do not rest too quickly. There is more inside the chalice. There is more reward to be had. Reach in, go on, reach and stretch with your tongue. Savour the taste inside. Lap it all up.

Never deny the condom’s contents to a slut who has earned it. Know that the slut deserves the reward. The slut deserves respect and the sluts deserves the cum they have produced with their skill and effort.

Condoms make the gentleman. A condom is your last defence. Your body armour.

Condoms are for lady’s handbags, night stands, and strategically located in suit pockets.

A slut must not be a fool. A slut must insist on protection. A slut never knows where they’ve been.

A slut is no push-over, except in the fun way.

It’s a gifted slut who knows how to apply a condom, can do it quickly and can make it part of foreplay.

For the condom stands for all that is pure and just. The condom is a humble device of heroic significance. The condom represents the noble pursuit of hedonistic pleasure. The condom is our liberator and our saviour. The condom permits our lifestyle.

The divine set us on this path, to fuck into eternity - evolving and bettering ourselves on the way. Fucking now and fucking forever. But it was sheer human ingenuity that created a way for us to practice the fucking without practicing the evolving.

So we are here, and we are here to fuck.

24. Worshipping mother nature on your knees in a park

We know and have always known the truth about nature and how it affects us.

We can feel it. We can experience the effect natural green surroundings can have on us. We are hardwired to resonate with nature but we are mostly deficient due to our busy civilised lives where we live spoiled existences indoors - isolated and insulated.

Fucking in nature is how we return to our origin. Fucking behind a large tree is to pray to mother nature. Fucking on a grassy verge is to worship the earth that gave birth to us.

Cum that spills outdoors returns to the earth from whence it came.

And cries of passion carry on the wind to invite other players.

So fuck in the park. Give head at the beach. Enjoy nature as it enjoys you.

Never miss an opportunity to do it when you’re looking your best. Let me tell you, sex in ball gowns and tuxedos is really something else.

- Grace Kelly, Sound Stage 3, Paramount Studios, Feb 1956

25. Sex in synagogue, masturbating at mosque & cumming in church

Repression of the sexual urge is the dark path. Trying to control or subdue your animal carnality is dangerous and unhealthy. You are stressing a weak point and risk losing control.

You are an animal and you must fuck like one. You must resist the calls to fear. The voices who oppose the fucking must be considered enemies. In time their words will be empty and their prophecies dispelled.

Do not allow yourself to be taken from the light. On the whole humanity has chased the light thus far and thus far has been successful, fruitful and bountiful.

From the birth of our sexual urge until death takes us, our sexual potential continues to grow and blossom. This is our way, we are sexual agents.

And the next step toward enlightenment is at the end of the next orgasm. Because we know a life spent seeking Clarity is a life well spent. Clarity is the goal. Orient yourself to seek it out and you will be free.

Sex brings you to our Church. Our Church brings you to Sex.

Have sex in a synagogue. Masturbate in a mosque. Cum in a church.

Sex is the One True Religion, the One True God.

Sex is the before, the after.

Sex is the beginning and the end.

Sex delivers. Sex helps. Sex saves.

26. Carnal Knowledge

Carnal Knowledge is a term derived from carnal, meaning “of the flesh,” and ancient usage of the verb know/knew, a euphemism for sexual congress. For example from the Christian Bible, “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bore Cain” — Genesis 4:1. To have Carnal Knowledge of someone means to have fucked them.

Carnal knowledge is also, in some jurisdictions, a legal term for sexual intercourse. It covers the acts of sex itself, sometimes described as “the sucking and the fucking”.

The Church Of Carnal Knowledge works to save people from unfulfilled sexual potential by preaching the gospel of Noble Hedonism.

We are the bringers and we are the givers. Our Church accepts all peoples, all genders, all orientations, and all species. We respect differences and celebrate similarities.

Sex is the reason, sex is the mission, sex is the reward.

Book 2: Fucking

The second book of our Church is titled appropriately, Fucking. Because it is in the fucking that we are reborn. This book pertains to the proper means, mechanisms and rituals for the attainment of maximum Clarity through fucking and being fucked.

These are the mechanics.

1. To begin with, ritualise the fucking

Live in a world built around your fucking. Build a church for your fucking. Adore and worship each other. Find what you desire, and pray it desires you back.

Be what it wants you to be. If the fucking needs, you become. Better, happier, healthier, fuckable. Be what you deserve to be, fucking.

Own your body by sharing it. Own someone else’s.

Ritualise who you fuck and how you fuck.

Accept that you have the opportunity for this incredibly significant exchange of bodily fluids. Be grateful that you have been picked, your body will be pleasured and used to generate pleasure. May fortune always smile on you and on your genitals.

As was known before, sex must not be managed, sex must be satisfied.

Whether you are the type to get fucked or the type to do the fucking, you do it not for you but for that which brought you.

May you cum as often as you deserve.

Because to fuck is to live. There is no other pastime, no other goal, no other path.

To fuck is to live.

For the now, for the before, and for the here-after… Fuck, fuck, fuck.

2. Talula

It is important that we share the story of Talula.

By night Talula was a dancer, she shook her ass for tips. She was good at it, she did well and she liked it.

And the rest of the time, Talula was a whore. She was a pretty faced little liar with a warm mouth, a wet cunt and a tight ass, all of which were available for rent. She was a backbone member of the community, providing a much needed service to the gentlemen who entered her.

Taluha knew how to look her best. She dressed up just how men liked.

The way she liked to think about it, she created the demand and she created the supply. First she made them horny, then she offered to satisfy that horniness for a price. The oldest business model.

She could go to bars, sit alone and make eyes at handsome gentlemen. She was coy and preferred to let gentlemen come to her. She liked to get to know them just a little, then put a hand on their leg and lean in real close to whisper. She’d say the same thing every time: I would never usually do this but I don’t have enough money for rent this month, and you’re cute so if you’re interested I’ll let you fuck me for four hundred. I promise I’ll give you a night you will never forget.

Talula was good and she built her business on repeat customers. She knew her client’s likes and like any good whore she selflessly serviced them with her talented orifices. She worked hard and was proudly independent, both in her career and in her personal life.

Life was good and she was happy. She found joy in bringing happiness to others, and with the lifestyle that doing so provided.

Being a dancer was convenient. It was easy work from her perspective. It was fun and it paid well. So why not?

And being a slut for rent, it was harder work but it paid better. Mostly just clean good healthy fun. So why not?

But being a slut for pay has its downsides. Talula learnt early in her career how important proper security protocols are.

But by and large, Talula sucked and fucked for a living for many years. Till she had enough, she felt, to retire and maintain her lifestyle. To do that she shook her ass like a minx. She did it up on stage and she did it down on all fours. She did these things because it’s what the people wanted her to do. But also because she was able to, and she liked to. She knew it wasn’t a forever career, but she lives a free life giving to others. Talula is the definition of a modern day saint. A giver and a healer. She applied her gift to maximum effect and in the process was able to serve so many.

We bless Talula and all who sailed in her.

We’re animals rutting in the dirt - lucky fucking animals. So, let’s act accordingly.

- Handmade sign in Sidney Poitier’s trailer on the “Stir Crazy” film set, March 1980

3. The humble shoe fetishist

Consider the humble shoe fetishist. All they really desire is to press their nose into a freshly worn sneaker or an elegant heel. Such an honest goal. And in theory so easy to achieve. But it’s so hard to find willing shoe owners. Too many think it weird. We ask that you feel for them, they need your mercy. Given the ability to be generous with your shoes, why would you not be? What cost is it to you to let them satisfy their core sexual urge? Let the poor deviant sniff your shoe. Let them sniff them all. Take it as the compliment it is.

Wash your genitals regularly, thoroughly. Wash with the care and attention you wish was applied to everyone else’s genitals. Are you imagining how clean my genitals are now?

- President John F Kennedy, Camp David, Maryland 1962

4. Pretty enough to be cum on

For some, it is an act of deep humiliation.

For others it’s a compliment of the highest order.

Our Church respects all views but does encourage those with cocks to cum on their partner’s faces whenever possible. To do so is to respect and pay tribute to their sexual desirability.

To “reward” them for their looks.

It is an honour to be able to enjoy the view of your cum worn with pride by someone else. More beautiful now than ever, more beautiful now as a cumslut.

Whether they choose to rub the semen around to achieve as much coverage as possible or not, is their choice. Licking fingers is a nice finishing move, of course, but also optional.

Showing appreciation is graceful. They should make it obvious they desire to be cum on again in the future. Look pleased when you wear cum, it is a tribute.

If you find yourself pretty enough to be cum on, consider yourself grateful. Say thank you as you have received a gift. If you are worth cumming on, you still have to consent, to request the debasement, to accept the humiliation as the compliment that it is.

Cover them in cum to make it clear they are sexual objects to you.

When done correctly, the facial is a two-way ritual of sexual worship. One gives a compliment and one receives it with pride. A romantic exchange.

Eyes screwed shut, or wide open to take it all in. Tongue hidden away or stretched out wide. Reaching for a naughty treat. A tasty tribute.

The best will always take cum on their face, smile as they lick their lips and finish by saying thank you

You should never cum on anyone’s face without permission. Anyone who requests a facial should get what they desire. If someone deems your cum worth wearing you should not object, you should only unzip.

I like pearl necklaces, I admire them in the mirror afterwards.

- Jayne Mansfield, on set “Too Hot to Handle”, Kensington, October 1959

5. Being forced even when you’re into it

Some like to be in a position of control, they like to control their partner. Some like to be controlled, to have little or no choice. Most people gravitate to one or the other of these extremes.

Are you a forcer or a forcee?

Forcers want to exert control and have the final decision. They want to own, to exploit, to take - whatever they want. They look at something desirable and they long to have it.

Forcees want to feel they are desirable and worthy. They like knowing they have no choice, but instead that they are chosen. They accept force as a measure of their place in the world. They are to be forced, that is their purpose.

Are you a forcer or a forcee?

Non-consensual consent is the philosophy that a person can voluntarily give up their right to consent. It allows someone to become a vessel for someone else’s satisfaction. To agree not to have to agree. To request the lack of option. To beg for the loss of control seems oxymoronic but it is the natural order for some. The lucky know it about themselves and act accordingly.

Do you want to have a choice?

Do you want your partner to have a choice?

You should never be forced into pain or discomfort, unless that’s exactly what you need. Up to you and yours to consider. Never forced into being forced. Be careful who you give up your rights to, make sure they are worthy.

Consent is an exchange, you can give it away but it can’t be taken. But if you say the words and you open that door, if you say I want to be used, if say I want you to use me now and always - you just might be rewarded with what you’ve always wanted.

Say what it is you need to be satisfied. And remember to say please.

Get on your knees, look up with lust in your eyes and beg to be able to beg for it.

6. Sodomy as a gateway to the soul

It turns out, there is only one really reliable way to get almost any animal’s immediate attention. Anal penetration is so utterly reliable at getting an animal’s attention it is taught to veterinarians and dominants alike.

Extensive research and trials have established that being violated in the ass is incredibly difficult to ignore. The pudendal nerve which controls the asshole is most sensitive and wired straight to the cerebrum.

Sodomy is difficult for good reason. It should be hard. It is a goal worth working for, a mountain worth the climb. It is difficult so as to make it worth having.

Lube helps but determination is required.

Tongues and fingers work mostly but for real meditative significance we recommend dick. The size and power behind a dick is evidently important in achieving complete mental domination. A finger can be ignored, a tongue can merely tickle, while a cock stretches and fills. A cock satisfies as no other body part can.

It is only when you are not sure how much more you can take that you will learn just how much more you really can.

Lube the cock. Lube the hole. And keep the lube coming.

7. The maths of group sex

Sex in groups is a traditional wholesome pastime, a great way to make new friends. Gathered all around sharing what we have with each other.

But orchestrating a truly memorable group fuck is numerically difficult. The ratio of the group is critically important if everyone is to feel thoroughly fucked by the end of the session.

The ratio of gentlemen to ladies should not be one to one. When the number of males matches the number of females, coupling is inevitable. This ultimately results in less overall mixing, which of course would defeat the primary point of group sex.

Should the ratio of gentlemen to ladies change so that there are more ladies than gentlemen, the problem is solved as ladies can amuse each other while waiting for the next free cock. There is a real risk in this scenario, however, ladies turning on each other can devolve into a lesbian love fest leaving the gentlemen to watch and amuse themselves.

The complete loss of interest in the gentlemen isn’t terrible in itself, nor unreasonable or unsurprising, but it can be quite frustrating for the gentlemen and possibly even damaging to their sense of ego and self-worth, so be cautious.

A higher ratio of ladies to gentlemen is a winning pattern if the ladies are game to service two gentlemen at a time. The really brave will push themselves and go to three or more. They are truly gifted individuals. Depending on positioning, an average lady can service five penises at once without any special training, just practice.

Groups of only one gender are very stable. Groups with only ladies are an act of glorious worship. Groups of only gentlemen are an act of glorious defilement. Groups with only one gentleman are expensive. Groups with only one lady are worth filming for posterity.

8. The sacred threesome

A group of three is divine symmetry.

Working together as a threesome, to get each other off. You are three beings captured in a shared moment. Fucking in a slutty triangle. Being pure agents of pleasure in stable structures of three is directed and supported by our Church. We believe in the sanctity of the threesome and all who perform the holy rite.

Further, it is our conviction that the blessed threesome, and all multiples of three, are sacred in their stability and their effective concentration of sexual energy. Truly it is wonderous when a threesome happens. So much Clarity shared and enjoyed. Such power in cooperation.

Be agents of pleasure. Waste not a day. There is so much fucking to be had.

The female form, and to a lesser degree the male form, can easily accommodate several erect penises at a time. This is an excellent design feature and should not be squandered by only mating in pairs.

- Noble Hedonism slavegirl training pamphlet

We arrive at a basic truth - it is better to fuck in threes.

Mostly we expect ladies to take two gentlemen at a time. This seems both balanced and efficient. There is no perversion as deeply satisfying as to witness a lady take multiple loads of cum in quick succession. It is only then that she is no longer the saintly slut she started the threesome as, she has now become a beautiful slut goddess taking her well-earned reward.

Ladies who can service two cocks at once are delivering on a higher level. Milking two gentlemen at a time is a talent that should be aspired to, trained for, practised and then shared.

Elders of our Church bear witness to the feat of gentlemen, working together, inseminating multiple orifices of a lady in perfect unison. A very rare and special experience for the gentlemen and the lady alike. And certain to please anybody watching, if that’s your sort of thing.

Fuck together as three, you deserve to be adventurous and free.

9. Worshipping the genitals

Direct worship and adoration of the genitals is a central tenet of our Church because it is only through genital pleasures that we are made truly whole. Genital worship is a fundamental part of human history, and has been present in all walks of life since the earliest of times.

The ancient forms of Hinduism, some still popular in parts of Asia, long ago understood the sacred importance of worshipping Yoni, the abstraction of the female pleasure organs, and Shiva, the deity often represented as a phallus. This pair naturally intersect and together they seed the universe with creation.

Ancient Egyptians understood the phallus as a symbol of fertility, and the god Min was often depicted with a large erect penis. Pharaohs genitals were discussed in detail on the walls of tombs. And naturally, sarcophagi have been discovered with explicit depictions of sexual organs, male and female.

Both ancient Greece and ancient Roman openly embraced genital worship. Various parts of their cultural aspects were founded on genitalia-related understandings, meaning they adopted behaviours and beliefs based largely on genitalia-based myths and legends. The humble toga was an outfit primarily designed to facilitate efficient genital worship. These were societies built on pleasurable pursuits. Their art was unabashed about the fact that what sold in paintings was pretty genitals. Tragically so much of that sacred art was lost to time and zealotry.

Our Church stands on the shoulders of those who came before as it endorses, encourages and enjoins the worship of genitals for the purification of your soul, the clearing of your mind, and the defilement of your body. We pray for full and complete satisfaction of all those involved.

Put your face in the genitals of someone you’re attracted to. Do it often. To do otherwise is to waste your face, waste your life and waste their genitals.

And share your genitals with a face you deem worthy, the face of someone you care for.

Give so that you may get.

When faces are in genitals then worship abounds and we all are the better for it.

10. Hooking in holiness

If you like working from home, if you like working on the couch, then maybe prostitution is right for you.

- John Belushi, Wheaton Central High School talent show, May 1967

The Christians have a grand old tradition of elevating prostitutes to sainthood. The Holy Roman Empire instructed their city planners to distribute brothels evenly through the cities. They understand the pressure that can build when there are no outlets.

The Shinto housed their prostitutes with the monks in temples all over Japan. Fuck a monk and live for free. Live plying your trade with protection and making the world a better place. This was a fair arrangement and a noble tradition that our Church works to restore.

Numerous new age cults, big and small, have used prostitution to generate funds and recruits. A basic but effective recruitment tactic. I’ll fuck you but first you have to listen to a sales pitch. You’ll be drugged, milked and when you’re exhausted and compliant, that’s when they really get to work on you.

And all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia, the trading of desires has been available, encouraged, worshipped and praised. It is only the modern world that feels righteous enough to attempt to arrest human desire. For many people, the idea of outlawing sex for money is akin to banning the eating of food.

Our holy Church supports the free and direct transaction of sexual favours.

Nothing could compare to the utter freedom of selling yourself. In a world where all too often we are sold by others and see little of the rewards, make the choice to sell yourself. Take back control. Decide who and how, but more importantly decide how much.

11. Bathhouses to brothels

This world humans have built for themselves is buildings and roads, towns and cities. Sprawling structures of concrete, steel and pigeon crap. Timeless but also in constant ruin.

With sex at its heart, humans built a world for themselves. Bathhouses to brothels, humans need convenient coitus. Sluts, whores and party girls. Rent boys, fuck boys and leather daddies. Alcohol readily available. Condoms and dark parking lots. Movie theatres and strip shows.

Pimps typically stake their merchandise in less busy parts. Johns prefer to window shop discreetly. But the ladies bring customers to the area. And if this continues then eventually business investment will follow. The area will slowly gentrify and the pimps have acted as urban planners.

Sex shapes our world. We are merely instruments.

12. Thoughts on things that surround sex

Technology constantly develops as it always pursues higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Big technological inventions have preceded every sexual revolution. And technology is an ever developing miracle, because as it grows and expands more of our sexual desires are made possible.

Gentlemen’s pants, shorts, jeans, slacks, and so on, all open at the front to let the cock out quickly in the event of sex. This is an optimal design perfected generations ago when the concept of tailoring was still very new. All gentlemen’s pants should be designed with this in mind, or they fail to qualify in even the most basic way as gentlemen’s pants.

Modern ladies who wear underwear when they wear skirts, are missing the point of skirts. The dress has always been open at the bottom to facilitate access. This is why the skirt is the best female clothing choice in most situations. Our Church strongly encourages the regular wearing of skirts, dresses and so on - underwear being entirely optional, but discouraged.

13. The joy of sex work

Sex workers provide a vital lifeline to the horny. They are angels performing acts of grace many times a day, often working long hours sucking cock and eating pussy for hours and hours without end.

These heroes are casualties of the war on hedonism. The senseless attacks on our form of self expression has driven sex work underground. The tragedy of this situation is that it hurts all of us. It is the stated purpose of our Church to resolutely fight against this heart-breaking state of affairs. We work tirelessly so that one day we all may return to the previous, more enlightened, acceptance of free love.

One day street workers will again be free to advertise their wares up and down the busy high streets under the watchful protective eyes of law enforcement.

Prostitutes, tarts and whores are heavenly bodies orbiting the gravity and grace that is our sexual urge. Primaeval, primordial and primitive - the human sex drive cannot be denied and it will not stop until it has been satisfied.

We salute sex workers for meeting this challenge head-on.

Satisfying sexual urges that otherwise would go unsatisfied is a compassionate and generous act. Our Church honours these angels who walk amongst us.

Porn stars, prostitutes, pimps and perverts - you are important pillars of our society. You peddlers of flesh and filth, we salute you.

14. When does it become prostitution?

For reasons that have never been properly explained, religious groups slowly and methodically worked to eradicate anything resembling the ritual exchange of money for sex. These acts are still illegal in most parts of the world.

The unanswered question has always been - when does it become prostitution?

If I mow my neighbour’s garden in exchange for getting to grope his ass, is that prostitution?

If I buy lunch for a co-worker so they’ll watch me masturbate in the back room, is that prostitution?

If I keep a human slave as my personal plaything and pay off their student loans in return for their good behaviour, is that prostitution?

If I hire someone to eat my cum once a week, is that prostitution?

In general - when does it become prostitution?

Mainstream religions have complex answers to this question but few satisfying ones.

Religious efforts to ban prostitution have resulted in a bizarre and vexing situation where vanilla sex in private is sometimes prohibited based on gender and marital status, while kinky play involving whips and chains is perfectly legal. It’s as if the religious choose to endorse the kinky stuff.

15. Alien tentacles

Tentacle porn. Porn with tentacles.

Tentacles are slimy and wet and wriggly, and strong and determined. Tentacles are rapey yet strangely desirable. While not especially mainstream, tentacle porn remains one of the few porn genres that is enjoyed almost equally by both sexes.

It is finally OK to be OK about tentacle porn. From helpless victims who struggle and scream, to willing eager little things who are just looking for pleasure - there is a range of experiences to be enjoyed. A strangely entrancing and fascinating fascination. Watching someone made air tight. A fantasy of course, but one that comes from a place of truth. The orifices should be each filled and they should be filled all at once.

Embrace tentacle porn for its true spiritual meaning. Tentacles are symbolic of sexual urges. They are coming and they are many and they will subvert you. You should just give in, you should just accept the inevitable. Your orifices will be violated. You will be used for the tentacle’s pleasure.

The very best tentacle porn includes large quantities of semen discharge. And the best tentacles are slimy, this is both for practical reasons of lubricating the journey to orifices but also for the entertainment of further soiling the subject and demonstrating their corruption by the fluids they are left covered in when it’s all over.

In the spirit of the tentacles, a noble soil should aspire to violate a partner’s orifices in equal measure. With no bias whatsoever. Only then are they truly respected. Naturally it goes without saying that we should all desire to be tentacled.

Precious is the slut who wishes to be made airtight by cock, fingers, toys or tentacles.

I’m no expert, so my only advice to you is this - try to fuck ‘em so they couldn’t possibly be thinking of anybody else.

- John Coltrane, Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey, 1963

16. Cum as a culinary delight

It goes without saying that gentlemen of the highest standards produce cum of the finest taste. The better our minds and bodies the better we taste and smell.

Pure thought put into pure movement will produce cum of the highest order.

To ensure we keep slaves and subs well fed, gentlemen should live a natural and healthy life. This will ensure they produce properly nutritional and enriching semen. Light daily exercise paired with a wholesome diet are all that’s required for most.

Cum combines well with most styles of cooking. We know it’s been used in cuisine since at least the early agricultural age.

Semen pairs very well with a surprisingly wide range of options from gin to coffee and from toast to oysters. It blends nicely with breakfast oatmeal, lunch time burritos, chocolate cake, and milkshakes - to name but a few. Truly it’s one of the most versatile ingredients. Needless to say it should only ever be consumed fresh, and consensually.

Ladies who willingly consume semen are precious and owed the greatest of respect. Cumsluts show utmost appreciation of the gentleman’s orgasm and that is simply beautiful. The best kinds of ladies are those who are willing and those who are eager. But they have to want to swallow cum. That is when they are true cumsluts. And when they truly enjoy semen, then they are goddesses.

As the first Elder wrote: “I myself have a cumslut on the payroll. She’s more than worth it. She takes a dose a week, or so. I find that’s about the right frequency. Any less and I’m not getting my money's worth, any more and it would get stale. I have her taste my cum from a finger tip, hers or mine, then I make her lap it up. She’s a pretty little thing, especially when she’s cleaning up cum on her hands and knees, ass high in the air, pussy glistening wet and recently used. Her ass on display. She’s a proud cumslut and worth every penny.”

_I once met a man capable of ejaculating eight feet from a standing position. I can’t get close to that. _I challenge you all to try.

- Alfred Kinsey, Institute for Sex Research, 1949 Symposium

17. Difficulty reaching orgasm is not uncommon

Many ladies report difficulty reaching orgasm during sex. This is very unfortunate, and naturally our Church has a great deal of empathy for those afflicted. Clarity is a gift to everyone, and we all have the right to live a life of Noble Hedonism. Your donations go directly to fighting the scourge of ladies not having orgasms more regularly. This is a real problem, one which our Church works tirelessly to fix.

Failure to reach orgasm can be due to many factors. And can be difficult to treat.

Of all the causes, the biggest one has to be - gentlemen. If the gentlemen aren’t doing their jobs, that will leave a lot of ladies unsatisfied, a tragic outcome but one that is entirely possible to avoid.

If gentlemen fail to help, how is it they would ever expect ladies to help them?

To be actually considered true gentlemen, they must work a lady to orgasm regularly. Whatever it takes, the ends justify the means.

It is generally best to let her have hers first, to ensure she’s not distracted when it’s your turn. This is honourable and noble.

There is something nicely poetic about sex that starts at the clit and ends at the cervix.

There are broadly only two reasons for unsatisfied ladies. Not having sex with the right partners, or having sex with the right partners but not often enough.

Our way teaches ladies to be open and honest about their sexual needs. Before and during sex, ask for what you want and offer what you’re good at in return.

It is surprising that so few ladies know how to moan properly during sex, to indicate pleasure and to request more of the same attention. It is even more surprising how many gentlemen fail to translate even the most blatant moans of pleasure into requests for more. Clearly both sides have a part to play in righting this wrong.

Moaning, gasping and speaking are the primary ways your lover will use to calibrate sex. Pay attention to the sounds you make and the sounds they make.

In physical terms, there are pure anatomical reasons why ladies can struggle to reach Clarity. Ladies should try grinding more, or rocking if they prefer, while mounting their gentleman. There are sex toys that facilitate this - consult your local sex shop proprietor.

Touch yourself, ladies, before, during and after intercourse. Normalise pleasuring yourself at any time. Your clit deserves that level of attention and your body needs to be conditioned to know what’s coming. Your fingers know how to take you there, so it only makes sense to involve them early and often.

It is a well-known fact that all ladies are gifted with skill and ability in the art of cunnilingus. And nothing teaches quicker than direct tutorial so we recommend helping each other where possible.

Women who suck cock find husbands.

- Chinese proverb, Han Dynasty c. 200 B.C.

18. The appropriate way to soap up breasts

Over the course of your life, we wish that you have many opportunities to soap up the bare breasts and bare buttocks of a close friend. Typically we find this happens in a shower or bath. Your friend, or indeed you both, should be wet from head to toe and should be just very dirty.

Soap must be applied using a suitable aid. Perhaps a washcloth or a sponge. Ideally the size should not exceed two fist-fulls. The sponge must be thoroughly wet and very, very soapy. The water should be hot.

Breasts, like buttocks, must be soaped correctly. Your right hand must travel in a clockwise motion, bringing the soapy sponge out to the right and down to swoop in left and up between. Your left hand must travel in a counterclockwise motion, bringing its own soapy sponge out left, then down and swooping right and up between. Your hands must move in sync, matching position and speed.

This pattern should be applied first on one side and then on the other, in slow sweeping motions alternating from one hand to the other. Repeating for twenty to thirty seconds. The soap should be allowed a chance to run and drip before being washed away. Then the breasts and buttocks should be soaped up again. Repeat until satisfied.

Considering yourself lucky to have breasts and buttocks to attend to, make sure you take this responsibility seriously. Soap them properly and thoroughly. Don’t miss a spot.

The testicles and penis can be soaped up, but the method varies depending on preference and more care is typically required. The almighty head of the cock should not be subjected to soap often, but an occasional application is acceptable. Shafts, bases and especially balls react very well to a good soaping. In fact it is advisable to soap up these areas weekly to ensure a continually acceptable situation. The more noble of us have someone to do it for us.

Soap running between the thighs of a female is a satisfying thing to watch. Soaping up buttocks and assholes is purifying. But soap should not be applied directly to the divine divide.

And when appropriate, it is acceptable to soap up your own breasts, buttocks and other body parts if necessary or preferred.

Remember, always conserve water by showering in pairs.

The finest evening of my life, the time I sat poised, on the edge of the toilet watching, with my eyes on stalks, as my beautiful wife, the mother of my children, standing in the shower naked, soaped up the generous breasts of our beautiful personal trainer. It was breath-taking. One of my fondest memories.

- Arthur Miller, ANTA Theatre, Washington Square Park, 1964

19. The divine act of eating pussy while having your pussy eaten

Licking of the pussy, by the owner of a pussy, is a magnificent and miraculous event.

Pussies are well made to make licking effective. The lips part easily to a wet tongue. And the clit responds well to the warm soft pressure that a tongue delivers.

Thighs pressing against the head when the orgasm hits. Muscles cheering with spasms of pleasure. Bucking and grinding to the very end.

Two ladies can eat each other at the same time, the classic “sixty-nine”. If the ladies heights are near enough this can be very practical but three ladies can triangle into a much neater configuration and remove height from the equation. Three tongues against three clits. A trinity of titillation.

When three ladies fuck like this, eating themselves into a frenzied feedback cycle of pleasure, triggering a chain reaction of Clarity, it can be a life altering experience, for everyone involved. Especially the audience. See rites and rituals for more information.

20. A poem to the heavenly sex organ that guides us all

Gasping, panting and momentarily breathless. Other-worldly it is as the orgasm rocks you. It takes away all you are and there you hang until it brings you back. Pleasure ridden after the most intense moment you can remember.

Reflect on what fills the void that orgasm creates. Produce mind-altering orgasms to reach for Clarity. Know what it means to arrive.

Life is the pursuit of the next orgasm. Sex wishes only that we orgasm regularly. Lucky we who can achieve this modest goal.

Fuck for freedom of mind, Clarity of thought, and inner harmony.

Fuck for exceptional forethought, absolute understanding, and deep satisfaction.

Fuck for fun.

Believe that inside you beats the thunderous drum of sexual energy. The drums must be appeased or their building tempo will tear you apart. Our goal must be to inseminate the cosmos with our sexual release.

In return for our tribute, we are rewarded with a glimpse of the divine. We are gifted Clarity.

May your orgasms forever bring you Clarity.

21. Flashing as a way to improve the world

Flashing body parts, almost exclusively female ones, is a generous donation of love and appreciation. It is an outward gesture of meaning and significance.

Ladies, help those around you to reach their Clarity by sharing with them the lasting memory of what your tits look like.

There is much to be said for the pleasure of titillation. The chance to be turned on, often just momentarily. To live with possibility. The flash is a tease, and an invitation. It’s an acceptance that what drives us all is worth celebrating.

Timing and situation are critical. Use caution and don’t get in trouble.

Not knowing when you might get the opportunity to flash, consider going without a bra or underwear. Hoping to flash is a handy excuse for not wearing underwear, as if one were needed.

Flashing your genitals at strangers is unacceptable. Unless they deserve it. Unless they want it. Unless they have earned it.

To the universe we don’t mean a thing. We are dust. All we have to guide us is each other and our genitals. Make your genitals speak to you so you may heed what they say.

To bear witness to loins not previously known to you only serves to underscore how very fortunate we are to be alive. Living our lives day in and day out, with the full knowledge that there are other genitals which we may very well have the chance to enjoy at some point in the future. Our sex organs are nothing if not patient and persistent. They are waiting for us to catch up.

Flashing and being flashed represent the earliest form of seduction. Lift your skirt and let them imagine how you taste. Pull down your top, push back your shoulders and say my tits are down here.

Few ladies choose to learn how, which is a true shame, but making someone aroused from a distance is quite a rush. Start by getting their attention, hello! And finish by blowing them a kiss goodbye.

More advanced forms of flashing include grabbing one’s genitals, licking and sucking fingers, licking and sucking phallic objects, and various types of thrusting manoeuvres (a.k.a. air fucking).

All the best erotica is completely unrealistic, which tells me we have to work hard to change what is realistic.

- Heath Ledger, 2007 Venice Film Festival, press conference

22. Nose deep in her snatch, balls on her chin, two fingers in her bottom

In many of the problems life throws at you, the right answer is going to be lubrication.

Your fingers should be well lubed, as should the asshole. It can be fun to ask them to lube her own asshole, it’s a real show when done right. If you want to you can use latex gloves - buy powderless. Lube your latex fingers, nothing goes in without lube.

You must go slowly, working the tip of one finger first, pushing in very slowly and taking breaks, pulling back at times. Spread the asshole gently, enjoy the dance. The goal is three fingers deep. Nails must be trimmed and smoothed. Press with the pads of the finger, never the nail.

Lubricating a cock will greatly aid with deepthroat training. We are assuming, for the purposes of these directions, that the cock is larger than the average throat. Lube the cock with some high-end product, then push it slowly but firmly down the throat. It helps if the deepthroater has drunk something suitably lubricating just before. Pull out often to allow air exchange.

Thrusting into the throat is a complex manoeuvre. One wrong move could cause teeth to engage. So go slowly, and practise for depth often. Take it slowly, there is no rush. These instructions work for the asshole also.

When sucking a larger cock, getting the balls on your chin is a real accomplishment. Take pride if you can manage it, for you will be deserving of respect and praise.

Nose deep in snatch is simply a pleasant way to pass an evening. The snatch forms a lovely warm embrace around the nose, keeping it safe while the tongue finds its home. Nose deep is an exaggerated description of the physical process, but it is also a philosophical learning that the nose, like the rest of the body, both comes from and longs to return to the snatch.

These beautiful acts of love and kindness are examples of how individuals can come together to become couples, triples and so on in the shared pursuit of Clarity.

23. Girls are for boys to fuck

This shocking proposition is obviously true, ladies exist to be fucked by gentlemen.

We would never diminish the rights of ladies to self determinate. But we cannot escape the literal truth that ladies have been made by evolutionary forces to be fucked by gentlemen.

And the better news is that, given consent and attraction, ladies love getting fucked by gentlemen.

Taken to its extreme we could say that ladies exist to be fucked by gentlemen. And by extension, gentlemen exist to fuck ladies.

And take what you will of that, all we can be sure of is - that’s hot.

24. Addressing toxic masculinity momentarily

To address toxic masculinity, there is clearly, and always has been, a particular version of masculinity that is a front or a smokescreen to cover deep flaws. Under no circumstance should true masculinity, the spirit of potency, be mistaken for the shallow arrogant facade that is too common these days.

Ladies need to pick better gentlemen with which to fuck. Only sex can cure us of these weak genetics.

Gentlemen need to do a better job showing up as actually fucking gentlemen. And expecting the same on the gentlemen around them.

Between us, we can do it. We can improve the human fucking race.

Toxic masculinity is as corrosive as the most strident forms of feminism. Outliers do not speak for the majority, despite their volume.

25. On the topic of the prostate

To those lucky people who have prostates, we besiege you to show proper respect for your blessed gland by milking it regularly.

The prostate can be found two to three inches inside the rectum. It is located between the rectum and the penis. The gland can be probed by pressing on the taint but the direct route is the one our Church teaches.

Whether through self stimulation, or by the act of a friend, a prostate orgasm will quickly educate you on what pleasure really is. Once the prostate owner is aroused, the gland will tend to swell and become easier to locate.

One of the commonly reported sensations, when the prostate is stimulated, is the urge to urinate. Much like stimulation of the g-spot, this is normal and can be safely ignored. Do not be deterred from your goal. A prostate orgasm may not be possible for everybody who owns one, as everybody is unique, but a full body prostate orgasm is perhaps the closest most gentlemen will ever get to experiencing the bliss of multiple orgasms.

The come-hither finger motion works well. As does the “doorbell” where you just keep pressing on the gland. Circling the tissue with your finger tip may work well. The key, as with all things, is eager experimentation.

Needless to say the prostate responds favourably to fingers, dildos, vibrators and penises.

As an equal opportunity slut, I take all comers. I like seeing everyone I’m into included, and I’m into everyone.

- A slut who preferred to remain anonymous

26. Breeding your wife for a fuller life

For some husbands, there is a thrill to be had in the risk of their wives becoming pregnant by fucking a bull. For some, impregnation is actually the goal. These gentlemen let their ladies get fucked raw and hope the bulls choose to cum inside. The thrill can be so intense that the husbands often want to watch.

While our Church fully supports the insemination of anyone at any time that is convenient for all involved, even we must draw the line somewhere. This is our line. Go alone if this is your path, we can no longer help you. We would watch, obviously, but we cannot advise you on this path as it has ethical considerations far beyond what can be contained here. Seek the advice of an Elder, if you must.

If you are only interested in risk-free insemination we believe this is an important part of any ladies sex life. Regularly orgasming and regularly taking cum leads to verve and pep for any lady. So while we cannot directly endorse it, we must concede that letting your lady get creampied by other gentlemen is an economic way to ensure she is getting enough semen in her diet.

27. The proper way to be tied up

Etiquette is important. When bound and helpless, it is considered noble to beg for mercy. Politeness may not suit the scene however, so take this tradition as a suggestion more than a requirement.

Some enjoy being bound, some like doing the binding. If you are neither, you possibly just haven’t been tied up by the right person. Such is life.

The higher you fall on the slutty spectrum the more docile and “into” it you can be. It is decent to struggle and strain against your binds a little, if for no other reason than to test their strength and ensure that you are in fact vulnerable and helpless.

Speak your truth. If it hurts, say something. If it’s not tight enough, say something.

Moaning is typically encouraged. Writhing in pleasure is always fun to watch.

Trust the person who binds you. Do not take risks.

If you are the sort to struggle, you must be careful in your struggle. If the one doing the binding is injured, the one being bound will ultimately suffer the consequences. Cursing, insults, shouting or screaming of any sort will most likely result in longer periods of bondage and more inventive forms of punishment.

Accept that tying you down properly may take time. Just be grateful you are attractive enough to warrant tying down and be patient. Not everybody is invited to get suspended from the ceiling or chained to the rack. Take the compliment graciously and try not to struggle too much.

If you have particular requests, such as silk ties over handcuffs, you should plan ahead of time because bondage is a team sport at the end of the day.

28. The proper way to tie up

Suspension requires proper training and equipment. No exceptions.

Rope burns are not tolerated. Lack of circulation, numbness and abrasions are not tolerated. Safety first.

Long hair is an excellent binding medium if thick enough. Braided hair is perfect for bondage. No amount of hair can support their owner’s full weight.

Care must be taken when binding a person’s face so it can continue to breathe. Particular care is required when the face is pinned between a pair of thighs, boobs, ass cheeks, etc.

Anal hooks and anuses must be properly lubed. Premature hooking is a costly mistake. Saliva is not a suitable lubricant, use only for emergencies.

Staking someone to the ground in the hot sun requires proper sun cream, sun glasses and water. It is not safe to bury someone up to their neck in any material. Bury them to their elbows. It is not safe to put someone in a box, use a cage. It’s not safe to put anything tight around someone’s neck for really any period of time, but you can safely put big thick things in their throat for short periods.

Remember that handcuffs work as well on ankles as they do on wrists. Due to their poor quality and cheap design we find that most trick handcuffs are more dangerous than they seem and our Church recommends only using real handcuffs for this reason. Real steel for that truly helpless feel.

When binding someone for an extended period you must be able to get two fingers between the bind and their skin. When binding someone to a bed overnight, ensure they have sufficient length to turn or they may develop bed sores. Gags must be removed for food and drink breaks. Fucking machines should not be run for longer than an hour at a time, as the motors will burn out.

Gentlemen hold your hand. Dominants pull your hair. Soulmates do both.

- Jean Harlow’s personal journal, undated

29. Group fucking, polyamory and wife swapping

Sex is all the more special when it’s shared with others.

Lucky is the husband whose wife is pretty enough to share with friends. Generous is the gent who shares such a wife. Noble are all involved.

If she is comfortable fucking two or more a night, she should be allowed that indulgence. If she is capable of fucking two or more at once, she is indeed a very special lady worth hanging on to.

Our Church loves and encourages sluts who can service multiple gentlemen in an evening. It is a rare and special slut who can deepthroat a cock while another balls deep in her pussy. They are to be rewarded, and we would do well to cherish these priceless creatures.

The most effective forms of group fucking, if you want to maximise Clarity, are based on ancient traditions such as securing trained slavegirls to the floor by the wrist and the knees, while gentlemen form two queues. The experience is heightened with the constant rotation of gentlemen between queues. The slut should, ideally, have no idea who is where or when.

Chaotic pleasure seeking gang-fucking is a fun activity everyone can enjoy. No experience necessary.

30. Getting fingered in the ass as a metaphor for life

Reefer is a divine substance that can exalt the mind and loosen up the anal sphincter. While cannabis is not required for butt fucking, it does make a sizeable difference. Wine for vagine, and grass for ass.

Jessica from Johannesburg asked her husband, during doggystyle, to put his thumb in her asshole. Why, asked her surprised husband. She told him it was better he get to do perverted things like stick his thumb in her area, than to have some other skank offering him freaky side action. Her husband nodded his understanding and reached for the lube.

Jennifer from Johnstown shared that for her, masturbation starts in the booty. For this single librarian, anal play is a central part of her personal life. From day-long fantasies of anal rape to evenings of solitary anal play watching anal pornography. First the index finger, then index and middle. Always with lubricant. When she’s ready, her other hand goes to her clit. All her holes like attention it seems, as she sucks her fingers clean when she’s done.

Janet from Jacobstowe likes to include reefer in her love making. And for her, love is found deep in her ass. Both of her boyfriends understand and they regularly indulge her, taking turns to stretch out her tight mouth and her tighter asshole. Ass to mouth to ass to mouth. Jane’s husband is very proud of her and likes to watch.

Just two fingers in the ass is sufficient to command attention. Stretching you, making you squirm, making you a little anal slut.

31. Be dominant so often it becomes who you are

Rarely are dominant people born that way. Life shapes them and equips them to take charge. Some people thrive when in control, others suffer under pressure.

Would you wear the heavy crown or be a loyal subject?

There is no shame in either. There is only shame in not being the person you were meant to be.

It can be very satisfying to find someone worth worshipping and to live in a way that pleases them. It simplifies your life. Making the commitment to serve a dominant is a deeply personal one which can be very rewarding and gratifying. For some, you may not even feel like it is a decision, more of a compulsion.

And there is no shame in telling others how to live their lives. How to look, how to act, how to speak, how to perform. If you can make the right choices in your own life, then perhaps you should do it for another. And it goes without saying that if you can make others follow you, then you should have them follow you. But be a good leader, have a plan and respect the devotion. Earn it.

And always push yourself to be more dominant, or more submissive. Find it in yourself to be the best you can possibly be. Stand tall, square your shoulders and speak your mind. Or get on your hands and knees, speak softly and ask politely if you can serve.

Practise it, make it second nature. Make it normal and mundane. Make it so others know what to expect of you. Be the ritual until the ritual can be you.

A submissive should be cherished because only they can give dominance.

- Unknown

32. Reluctant lesbianism, a lost art

Down through the ages Japanese culture has been at the forefront of human sexual exploration. Historically isolationist and incredibly self sufficient, the Japanese people have a rich history of sexual ingenuity and innovation.

Performing sexual acts for money is honest work in Japan. It is tax paying work that contributes to society. It provides jobs for some and outlets for others. Our Church celebrates these incredible Japanese traditions and their enlightened perspectives.

The red light business in Japan is famously opaque to outsiders. But legends persist about one particular ancient ritual which has profound significance to our Church.

It is simple, yet so deeply complex and layered.

Two or more girls work together to get each other off. Two girls go sixty-nine, three girls make a triangle, and so on. They do it naked. They do it drunk. And they do it as performers for the circle of, typically drunk, gentlemen sitting around them.

What makes the show particularly special is that only straight girls are allowed to perform. There are thorough and diligent arousal tests beforehand (in front of a panel of judges). The show is special because the girls who are eating pussy are doing it purely for pay.

The girls kiss, lick, suck, finger and fuck. Phallic toys are shared around between pussies, mouths and asses. Gentlemen in the audience often masturbate with abandon, their suit jackets removed, pants unzipped and ties thrown over their shoulders.

The most expensive events showcase first-timers. And they go first on the night, all the gentlemen watching intently as the first-time-pussy-licker takes her first lick, her first taste.

To watch two or more girls, all learning to eat pussy at the same time, is a special celebration of life. It is a powerful and meaningful demonstration that indeed there is so much more to be had, but also - there is so much work to be done to get there.

Learning together. Moaning, writhing and cumming together. Like a sunset of pleasure. A dedication to lust. A benediction to satisfaction.

The girls are going gay for pay. How incredibly empowering and liberating. The pleasure they feel is in fact not for them, but for the audience. What they do is for the gentlemen. The girls are objects for the gentlemen’s amusement. And because they are, it’s vital they all orgasm before the show is over.

It’s considered polite for the girls to make eye contact with the audience during the show. The gentlemen will sometimes yell “Hai” at the girls to get their attention, to make them open their eyes and look around. The girls are expected to be present and aware of their defilement. A simple and delightful sentiment.

Japan is a magnificent country with exquisite treasures like this throughout.

Western sex shows typically occur on a raised platform or stage. Not so in Japan. The traditional and typical setup puts the girls in a depressed area of the floor. The lowered den is plush and lined with soft materials and cushions. The girls arrive naked, clean and barefoot. Hair tied back, shaved and showered. They are helped by the gentlemen as they step down into the depression. The girls won’t leave the pit until all of them have orgasmed. The audience sits around the pit drinking, watching, and shouting encouragement.

The gentlemen may stand at the edge of the depression and masturbate if they wish. This is common but not required or particularly encouraged. Cumming on the girls in the pit is considered a compliment and so the girls will say thank you when they feel themselves being cum on.

The gentlemen will tip the girls towards the end of the show by throwing cash directly into the pit. The girls also say thank you for tips.

The girls are considered honoured just by being asked to perform, and for many it is simply a vehicle to a glamorous career in sex work - but the money they receive per event is substantial.

The girls understand the situation and are not being exploited in any way. It is an easy job. To lick clit for a living beats working elsewhere. The girls know that this job requires one to two hours of work a day, it pays well considering, requires little or no experience and includes orgasms. These lucky girls know many others are eager to step into the pit, so they work hard to please the audiences to keep getting invited back.

33. Dominant or submissive?

Have you ever sexually dominated someone? If you haven’t, you should know how exhilarating it is. You and your needs come first, your desires are what matter. The submissive is only an object to satisfy your needs.

If you have never been sexually submissive, you probably just haven’t met someone worth worshipping. We hope you have the pleasure someday to crawl, to beg and to serve.

As Nellie Cameron once wrote: “Me personally, I’m submissive. I relax into losing control. I just do as I’m told. It is so freeing. My husband is a good master, he is kind and generous, he makes me feel like a beautiful trophy wife, and I work hard to please him. From his morning blowjob under the kitchen table while he eats breakfast, until I slide off him at the end of the evening, suck his cock clean, wish him good night and leave for my bedroom. I try hard to be a submissive worthy of his domination. He spanks me when he’s happy with me. And he withholds my allowance when he’s unhappy with me. I get wet when he touches me. I am his.”

Around 75% of people admit having one or more fetishes.

Around 50% of people admit to having cheated at least once.

Around 5% of people report only same sex attraction.

Decide early if you are dominant or submissive, loyal or otherwise, perverted or boring.

The pornographic revolution occurred when porn became free and easy to access online. One of the many important advancements was exposure of far more people to far more types of sex, greatly speeding up and improving the process of discovering one’s own sexual level. Our Church runs pornography sampling sessions followed by discussions and panels on fetishes, kinks, peccadillos and perversions.

Use the tools at your disposal and decide who you are, deep down, in your sex organs. Most likely you have a preference for taking charge or being led on a leash. Most likely you have a fetish, probably several. Most likely you would cheat on your partner given the right circumstances. Who are you really?

Ask yourself, and ask your partners, what is it you really want? Once you know what it is, you should go after that. Don’t compromise on what you want. Practice love and preach peace. Sex is beautiful and should be shared. Fucking to gain Clarity is a blessed act.

Sexual spectrums intersect and divide. They are not static or fluid but shimmering rainbows of possibilities. Consider sexual orientation, long thought to be a spectrum from straight to gay, with gradations in between. The Kinsey method of ranking orientation by asking people where they land between one and ten, one being completely hetero and 10 being completely homo. What we now know is that your sexual orientation is entirely context dependent.

Accept the spectrum of spectrums in which you exist and find your cloud of possibility. Know your potential. Live the life you are capable of. Live the life your genitals want you to live.

Know where you are now, in this moment. And ask others where they are in that moment.

Are there any kinks I can help you with?

Fuck who you please. Fuck how you please. This shall be the whole of the law.

Be agents of pleasure so you may gain Clarity.

The Almighty Head of the Cock and the Glorious Clitoris have spoken.

34. Donate, today

Our Church can only continue its charitable work through the generous support of its members. Blessed are those who support our Church and our mission to liberate human sexuality and truly make the world a better place.

Members in good standing donate often. Donation grants access to the Elders and to the holy sluts. May their guidance lead you to a more fulfilling sex life.

35. A poem from the heart

Blessed art thou, sacred whore on the high-street.

High heels, caked makeup and practised smile.

It is you I lust after for my soul is broke.

Unfortunately, so am I.

Book 3: Clarity

The third book of our Church is titled appropriately, Clarity. Because it is through orgasm that we reach Clarity, and it is through Clarity that we are made more. This book is the orgasm of the series. This book is about Clarity.

These are the epiphanies.

1. You are a pervert deep down, we all are, and suppressing who we really are is unhealthy.

The human mind is a fractal of competing desires and drives. Complex creatures such as these could only be the result of multiple contradictory evolutionary paths. The human personality is fractured and multifaceted, and so it sparkles.

Within each human is the capacity for drives that compete for control. Gentlemen can want to be lesbians and ladies can want to be supermen.

Ultimately the human condition is to be a slave to desire. To accept that there is no normal, no standard, no average. There are only the minds present in that place, that room, that bed. Acceptance of who we are and who we can be when we’re inside each other. And to live by way of the most wholesome pursuit, that which most pleases the mind, the body and the soul.

Eventually human desire will let loose. Be mindful of this inevitability and do not try to fight the tide. Humans do not get to pick who or what arouses.

Perverts should be happy in their perversions. Deviants happy in theirs. Let the promiscuous fuck us each other. Let the repression clutch their pearls. Accept them as you wish they would accept you.

2. Slut defined, defused, reclaimed and rebranded

In modern usage, the word “slut” means a lady who is so desirable she can take a lover whenever she chooses. But it bizarrely also means a lady of seemingly lower quality or status.

Civilisations built on universal monogamy do tend to produce more stable marriages, which in turn is more stabilising for society. But this stability comes at a potential cost to the human soul.

Due to the risk to otherwise stable marriages, the term slut has been co-opted and besmirched. This noble word has been twisted into an insult. These ladies yield a power that is truly frightening to some. Because in the sexual landscape, such as it is, we all compete and sluts are by definition winners.

With looks of lust, words of seduction and being who they are, their look, their sound, their style - these ladies command the attentions and desires of other people.

There can be little doubt that sluts have genetic advantages which help them out-perform the rest of us and for this they are special.

Above and beyond sheer respect for sluts, we must consider the positive impact they have on our society and culture, on our scientific triumphs and our philosophical endeavours.

Naturally our Church teaches that sluts should be discerning in their engagements. Slutty desires are not an excuse for reckless behaviour. Slutty desires are a blessing to be harnessed and used for good.

The finest sluts practise equality.

Dogging, glory-holes, orgies and other anonymous sex acts are only possible thanks to the ladies who are driven to satisfy en masse. One doing the work of many is a true saint.

Sluts are the backbone of the community and deserve our respect and love.

Praise sluts. Ladies, please do your part. Gentleman, please do what you can.

We hail sluts and we pray they all enjoy long and busy lives.


3. You are a slut deep down, and resistance is unhealthy

You think about sex more often than you realise. You masturbate more than you would ever admit. You wish you had more sex. You wish you had better sex.

Held back only by more dominant parts of your persona, you would gladly seek out sex more aggressively otherwise. You are built that way. On a constant cycle of arousal and release.

You deserve more sex. You deserve a really good fuck.

Most likely you are a slut, like most of us. Eager for out of body experiences as a sexual being. Eager to chase the variety. Who will you fuck next? Change channels on the television until you find someone cute enough to fuck. Flip the glossy magazine of smiles until you find someone to objectify. Sit and people watch, find the people you would like to debase. You are a slut. Just say it, just know and accept it.

If, in all honesty and conviction, you don’t wish you were fucking someone right now, what are we even doing here?

Sucking cock is a pleasure… when you do it right.

- Marilyn Monroe, between takes on the set of Some Like It Hot, 1958

4. Face fucking is a basic human right

When you can feel the balls on your chin, that’s when you know you’ve made it.

Balls slapping against your chin means you’re doing great. Face fucking, or being face fucked, is a meditative process. You must be fully present and in the moment. You have to concentrate and you have to push yourself. You have to be all you can be.

Feel the stretch. Enjoy it.

Faces being fucked should always start out looking their best and faces being fucked should always end up looking a state.

Saliva, sweat, tears and semen.

Nothing is prettier than a pretty smiling cum-covered freshly-fucked face.

Oftentimes right after is a good moment to pose for a picture, in order to capture the moment.

Basic human rights typically cover essentials for living - food, water and shelter. Increasingly what constitutes a human right has expanded to cover necessities beyond physical health and safety. Many believe, as we do, that mental health and psychological safety are the rights of every human. For this reason our Church teaches the obvious truth that face fucking is a basic human right.

Both for those who desire to have their faces fucked and for those who crave having a face to fuck, the act itself is a deeply enriching experience on a metaphysical level. By any reasonable measure this indicates and supports the position that any two agents of pleasure engaged in face fucking are performing an act of worship and should be allowed the basic ingredients of the Enlightenment, life and liberty.

We all must decide what constitutes our own human rights assuming they do not impose any anyone else’s non-consensually.

The sounds generated from a thorough face fucking are musical. Gurgles and gasps as air is sucked in and pushed out around the swollen phallus. An excess of saliva is typical, but swallowing is not helpful. Drooling and slathering are best. For a phallus to work its way easily into the throat over and over requires plenty of lubrication.

Truly devout cock suckers know that drooling from having your face fucked is a sign of respect and appreciation. Know that sex has given you a gift and you are wise to seize it.

Positioning is key to the success of face fucking. Phallus shape and size will decide which positions are optimal. The face should be suitably rotated and the torso positioned so as to allow the phallus access to the throat.

Gag reflex can usually be suppressed by grabbing the left thumb with the left fingers. Wrap the fingers around the thumb. Make sure they all touch the thumb. Hold it with light pressure. Large numbers of ladies and gentlemen swear by this technique after learning it at official Church training seminars.

Some are blessed with minimal or no observable gag reflex. Truly these are the blessed. Please contact an Elder if you or someone you know has a weak gag reflex. We wish to study your ability and learn the secrets, so we may help others.

For some of you, actually throating a cock may feel impossible. But worry not, it is a learnable skill - even if you struggle at first. Practice and determination are key.

Rest easy in the knowledge that regular practice will make deepthroating easy. It is, in fact, something anyone can learn with time and patience.

If thumb-grabbing does not work for you, you should practise more and try the tooth-brush method. Use your toothbrush to gently stimulate your gag reflex every time you brush your teeth. Aim for 10-15 seconds of gagging practice every day. When an area gets desensitised you can move further back without the sensitivity returning. After about a month your gag reflex will be done. You should practise deepthroating cock the entire time you are using the toothbrush method. Practice makes perfect.

The ideal training technique is sucking a large phallus to completion, with as much throating as possible. If practised nightly, within a week the cock will make it down the throat completely and gagging will be minimal. It will be difficult and messy but this technique is guaranteed to work.

If you require any help with these topics, please contact an Elder.

Some phalluses are delightfully curved to help them slip easily down the gullet. Blessed are those born with cocks which are easy to suck.

Lucky are those who lack a gag reflex. For everyone else they should remember the thumb technique. Grasp and squeeze that left thumb to ward off gagging. This assumes less gagging is what you and your partner desire. For some, gagging is the whole point. Make sure the gagging is consensual. The reluctance and resistance offered by the ticklish throat can be very satisfying to push through and penetrate. Some cock suckers choose to preserve that special gag spasm and unleash it on cocks worthy of it.

Important medical research has taught us a surprising truth. The more a lady’s ass sways as she walks, the more likely it is she can climax from penetration alone. Men, find yourself a wife whose ass sways as she walks, or learn to get good at eating pussy.

- Bettie Page, Boca Raton, Florida 1954

5. Only the luckiest sluts get sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Only the luckiest sluts get sex when they need it. Sex for breakfast. Sex for lunch. And sex for dinner. Sex for the rest of their lives if they’re lucky.

Hail sluts.

Should you meet a slut in real life, you should give them the reverence and respect they deserve. You should offer to buy them a drink, take them to dinner, and rent them a hotel room. These are the few that want to give orgasms to the many, what more noble pursuit could there possibly be?

Sluts are who we elect.

Being a slut requires two things - someone with the desire to be slutty and other people to facilitate. Without both sides, there can be no slut. The logical conclusion is, if you are a slut then you have been elected to that position. Consider yourself a winner in this timeless race. You just wanted to be a slut, it was the world that made you one.

Sluts are an elected class of people and they hold a high office. We must love and respect them always. They carry great responsibility. May they always choose wisely. We wish them fulfilment and sexual bliss.

Find a man who is worthy, find a man worth kneeling for.

- Elizabeth Taylor, Caxton Hall, London, September 1953

6. Glory to the MILFs

Younger gentlemen do well to learn from experience. To catch the interest of a more mature and more experienced lady is hard to do but can be very rewarding. They are more discerning, naturally given their relatively high worth as sex objects, meaning the gentleman has to show real potential.

But he has youth on his side. There will always be mature women who can put that energy and pep to good use.

To find someone who knows what they’re doing, maturity is where the wise money goes.

Find yourself a lady who knows how to make it work.

Ladies who even entertain the idea of educating the next generation, well - they are surely doing a public service. When you help educate just one gentleman in the sack, then on average you improve the lives of three other ladies. That is an investment in our community. You are paying it forward.

Consider it charity. Educate those who follow. Give the gift of experience.

If we all work together, we can all have more sex and we can have better sex.

With time, most ladies become more open minded and willing to explore. So find a plaything, or become one. And always be a student.

Beg to learn at the feet of a mature lady. Beg to worship her for all she represents, for all she knows and for all she can teach you.

Lap at her river of wisdom. And make sure to say please and thank you.

7. Open up for us

We are the ones who have arrived, who will cum and who will go.

We are the gang who bang.

Will you open up for us? Must we find a way in?

When the skirt is ripped, when the wrist is pinned - will you get wet for us?

We are many, too many hands to count, too many cocks to believe.

Will you behave and taste them all?

Or will you fight and act the innocent?

Choices, choices.

We are many and we’ve come to cum. In you. On you. For you.

All for you.

Lucky you.

Cumslut, cumslut, come and play, let’s fuck again another day.

Cumslut, cumslut, come get fed, come get wet from giving head.

Come get fucked, come get some. Lap it up, you’ve earned that cum.

A tart, a slut, a whore, an angel.

8. Semen seminary

The most visually pleasing way to ingest semen is the simple kneeling position, head tilted back, mouth wide open. Hands are often bound at the back, it helps with good posture.

Semen is as unique as the cock it comes from.

Our Church takes a firm position that those who swallow cum are blessed souls who have earned our unending gratitude. We respect so much all that you do for those that you bless.

Semen is an acquired taste. The quicker you move through the practice phase, which is when you swallow and aren’t happy about it, the sooner you arrive at the passion phase, when you swallow with a smirk and a lick of the lips.

While semen is not immediately addicting, long term ingestion does lead to physical and mental dependency. This is called the preoccupation effect. When you can’t keep thoughts of cum out of your mind. A sure route to sainthood.

Our Church runs training events designed to turn sluts into cumsluts. We have a high success rate, and while it’s not possible to convert everyone, we are generally able to move people in the right direction.

Elders are available to give more information on both group training events and personal tutoring sessions.

9. Speaking of sexual debt

Our Church has long held that it should be considered reasonable and noble to accept the exchange of sexual services in barter transactions.

It is a beautiful love story as old as humankind. Offer the caveman comfort and receive his protection in return. The warmth of his cave paid for one orgasm at a time.

It is not the only kind of relationship, obviously. But for our purposes we are only considering the relationships built on a foundation of righteous sexual barter. And while not all people in all places have engaged in sexual retail, there is enough evidence to recognise this practice as an important tradition that existed then and continues to exist now.

We should honour the great legacy of prostitution, a legacy that literally spans centuries. Humanity is currently coming out of an extended era of repression, and has a future bright with lots of unrepressed fornication ahead of it. Our more enlightened communities allow the trade of sex already. Soon there will be more.

What a whore puts in her body is her business. They are fucking people nobody else is fucking. This is the definition of community service.

From one perspective, it seems humans enjoy creating the demand and the supply. Which is fortunate. We appear to naturally understand the relative worth and trade value of sex acts. The exchange of cash for ass is a tough reality for some, and a liberating pastime for others.

As is appropriate, ladies control almost all the supply and gentlemen produce almost all the demand. This is the expected outcome, given the evolution of such things.

And as is appropriate it is gentlemen who are all too often willing to trade whatever they have for sexual gratification, so it is that ladies get to set the price. Gentlemen must be free to make offers, politely and respectfully. If we can engage in frank and open dialogues of a mature nature, we can seek fruitful negotiations to produce greater Clarity and greater demand satisfaction.

Our Church provides support for buyers and sellers. If you are involved in the sex trade business and would like not to be, please contact us for help. If you are not involved in the sex trade business and would like to be, please contact us for help. If you have an addiction to prostitutes, we can help. If you would like help finding quality prostitutes, we can help.

Our Church continues to fight for sex worker rights in order to liberate the human race one fuck at a time. Please donate to support our work and help keep sex workers in business.

10. Average sexuality

We must always speak in generalities when considering the human sexual palette, because of how rich and varied it is. Words cannot do it justice, it is a beautiful kaleidoscope.

There is no obvious framework for attraction. And no obvious model for desire. And yet, while there is nothing approaching average, there are trends and patterns that are universal.

Attraction has an average, a mean value. We can agree, in aggregate, on who is attractive and who is not.

Fetish expression has peaks and valleys but no standard pattern. Some fetishes are popular, some are hyper niche. Some people have lots of fetishes, some people have none.

Orientation clusters at the extremes, either all hetero or all homo. But there is plenty of activity in the middle naturally.

But what turns the kaleidoscope is the addition of context.

Attraction, orientation and fetishism all vary based on a huge range of inputs including hunger, thirst, intoxication, and of course, basic arousal. This excludes external motivators such as money, drugs, power and fear - each of which has a powerful influence.

Number of sexual partners varies across genders, ages and nationalities. There are few obvious trends or indicators to suggest any given human will have more or less sexual partners over their life. This is evolutionary mechanics at play. This discovery would seem to explain the essential truth - that everyone has the opportunity, it seems, to be a slut if they try hard enough.

So our Church concludes there is no average sexual lifestyle or sexual history. There is only a diffuse patchwork of probabilities. Human sex lives are complex, adaptive and evolving. And we believe there is a delicate and pleasing balance to all of this, one that we have no choice but to partake in.

11. Sex in the ancient world

Tantric teachings, which date back to the middle ages and mostly from the Indian subcontinent, teach powerful ways to attain higher states.

And while our Church does not dispute the incredible effect of gentlemen deliberately retaining semen as Tantra teaches, we find there is more to be had in sharing. We know the natural path of semen is out of the Almighty Head of the Cock. Wilful retention of semen is unsanctioned and dangerous to one's health.

Tantra’s original teachings have “evolved” and are now much less focused on the sexual act. This is a great shame, not least because of how much sexual wisdom we may have attained as a species but have now lost to repression.

The Kama Sutra is simply the most well-known and popular of the ancient sex manuals because it is one of the few that survived intact and uncensored. It was considered tame enough to survive. The output of the greatest minds in Indian history, lost forever. Such a terrible shame.

After careful study of ancient sexual rites, we believe our Church covers all of the important overlaps. And obviously, we go much further in some areas. Because ours is a religion of exploration, not repression. We continue the great tradition that we inherited and that we will pass to the next generation.

Of particular similarity is the worship of sexual fluids, which is an area of keen focus for many ancient faiths. Our Church encourages the ritualistic use of semen on skin, in hair, on clothes, and so on. We understand its potent capabilities. What ancient sexual pioneers taught with faith, we now share with certainty.

While many ancient sex-based faiths appreciate the blessing of bodily fluids, some focus solely on the mixture that leaks from a freshly fucked pussy, believing that the mixture combines both parties' energies in a significant and powerful way. Our Church respects and endorses this belief structure but leaves the particular manner of fluid sharing to the respective parties. Please consume semen and pussy juice freely, mixed or not.

An additional ancient ritual, one that our Elders have a keen interest in, is the consumption of bathing water. Seen in some histories as a form of love magic to capture the heart of a beloved, tales of drinking bathwater are found in almost every culture on Earth. Some stories are romantic, some are about sexual enslavement. One popular freeuse ritual encourages the dominant gentlemen to wash their privates in a large bowl of water that is then drunk, and poured over, the submissive.

Ancient Tao believed that ladies were the superior species because they lacked the refractory period. Ladies didn’t need the time it takes gentlemen to recover and be ready to go again. This is a very reasonable argument for ladies being the superior gender and it certainly raises some interesting questions.

Our Church continues to study this and is working to learn more. What we do know is ladies do not in fact exhibit any sort of refractory period, so unlike gentlemen they are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms if they try. If you or someone you know wishes to learn this valuable life skill please contact an Elder.

12. Mindless and fuckable at all times

The most worthy of love is the mindless fucktoy. For they are where our hearts can be found. These sirens who possess us and shape our desires, they are the very embodiment of temptation. But yet it is their innocence and their untainted nature that lures us. This is why they are irresistible.

To be mindless is to be touched. To be fucked is to gifted. To be used is to be loved.

Hail Sluts.

Fucktoys embody the truth about themselves and the universe in which they fuck.

Fucktoys should be mindlessly eager, mindlessly obedient and mindlessly appreciative.

It is the life to be a fucktoy, do not let thought or preference get in the way of pleasing. To be fuckable and thought worthy of fucktoy status is in itself a goal honourable enough for anyone. A precious few are worthy, which is sad. But we recognise their heavenly nature and we support it.

Jordan was an experienced slut. In her day she satisfied gentlemen as a pastime. She was always eager, always willing - truly a lady about her work. Dedication to the dick came from deep within, she was bound to please gentlemen and pursued satisfaction with mindless abandon. Jordan was a slut. Praise Jordan.

Jackie was mindless and fuckable. She was a set of holes to be used by horny gentlemen who crossed her path. Those horny gentlemen were those lucky bastards, because she was a talented little slut. Lost in her mindless world of sex and pleasure, she was recklessly obedient. The perfect fuck toy. A rare gift and a lucky blessing. Jackie was a slut. Praise Jackie.

Jeffrey was a mindless slut early on. Unlike the many, he was the few who knew the path intuitively. In his late teens Jeffrey rented himself, walking the parks and streets late at night, dressing to stand out, hoping to catch an eye. He was a student, learning art. He would go on to be a prestigious slut. He enjoyed taking multiple at a time and indulged that vice often. Regulars knew each other, they knew him and they knew what they could get from him. Jeffrey was a slut. Praise Jeffrey.

Janet was passed around. A cannabis fiend who operated better on it than off. Trading favours for her habit. One guy at a time, until it was groups of friends and then sports teams. Janet was gang fucked by large numbers of strange men. Janet earned every drop of cum that was put in her and put on her. Janet was a slut. Praise Janet.

Behold the mindless fucktoys. These are the selfless who service nature and please our collective urges. These are the icons. Models of higher office choosing to hoe the hard road, working nightly as a fucktoy to one or many, doing their part to make the world a better place, to search for higher purpose, to answer the craving in them and the craving they see in others.

13. I pay generously those who are graceful when they go down

These are the words of the wise and holy first Elder.

In a sense, our Church is timeless. Its official establishment came much later than the true origin. When the first cock was sucked, when the first pussy was fingered, when the first ass was used purely in the passionate pursuit of pleasure - that is when our religion was born.

Whatever that first real hedonist moment was, we will never know. But we choose to believe that semen was spilt and in that moment Noble Hedonism was spurted into existence.

Of particular fascination to Elders even today is considering the first time a gentleman lay back, uninvolved in his own milking, while a curious lady first attempted to suck him to completion for the first time ever. We wonder if she knew what reward lay ahead when she started, we wonder if she completed the exchange with a ritual swallow. We wish we could interview her, interrogate her, know what she knew before and more importantly, what she knew after. In that moment she was more than any human had been. We believe this moment to be when humans evolved out of need and into want. It is for this reason we teach the importance of semen, and the transformational truth that bodily fluids are more than mere vessels for pleasure, they are in the purest sense the purpose and the reason for pleasure.

We all have the capacity to be great cock suckers, and we must never forget that.

- Władziu “Walter” Liberace, Palm Springs, California, January 1987

14. A short message of gratitude

It is with deep and sincere gratitude that you are hereby informed of the complete removal of your native sense of inhibition.

From your next moment of Clarity onward, you will find yourself free to do as you wish sexually. To be the ultimate human, one orgasm at a time. You will find freedom.

This is granted to you by way of our Church Of Carnal Knowledge, founded in the Good Books and heralded through time and sex.

First we fuck, then we cum and when we do then we may touch Clarity.

When Clarity arrives, away goes the urge to fuck. When urges are silenced, the mind is free to focus. Greatness only exists in Clarity. Clarity rewards those who pursue it and glorifies those who revel in it.

With Clarity comes Knowledge, and Knowledge lights the Way.

15. Cuckolding as a hobby

There are gentlemen who enjoy watching pornography. In general they are typically easy to arouse with visual stimuli like red dresses, sports cars and tits. They are visual creatures and they cannot help it.

Pornography is readily available and caters extensively to every fetish and kink. For this, we give thanks.

But live commercial sex shows are tragically only available in a limited number of parts of the world. We salute and appreciate the parts of the world enlightened enough to allow sexual entertainment like this. And we besiege the rest of the world to join the modern era of judgement free sexuality.

Some gentlemen are fortunate and have attractive partners. Some have partners attractive enough to watch with other people. Cuckolding, and indeed it’s close cousin cuckqueaning, is a safe and satisfying hobby that can bring partners together in the comfort of their living room.

Don’t think of it as losing your wife, think of it as loaning your sports car.

Don’t worry about infidelity creeping into your marriage unseen. Schedule it instead.

Marry for sexual compatibility, life is short.

- Tom Petty, Travelling Wilburys recording sessions, Los Angeles, May 1988

16. Tasting the goddess & riding face

Under the right conditions the pussy prepares itself to be entered. The divide prepares to divide. This is a common delightful talent they all share. Self lubrication is truly a blessed gift, and stands as another excellent example of why they are the greater gender.

Divine is the divide.

So ladies, heed this advice.

When you are wet, you should taste your pussy.

When you are wet, you should offer a taste to others.

When you are wet, you earned that treat. You did that to yourself. You let your mind go where it wanted. You let your body be what it wants to be. You focused on what was worth focusing on. You gave into lust, you encouraged it. And you were rewarded, so taste your reward.

Allowing a partner to enjoy you enjoying your own reward is a kind and generous act because truly blessed are those who perform for the sexual gratification of others.

Ladies should ride upright and proud, on the faces of gentlemen sometimes, oftentimes, and if possible all of the times.

From time to time it is right that gentlemen should offer their faces as a saddle for ladies to ride. Because ladies deserve somewhere to ride sometimes.

Demonstrate yourself to be a gentleman by offering up your face for riding, do it today.

Be a gentleman, invite her to ride your face. Be a lady, gracefully say thank-you and then climb aboard.

17. Squirting, the science behind the porn

While there are still many details to be uncovered, what we can say with certainty is that ladies can be made to squirt. We know it is a phenomenon that exists and we know under the right conditions that it can be reproduced.

It seems only some pussies are talented enough though, but it is our hope that future research will prove all pussies have the potential with the right stimulation.

There is a real risk of being pee on here. But quite frankly, we feel that is a risk worth taking. We feel for the performers who can deliver on demand using their bladders, so be it - go in grace. And for the naturals who can genuinely get that aroused, to you we bow down and worship in your spray.

18. Speaking of vaginas, can I please see yours?

Our Church will continue to work tirelessly to normalise all forms of flashing, exhibitionism and voyeurism among consenting adults. The fear of public nudity and sex in general is a hang-up from the dark ages, and a fade that is well past its time.

It is clear gentlemen wish for greater access to vaginas. And there are ladies who enjoy sharing theirs widely. There is demand, and naturally there is also supply.

May I see your breasts? Is this not a compliment that can only really be positive and affirming? May I see your breasts please, I find you attractive and would very much enjoy the memory of your face and your boobs later when I am alone.

Flashing is not meant to harm or tease. It’s just a little gift, kind and generous. It is cheap and yet its effects last. Memories are formed in those moments, positive life-affirming memories.

We should normalise public nudity. Public sex is an altogether different affair. It should be somewhat discreet. It is not gentlemanly to fuck in the middle of the park. Treat her like a lady and take her behind a tree.

19. Dance like nobody is watching, fuck like everybody is

Sex is a performance art. Porn is an education. Sex toys are upgrades.

Sex is an art form that elicits higher plains of consciousness.

So fuck like there’s an audience, fuck each other and fuck yourself.

20. Multiple orgasms and why women are better than men

The female of our species is designed by evolution to receive semen. This is glorious and at the very centre of the truth of their magnificence.

The fact that ladies are capable of accepting and processing semen, is evidence to their importance and their superiority.

Despite the long standing myth to the contrary, the female orgasm is very real and can be produced reliably in almost every lady under reasonable conditions and given the right partner and technique. Bound slavegirls can be easily brought to orgasm with modern sex toys. Even when unwilling. Sometimes that helps.

Through extensive research and investigation, and after a considerable investment of time and expense, our Church has determined that almost all ladies are capable of multiple orgasms. As in all things, partner and technique are key but multiple orgasms are reproducible with adequate preparation and perseverance. The female in question must be rested, lightly fed and watered, and generally comfortable, kept warm and dry, and so on.

In general, the typical lady enjoys almost no significant refractory period. This means the better half of humanity is, by and large, capable of being multi-orgasmic. If they so choose, or if it is chosen for them.

The female orgasm certainly appears to be as intense, if not more, than the male orgasm. Unfortunately we lack any formal means to compare such a wonderful subjective experience. Females typically take considerably longer than males to reach orgasm though, so ample fitness and rest are required for optimal outcomes.

Ladies can learn to cum easier, and we recommend this training for any who would prefer to cum quicker. Contact an Elder for more information.

Accepted medical wisdom states that the muscle spasms triggered in the female orgasm act to suck the semen up where it belongs. The spasms also act to milk the penis of every last drop. Evolution is a beautiful thing.

Additionally, western medicine is largely accepting of the idea that the multiple orgasm phenomenon exists as a mechanism for optimising semen intake, specifically for servicing multiple partners in quick succession.

This is in keeping with the sexual impulse doctrine.

Women are generally not bad at sucking cock the first time they try. But most men are pretty terrible at eating pussy, even after practising. Yet another reason, as if one were required, to demonstrate that women are better than men.

- Freddie Mercury, Zanzibar National Airport Bar, April 1963

21. The no-touch orgasm and why ladies are better than gentlemen

No doubt you would agree that it is fascinating how some ladies are capable of orgasm without physical contact. This is yet another reason why ladies are in fact better than gentlemen.

In a world of females who have to earn their orgasm, the few who can will it into existence are really something special. And while it’s true that ladies who can perform this feat organically are special and worthy of worship, our Church has found it possible to teach this rewarding skill.

We implore any ladies with this ability to teach the ladies in their lives how to achieve this incredible feat for themselves.

For too long this gift has been shunned and not spoken about, it’s time to bring it out of the light and embrace its beauty and its kindness. Wish that we were all that lucky. Wish that you yourself could manifest your next orgasm using only your mind.

There is no other choice but to live and to die. The only choice we have really is how much fucking we do in the middle. And when it all comes to a stop, all that really matters is the living, the dying and the fucking in between.

- Barry White, Soul Blues Rhythm Train, New Orleans 1968

22. High on life

Get high. Get high on life also.

The feelings of attraction, love and obsession are arms that sex puts around us. Tentacles that slime around our minds and pull us down with it. While high on life, balls deep with someone, that is the moment you are living. That is the moment you are alive.

Because what are we if not merely vessels for indulgence. Designed and shaped. Evolution is riding the wake that sex generates as it cuts a path through the surface of our existence.

Movement is key to living. Movement of the mind through stimulation and play. Movement of the body through exercise and touch. And, movement of the sex organ through stimulation and fornication. You must climb the pyramid. Fuck your way to the top.

Gifted creatures that can enjoy pleasure, such as we are, must take full advantage. It is incumbent that we do this because sex has us and that is beautiful. And because it means we can have sex, and that is beautiful also.

What better way to live than to live authentically as the sexual being that you are.

What better way to live then in the pursuit of Clarity.

23. Sex Magick

Long ago mankind mastered control of sexual energy by way of the realisation. Through dedicated study and observation it is possible to reach the fantastic and fantabulous.

Early masters of the form in Persia demonstrated their abilities to harness energy in the royal court for all to see. Public sex acts to amuse and entertain the gathered dignitaries. Come, enjoy what our perverts have to offer.

Hindu yogis in the 9th century understood the primitive fundamentals of sexual magick. The foundational prime element and essential techniques for farming and harnessing our energies. They developed the first psychodynamic framework for that which is dangerous and that which is vital.

Firmly fix your mental focus on a desired goal. Aim to transcend your perceived reality. Seed a prayer with the universe, that is all that is required.

As the 19th-century occultist and scholar Paschal Randolph explains his recipe for successful magick:

If a man has an intelligent and loving wife, with whom he is in complete accord, he can work out the problem of sexual magick by her aid. The rite is a prayer in all cases, and the most powerful one which earthly beings can employ. It is best for both man and wife to act together for the attainment of the mysterious objects sought.

Success in any case requires the innocent compliance of the woman. A harlot is useless for such lofty and holy purposes, for it is a bad, impure, passion-driven apology for a man. The woman shall not be one who accepts rewards for compliance; nor a virgin; or under eighteen years; or another’s wife; yet must be one who hath known man and who has been and still is capable of intense mental, volitional and affectionate energy, combined with perfect sexive and orgasmal ability.

Requires absolute personal, mental, and moral cleanliness both of the man and wife. An observance of the instructions during the entire experiment — 49 days. Formulate the desire and keep it in mind during the whole period and especially when making the nuptive prayer [fucking], during which no word may be spoken, but the thing desired be strongly thought of.

Randolph himself was greatly influenced by the work of English Rosicrucian and scholar of phallicism, Hargrave Jennings.

We include these historical facts for their cultural significance, and to honour the grand traditions on which we have built our Church. And it is our Church which is a rock on which you can stand, in full knowledge of all that your sex organs are capable of.

24. The Clarity

Regardless of how a slut achieves an orgasm, it is a reward and a gift and blessing.

All hail sluts.

Only in the fleeting moments of Clarity can that slut become all they are destined to be.

They can reach for Clarity with their own hand, or with the help of others - so long as they are awakened with the goal in mind, so long as they know what is expected of them, so long as they put in the work, so long as they stretch for more, so long as they try hard, only then do they deserve orgasms and Clarity.

Throughout time sluts have satisfied their urges and been rewarded. Because only Clarity delivers real meaning. We are gifted with the chance at insight, the opportunity to be more.

The wise slut knows that many hands make light work. The ambitious slut doesn’t wait to be invited. And the worthy slut gets the best playmates.

25. Donate, Repent and Penetrate

Now that you have been indoctrinated into our Church’s teachings, we hope that your sex organs can now lead you to a better and happier life.

Blessed are those who have Carnal Knowledge.

You are invited to share these teachings with others. Share your love for your genitals with as many as possible. Share in their love of their genitals, and teach them the ways of our Church.

Give generously with this knowledge. And give generously to our Church. Help us share these eternal truths to the world.

Admit you will not repress your sexual urges. Accept you are a sexual being in lifelong service of the universal force that holds and binds us. Accept that it is only through our sex organs that true happiness can be found.

Seek Clarity and be at peace.

Book 4: The Noble Lifestyle

The fourth book of our Church is titled appropriately, The Noble Lifestyle. Because it is through ownership that we are free, and it is through freedom that we are made whole. This book is the first revelation of Clarity.

These are our traditions.

Consider these words not as law but as shared wisdom. Experimentation and adaptation is expected. Do that which cums most easily.

Our Church’s teachings are mutable and they evolve. This process is governed by sexual Clarity attained by way of the Noble Rites.

This lifestyle is not compatible with all personality types. For those who find themselves in conflict, we expect you to not live as we do. For those who find themselves intrigued, we encourage earnest experimentation. From those who find themselves in familiar territory, we expect nothing less than your best effort.

1. Noble Hedonism

The first three Good Books of our Church are the Holy Books.

The Holy Books demonstrate that sex is the powerful driving force in all of us, and that sex must be respected and honoured in order to live full and complete lives. The Holy Books established the expectation that we must worship our sexual urges, that we must work together to satisfy our sexual needs and that we must focus constantly on attaining our sexual desires. This is why they are the Holy Books.

The next three Good Books of our Church are the Noble Books.

The Noble Books teach the ways in which we honour and give thanks to the sex drive that we were gifted with. Through profoundly obscene processes, rituals, rites and ceremonies we deliver ourselves in openness and honesty to the universe that created us and the universe that satisfies us. The Noble Books deliver a potent introduction and indoctrination to living a Noble Lifestyle built on the glorification of sex.

Noble Hedonism states plainly that the only path to absolute meaning and satisfaction in life is through regular ritualised sexual objectification and fetishisation.

Our way of life enjoys the benefits of a consensual class system, and the various manifestations that this entails. Our tradition of human classification supports our rites and rituals, and perhaps more importantly it satisfies important parts of who we are. The class system we employ exists to care for the lower ranks and to benefit the higher ranks.

Noble Hedonism also endorses, promotes and affirms the consensual non-consent life choice. We accept it as a romantic and lust-filled gift because we know it throws open the door to the most gratifying forms of Carnal Knowledge. We pursue the limits of consensual non-consent using ancient pleasure seeking protocols, enhanced with modern themes of sexual slavery and decadent deviance.

Consent is critical, until it isn’t - and that’s beautiful.

2. Blessing

From hand to mouth, from pussy to penis.

May we live in harmony, may we fuck with pride.

Praise be sluts and all who cum with them.

It was on this blessing that our Church was founded and it is on this blessing that we build today. Our Church was founded to help everyone live to their fullest, to be a force of good in the world and to continue to fight for human sexual liberation from now until the last of us is free. Our Church was established against a landscape of repression and asceticism, and so its birth was a riotous act of revolution - a declaration of intent and a manifestation of the divine drive that gives movement to the human soul.

We are liberated, we are libertines. We are noble.

3. The Noble Lifestyle

To make this world a beautiful place to live we must cum together.

It is on this central tenant those who went before built a way of life that amplifies the most potent forms of sexual nature. It was us who wanted to live bathed in the glory of sexual energy. It was us who wanted to embrace the persistent sexual force we all feel. Embracing the daily craving for gratification. Choosing to live in a world where sex comes first so we can cum second.

The Noble Lifestyle is a powerful construct meant to propel you to your next moment of Clarity. And ultimately to bring you to heights of pleasure previously unknown to you. But there are no shortcuts on this path, living a noble lifestyle is a lifelong endeavour. There will be sexual rewards on the path, sexual discoveries and sexual epiphanies, but they will require work. There are truths you cannot yet fathom. But there is a way to understand them. A way to cum to your senses.

We promote a life centred around sexual domination and ritual submission. We strive to live good lives so that we can enjoy good sex. We learn, we explore and we become more. We believe that the head and the loins must rule in equal measure.

The Noble Books expound a lifestyle based on collected wisdom and lessons passed down. We stand over the insights but not the facts, the meaning if not the method. Our intent is pure, even if our methods are dirty. We offer up what we know and ask you to make it better. This is a work of art and you are a player on the same stage as us.

Our Church staunchly supports gender equality and sexual individualism. We respect everyone’s right to cum as they choose. Our Church does not address race, on the basis that we are all compatible when it comes to sex.

Punishment is the preserve of the law, and in our world the dominant is the law.

- Larry Flynt, Hustler Video film studio, July 1983

4. A short thesis on the topic of nobility

We must live better personal lives if we wish to live better sexual lives.

This is a universal truth, which had become largely forgotten prior to our Church’s efforts to spread the good news.

In the hope of helping to induce greater levels of Clarity, we accept the moral obligation to share the wisdom that we have received. We know that we must work to tell the world that they can have better sex lives if we have better personal lives.

We know living a better life leads to having a better sex life. And we know we can better ourselves to reach higher and higher levels of Clarity. In fact, it is only through this form of personal development that it is possible to attain the very highest levels of Clarity.

This is what we mean when we speak of being noble.

And accepting this fundamental truth gives us the freedom we need to make whatever changes are necessary to start living our lives in the best possible way - to start living as noble ladies and noble gentlemen.

Trying hard always and forever to get the sex we want, is what we are meant to be doing with our lives. There is no finer point that can be put on it. We exist for the pursuit of pleasure, and the path to earning pleasure starts with our thoughts, with our deeds and with our fantasies.

We should care for and protect each other. We should know that what we wish upon others, we wish upon ourselves. We must be generous, gracious, gentle and good. We should work hard to be smart yet patient, informed not arrogant, and openly unafraid. We should be active, fit and healthy. We should be strong mentally, strong physically and strong sexually.

Live in such a way that would make a stranger want to fuck you. Live in a way that would make you want to fuck you. Earn your Clarity, earn it through your actions. Be noble and demonstrate to the world that you know how to behave. Show everyone that you embody the noble spirit and that you deserve the sexual rewards that are coming to you.

This is what it means to be noble.

5. Slavegirls: basic commodity or precious collectibles?

From a socio-economic perspective, slavegirls are a basic commodity. They can be bought and sold as necessary (taking fair use and consensual-non-consent rules into account), and slavegirls can be expected to earn their keep, in whatever way pleases their owners.

But on a higher level it is important they are treated like precious collectibles. It goes without saying that every lady is beautiful in her own way, unique and special. So it must also be true that slavegirls are unique. And not just unique but special, because a lady capable of being obedient and compliant over an extended period of time is an asset of incredible value and must be cared for appropriately.

Always store your slavegirl in comfortable temperatures and humidities, they can wilt otherwise and will surely underperform in general.

Always keep your slavegirl fed, watered and clean. Give access to sanitation and medical care. Give stability and security.

It is bad form to index the price of slavegirls against each other. Instead when being bought and sold, slavegirls should be priced according to each lady’s unique mix of traits. Slavegirls should be made aware of their sale price after any transfer of ownership, including temporary.

Slavegirls may be loaned, leased and rented. Slavegirls may be traded in swaps.

Obviously all of this applies to slaveboys as well. But slaveboys usually tolerate far lower levels of stability, security, and care. They tend to like it that way.

Always act like slavegirls are precious jewels. Some are rough and worthy of training. Some need re-education. But most are experienced and know what they’re doing. Each one is deserving of love, attention and regular use.

6. Consensual Class System

Members of our Church abide by a class system which helps us to navigate our social requirements and expectations, while satisfying an important sexual urge. We live in this tradition proudly because it matches our mood, it pacifies our personality and it tames our truth.

Ranks are enforced but they are not permanent.


Elders are at the top of the noble class system because they are the conduits of our Church’s message. The work done by Elders keeps our mission alive and our cause attainable. The work they do empowers and liberates others.

These holy individuals lead our Church by promoting and teaching Noble Hedonism. They are schooled in the Work of the Elders and they have passed their Ordination. As Elders, they embody the absolute best elements of the Noble Lifestyle.

Elders are available to answer questions and provide advice to the general public. They accept charitable donations on behalf of our Church, organise religious events and officiate over rituals.

Elders manage and maintain the membership of our Church and can expel any individuals who are living in an ignoble manner. Elders who cannot maintain the high standard that is expected cease to be Elders.


Naturally we find dominants near the top of the hierarchy. All Elders are dominants but not all dominants are Elders. To be dominant is typically something that comes from within, it is rare that it needs to be coaxed out or encouraged. Usually the dominant knows the ground on which they stand.

The single most common trait amongst dominants is the desire to control. True dominants are natural leaders, capable of influencing and inspiring others. True dominants are heroes, not villains. They are able to ignore personal bias and self-serving instincts, they are able to act for the good of their community and put personal gain to the back of their mind.

They should be held to a high standard - they should be tested and vetted. They should live noble lives, make amends for mistakes and improve the world with their influence on it.

Being dominant is only worth it if it comes at a price.


Mid-tier in the hierarchy, submissives exist to service those higher up and to manage those lower down. Submissives happily accept their place in the hierarchy and live accordingly - typically servicing one or more dominants.

By their nature, submissives can be relied upon to comply. Abeyance to the will of someone else is their blessed trait, it must not be squandered. It should be capitalised on.

Light punishment can be used to correct submissives who don’t obey. Punishment must be justified, must be timely and must be merciful.

Often submissives will have limits and may require escape mechanisms such as safewords. Submissives deserve, and are owed, any limits and safety devices they desire.

They are expected to try hard to be noble, to want to better themselves and be the best submissive they can be. True submissives want to be better. Submissives who cannot do better should expect a spanked ass.


Low in the hierarchy, slaves have no choice (ironically by choice) in what happens to them. Slavegirls and slaveboys are treated differently by our Church. Despite having no autonomy slavegirls are a valuable commodity and must be looked after. Slaveboys are cheap and of little or no importance - disposable.

No safewords or other avenues for escape are typically requested by or granted to slaves. They have adopted the consensual non-consent path of sexual liberation.

Slaves are the physical property of their owners and can be treated as such. They should be constantly monitored and regulated. They should not be allowed to make important decisions. They should be punished for disobedience or displeasure. It is not necessary to have specific grounds for punishing a slave. For some slaves regular scheduled punishment works well.

Slaves can be shared, rented, and sold. However, selling slaves is difficult as it is hard to predict how they will accept new owners. A truly talented slave for one owner may be a stubborn mule for another. For this reason our Church only recommends renting. Instead of selling or trading, please consider investing in education and reform. A well trained slave is a valuable possession.

Slaves have no rights, privileges or expectations unless granted by their owner. Gifts from previous owners are not carried over.


The lowest rank in the hierarchy, pets are mindless little play things to pass the time with and not much else.

They can be used similarly to slaves but with less understanding or insight of what it is you’re doing to them. Bimbos and other higher forms of pet are part of this class, as are lower forms of pets like ponygirls and puppyboys. Pets respond well to edible treats and light spankings.

They can be trained but should not be considered dependable in any sense. Very little should be expected of pets and as such, heavy punishment is almost always unwarranted. They are very sharable and easy to trade, sell or otherwise unload.

7. Property rights and owning another person

Noble Hedonism only succeeds as a sexual theory and lifestyle if those who practise human ownership enforce proper standards. Owning another person is a burden. Their sexual autonomy is now yours to command as you will. A great responsibility which must be sacredly administered.

Our community can only thrive if we individually, and communally, monitor ourselves, and each other, for negative emotions, negative actions and negative intentions. Hierarchy should exist to protect those at the bottom.

To own someone is to be enslaved by them.

Sex is what binds us and it is what justifies the taking of another for one's own satisfaction. Equally, sex justifies the desire to serve, to be owned, to be property. In essence, there is nobility in choosing to be a possession of value over being free but worthless.

8. On the topic of Proper Protocol

Proper Protocol is our framework for interpersonal submission. The exact manner in which a protocol evolves and is implemented between two or more people is left to individual taste. What we provide here are headings, each of which provides an avenue for consideration when drawing up your own submission protocol. Elders are on hand to help mediate where necessary.

Protocols can only exist when advanced consent is in place.


Branding a lower rank means to permanently mark them as property. While perhaps an extreme step to take for a submissive, it is common advice for owning a slave.

Our Church’s position on branding is that it must not be demanded forcibly and it must not be accepted lightly. Branding should be minimal, discrete and subtle. A brand is used to prove ownership, not flaunt it.


Collars are traditionally a staple of noble submission. Collars represent a key item of clothing for lower ranks in our Church because a collar is so well suited to reminding the individual of their particular place in the hierarchy. A collar is a clear advertisement that the individual is submissive. It is a signal to those who wish to see it.

Lower ranks should be collared at least once a day. It is important they are continually conditioned to accept and tolerate their submission. The collar is an effective tool for this, particularly because the repeated action of wearing a collar over time serves to deepen the submissive mindset with the subject.

Dominants are encouraged to sometimes let the subject collar themselves, and to sometimes collar them directly. Both acts make a bold statement about relative levels of control and power. Have them accept their place both as a voluntary act and an involuntary one.

The style of collar is down to personal choice. Humble chokers worn commonly by prostitutes and sluts, sturdy dog collars with metal hoops for putting slaves in their place, and strict posture collars meant to punish and humiliate. Use the collar that suits the situation. Use the collar that suits the audience.

Collars should never be too tight and those in collars must be allowed to adjust the tightness at any time, unless they shouldn’t.


Lower ranks must be taught to speak in a way that makes it clear they know their place, in a way that pleases those that they serve, and in a way that acknowledges their lack of autonomy.

An excellent way to remind a lower rank of their status is to refer to them properly. Submissive wives typically respond well to terms such as wifey, subwife, woman, wench, etc. Slavegirls are often simply called slut, slave, skank, etc. Slaveboys often go simply by boy or maggot. Experimentation and variety are key.

By contrast, lower ranks need to be taught to address their superiors appropriately. They must make it clear when they speak that they know their place. The most common way to achieve this is to use terms such as Sir, Master, Miss or Mistress. If they do not know how to address a superior, they should know to ask.

Kneeling, crawling and begging

Lower ranks should be taught when to kneel, when to crawl, and not only when to beg but also how to beg. There is no need for wailing, pleading and gushing, they only need humble honest begging.

Acting lowly is an essential trait for many owners so lower ranks do well to master these basic tools of the trade. Owners generally will expect property to act like it knows its place and these are the three common ways to do that: kneel, crawl and beg.

Start on your knees, so that you may end up on your hands and knees.

Beg for what you want. Beg to be fucked. Beg to be of service. Beg for your dinner.

Obedience and brattiness

When a low ranked individual is bratty or disobedient, or in general acting less than appropriately, they should be punished. Ultimately they must choose to obey if they wish to live among us. Obedience is critical for our community and must be enforced.

For most of them, obedience comes easy. Especially when they are ready to accept that they are better off as a subject. That a content dominant is the key to their own happiness. That obedience is the route to a comfortable life.

Obedience is not about abject mindlessness. Everyone should have a voice and have their opinions and requests heard. But obedience is ultimately expected. Because whether it is for payment or recompense, obedience is the only currency that the lower ranks have to spend.

Some arrangements make room for brattiness or other rule-breaking. We teach a stricter form of protocol as it is the best known way to keep lower ranks in line. But we respect everyone’s option to be at one with who they are.

Over the knee

The punishment must fit the crime. And there are many crimes that fit the punishment of being held down over a knee to receive a spanking.

Your knee, and lap area in general it turns out, is uniquely shaped and capable of handling the weight of a balanced person. This natural load-bearing surface can easily withstand prolonged periods of downward force, leaving ample time for working up a serious set of red ass cheeks.

Slaves demonstrate they know their place when they graciously accept their spankings. And they should be spanked fairly often. In essence, a slave always deserves a light spanking because they could always be doing more, always trying harder to please.

Needless to say, the spankings should be light and perfunctory, not intense and sustained. This is to be reserved for actual punishment spanking.

Slavegirls may get wet when spanked, this is a common reaction and not an opportunity to be wasted. Depending on whether you are spanking to maintain dominance or actually teaching her a lesson, you should never ignore a wet pussy. Slaveboys may get hard when being spanked, naturally they should be punished for this.

Rules for subs and slaves to live by:

  1. Do as you are told
  2. You don’t get to make decisions
  3. Behave yourself

More specific advice on drafting a formal protocol can be had from a local Elder.

Lower ranks should be able to guess rank correctly when meeting strangers, but when in doubt they should assume the stranger is a higher rank and act accordingly.

9. The Life and Times of a Consensual Sex Slave

If you are so inclined, you may be fortunate enough to become a slave owned by a worthy dominant. Fortunate because of the typical tendency of owners to feed and shelter their property. And fortunate because there are many benefits to serving a worthy dominant, not least of all the freedom that can be found in losing control.

If all you can do is serve as a footrest, then a footrest you should be. But aspire to be more, strive to be the best slave you can be for your owner. If they are worthy of your submission, they are worthy of the absolute best of it.

Slaves follow the same arc. We see it time and again. They start with practising, next it becomes a habit, which produces addiction and eventually all that’s left is acceptance.

Wake when your owner wakes, if not before. Get yourself ready quickly so you are ready to serve. Never keep your owner waiting. Busy yourself looking after your owner’s concerns. When unsure what you should be doing, ask.

If you are allowed clothing, stick to simple choices that highlight your best attributes.

Pay particular attention to sexual rites and rituals given to you by your owner. These tend to be of special importance and you will be expected to perform them as specified.

Quoting the first Elder: “To give an anecdote from my own life, my slavegirl knows it is her place to swallow my cum if I decide to ejaculate in her mouth. And she knows she’ll be punished if she misses any or spills a drop. She will lick the floor if that’s where my cum ends up. And she’s been taught to say thank you after she’s finishing swallowing all my cum. I want her to show appreciation that I choose her mouth to cum in. She is my pretty little cum receptacle, and it’s important to me that she knows that. It’s this sort of romantic owner-property bond that’s kept our marriage strong and successful for so long.”

Slaves should live to serve their owners, they should do this obediently and efficiently, but with care and attention. They should be punished when they mess up. It is literally the only way they will learn. They can be given second chances but the spanked ass learns fast.

Making a mistake gets a punishment, breaking a rule gets a punishment, speaking out of line gets a punishment. These are natural and obvious transgressions, to be avoided if humanly possible. Slaves should expect to be corrected when they displease. This is their purpose.

Slavegirls are usually the subject of rather intense and kinky sex lives, typically without their explicit consent or even without their pleasure. Slaveboys are lucky if they get used at all.

Take comfort knowing that anything is possible with determination. With time you will learn to enjoy anything, this is the slave’s truth.

When asked about her own defilement as a slavegirl, one former subwife had this to say: “At first it’s a lot to take and you don’t think you can keep it up, but pretty quickly it starts to feel like normal and eventually it just beings your everything.”

Punishments for slaves include, but are not limited to: spanking, flogging, choking, slapping, fisting, whipping, figging, gagging, binding, smothering, and the worst punishment possible - abstinence.

Unless told otherwise by your owner, assume that as a slave you have no right to own property, have money, enjoy privacy or expect any amount of autonomy. Act how your owner wants you to act. If you don’t know what your owner wants, ask. If you are punished, you deserve it. Following punishment, show appreciation for being corrected by saying thank you. If you don’t know why you were punished, it is noble to ask why after you say thank you.

Your owner has a duty to take care of you, but only if you are compliant and honest.

When in doubt, get on your knees and beg.

10. Prostitution, pimping, trading, sharing and swapping

Our Church does not endorse or condone the trading of sexual services for money or other considerations. This is purely because our Church provides no teachings on money or trade in any form. We focus on sexual stimulation and satisfaction alone. How the enjoyment is attained is outside our area of concern.

There is a case to be made that having sufficient funds to exchange for sex is in itself evidence of having earned the right to do just that. But ultimately this question is beyond our purview.

And so, the trading, sharing and swapping of sexual partners is encouraged only in the general sense that we believe the more sex being had, the better it is for all of us. We are, after all, made real through our sex.

And if the act of renting, selling or otherwise exchanging favours results in a higher level of satisfaction, if it helps to satisfy your kinks or someone else's, then our perspective is the more, the better.

We beseech you to break no laws. But also we respect your inalienable human right to fuck whoever and however you so choose. With consent. So while no law should be broken, no law should seek to contain our sexuality. We respect both sides and wish only that they could fuck away their differences.

How sluts choose to express themselves is up to them, for instance. We believe this is a self-evident truth, established during the Enlightenment and worth defending to this day. We believe this is an opinion beyond reproach. We believe this because those who give themselves to the community are angels helping to improve the lives of others. Selfless acts require no further justification.

And of course - as the old saying goes, never be a dominatrix for free.

11. On the topic of wife sharing

A lady worth marrying is a lady worth sharing with friends.

Friends new and old, trusted and temporary - they deserve the honour and pleasure, assuming they are clean and noble gentlemen.

If you would gladly share her hospitality in the kitchen, why not share her hospitality in the bedroom?

As the late great Hedy Lamarr said “After all, what's a little head between friends?”

There are some ladies, bless them, who desire many creampies in an evening - how else can they possibly be satisfied if not with the support of their loving husbands? And without the support of their social circle?

Not to mention the housewives who are mostly-hetero but who aren't exactly experimenting when they fool around with their old college roommate. They’re not experimenting because they know exactly what they’re doing. These ladies have needs and we’d be cruel to deny them.

So share your wife. Share your husband. Share each other and share yourself.

Your genitals were meant to be shared with others, not squandered in your pants.

12. Genital Worship

At the heart of living a Noble Lifestyle is the routine worship of genitals. Genitals are worshipped with our hands, with our mouths, and with our own genitals.

If you are a lower rank you are likely to routinely be involved in the worship of your owner’s genitals, in order to earn your keep. There can be no doubt that being a lower rank means genital worship is an expectation. In many cases it is the sole reason the ownership relationship exists.

Fondling and groping genitals is entry level. Fingers cupping a hanging set of balls is pleasant. Fingers wrapping around an engorging cock is thrilling. Jerking furiously till it cums, that is simply divine.

Slaves must be taught that if they are not sure how to please, first they must put your face in the crotch. This act of worship has the power to forgive all sins and it can set an individual on a more blessed path.

Sometimes the best way for a slave to show appreciation for being allowed to serve is a quick kiss on the Almighty Head of the Cock or on the Glorious Clitoris. But only if they have permission.

One of our proudest traditions is for subwives to honour their husbands by making sure to kiss thies cocks at least once a day. A physical display of love, adoration and submission.

Balls should be kissed, licked and sucked with care. They are delicate and used to being treated with respect. Lower ranks in particular are often expected to demonstrate they know their place, which is lower than the gentleman’s hanging ball sack.

Boobs should be groped and mauled, they are perfect for grabbing and mushing. Gently and with respect, of course. Vaginas can be made wet and ready with appropriate rubbing, or lube. So welcoming and inviting, always good for a couple fingers.

Deepthroating, rug-munching, rimming and teabagging are all fine pastimes if you find the right set of genitals. The very best sex lives start and end in the mouths of others.

I always tell the girls, show your appreciation by moaning when you feel the squirting start in your throat. That’s how to get the big tips.

- Victor Lownes, Playboy Club, London, April 1972

13. What is love?

Don’t tempt me, I said. You wouldn’t like me when I’m horny.

Bring it on, she said all brash. Must have figured I’d take it, thought I’d just put up with it. Fuck that. When I cum, I said. As I stepped into her personal space. When I cum you’ll feel me pulse inside you, I said.

Oh yeah, she said.

When you cum, I said. As I took her by the wrist, your pulse will race and your heart will pound.

She sighed. Feigning disinterest. I put my hand flat to her chest.

Does that feel OK? I asked her. She considered it, eyes up and to the right. Curious look on her face.

Yes that feels fine, she said.

Turn around, hands on the wall, I snapped. And she spun round like she’d done many times before. Her submission was beautiful when it was automatic.

I proceed to frisk her. Slowly and methodically putting my hands everywhere. When done, I put my lips to her ear and I whispered, stand with your feet apart.

And the rest is history. That kind of interaction was very standard for us. I worked with her, honed her and over time her focus in life increasingly became about making me horny and then exploring ways to relieve that horniness. And that is love.

14. Notes for Dominants

Being the Benevolent Dominant

It goes without saying that the Noble Lifestyle requires a certain level-headed approach to exerting control over others. There is an implicit contract of protection and preservation inherent in dominating another person. We are bound to do everything possible to benefit the other person. Submissive, slave and pet alike. Ownership on any level only guarantees exclusive access, it is incumbent on us to uphold basic nobility when using others for your amusement.

If, through action or inaction, a lower rank under your charge comes to harm then you bear responsibility. If, through action or inaction, a lower rank under your charge is unhealthy, unhappy, or unsatisfied, then you bear responsibility.

The spanked ass learns fastest

If you are the owner of slaves, you must spank them frequently to establish and maintain dominance. Spanking can take the form of hand, crop, paddle or whip. Calibrate as appropriate. Warm up slowly before going hard. Do not over do it.

Our Church teaches the over-the-knee method. A handful of hair can be grabbed to help keep focus and maintain balance. This leaves one hand free for spanking. Both ass cheeks should be reddened equally. Cover the whole of the buttocks evenly. Grab and maul the area you have just spanked to make the sensation linger. Take breaks to save your hand.

Spanking should be frequent but judicious. Spanking sessions are an important reminder of the pack order, but more importantly they are opportunities to train, coach and mentor your slave. Attitude adjustments come as standard in noble relationships.

As every slave knows, there is always more they could be doing to please their owners. And as every owner knows, there is always more the slave could be enduring to satisfy your urges.

The spankee should be invited to beg and plead for mercy. This is tradition but also practical, as many transgressions can be repaid in other ways if the slave can only think of them fast enough.

Spankings are not optional for lower ranks. Reluctance or refusal to submit to a spanking is itself grounds for additional punishment.

Spankings should be accepted willingly and with grace, to show a noble nature. In direct contradiction to your birthright, excessive struggling or resisting will be taken as disobedience and will result in more spanking.

Spankings do not require explanation. It is recommended, however, that spankings do come with reasons. Providing reasons helps promote reasonable treatment of the spankee but also allows for better behaviour education and modification. How else will they learn?

I get the bunnies to spank each other all the time. When I do the spanking, it’s not for fun, it's to teach a lesson.

- Hugh Hefner, subterranean play room known unofficially as the Playpit, Playboy Mansion, June 1981

Over time even the most stubborn will break. With repetition and training, acceptance will become tolerance. Eventually tolerance will give way to enjoyment. And as we know, enjoyment gives over to addiction.

From the moment they start to enjoy the attention, the better their lives become. Accepting ownership means accepting whatever form it takes. And in that truth lies their freedom.

The noble ones will express appreciation. To willingly assume the position beforehand is beautiful and shows you know your place. To say thank you afterward is graceful and shows you appreciate the lesson.

Indeed the spanked ass learns fast. Pain focuses the mind. It must be applied judiciously, meaning when deserved and in an amount fitting the transgression. Use it to teach and guide.

Do not over do it.

Escalate gradually from lighter spanking to heavier spanking. Warm up slowly. Rub and massage blood into the spanked area. Repeat often to build tolerance.

Use the palm of the hand on the flat of the buttocks, thighs, soles of feet, palms of hands.

The scale of pain, and the duration, is at the discretion of the spanker, clearly. Begging is strongly encouraged. Unless it is expressly forbidden in which case the spankee must simply endure. For those who are allowed to beg, we also recommend you use promises, compliments, and adulation.

Subwife training and maintenance

Successfully training a subwife requires both positive and negative reinforcement.

Money is often the easiest positive reward, but different subwives are bought in different ways. Negative punishments like spanking is a commonly recommended training method but again each subwife is uniquely motivated. We also teach gingering for serious attitude correction, it is typically very effective.

Punishment for correction should be clearly separate from punishment for entertainment. Foreplay spanking for instance, should be labelled as such. It’s important to state when a punishment is meant to change behaviour versus when it’s meant purely for entertainment. Punishment of either kind must be measured and responsible.

Subwives must be worshipped as desirable. They must feel loved and wanted. They must feel special and beautiful. They deserve nothing less. In return they should devote themselves to pleasing their masters.

Subwives should be taken frequently and with little warning. Their desire should take a backseat to their master’s. We must expect that they will gladly take what they are given and be grateful. That is the nature of the subwife.

Rules and requirements should be clear and unambiguous. Subwives should be encouraged to use calendars, notes, reminders, alarms and any other mechanism that helps them to be better subwives.

Subwives should be treated well in return for good behaviour. Good subwives should be rewarded often.

Training a subhusband

Sub males should not be given too many decisions or responsibility. Unfortunately they are not the kind to trust with anything of substance.

We teach that subhusbands should be seen and not heard. They should ensure their salary is deposited straight into bank accounts controlled by their wives. They should be sure to keep all receipts and any other records to justify their actions.

In general, we feel that while subhusbands can be the perfect life partner for some, they are not to be given too much weight to bear. Remember, if a sub male under your charge fails to live up to expectations (yours or other peoples) it will fall to you to take corrective actions, so they he may learn how to act.

Spanking, sounding, pegging and any other techniques are warranted to keep subhusbands focused on what matter - their wives.

Small cock humiliation is a powerful reward for some and a powerful punishment for others. Be sure to mention your subhusband’s small cock in front of other people, that will amplify and boost your message. Cock and ball torture works for attitude correction, but like many punishments aimed at sub males you have to be careful to make sure they don’t enjoy it too much.

Often the simplest mechanism for motivating a subhusband is the promise of a future orgasm. And when you ruin said orgasm, he will love you all the more.

Making a slut

The spark of sluttiness must exist in a person. We see no evidence that a slut can be created without raw desire already existing. And unfortunately it seems not many have the spark.

When the spark is found in someone, it is relatively easy to nurture that spark of desire into a fire of lust.

We have found simple support and encouragement to be the only real tools required to encourage a slut’s inner self to come forth. Knowing that one is in a safe place is usually all it takes for a slut to be who they want to be.

Generally when people are given the opportunity to be themselves, and the conditions are conducive to free exploration, then everyone involved learns more about themselves and the people they are with.

If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

- Billy Preston, personal motto.

Given the importance of the good works they do, sluts must be encouraged and supported earnestly in their journey. We have the power to light the world with every spark of sluttiness that we coax into a flame.

Alcohol and other intoxicants can make almost anyone into a slut. And intoxicated sluts are more fun than should be legal. But it takes a really special kind of angel to be organically slutty all by themself. Those sluts are incredibly raw and brilliantly powerful.

There must no longer be any sense of moral gravity to the humble act of debauchery. Let us be who we need to be. Educate the sluts of the world that what they do benefits us all.

It’s important to respect those who try the path of the slut but wish to return to the mainstream. They are, at heart, pioneers and this should be respected. There is no shame in being slutty in college but settling down after. We must slut as and when we can. That is our destiny.

To those who long to try the slutty path, remember that it is never too late. Take your time but when you’re ready the world needs more sluts like you in it. If you have it in you, let it out by letting others in.

Praise be sluts.

Consult our rituals related to sluts and contact an Elder for help in this area.

Pet Husbandry

Noble folks practise a pure and decent form of pet husbandry. We want what’s best for our pets. Pet farming is discouraged. Abuse of pets is absolutely condemned.

All pets must be cared for. They are delicate and beautiful creatures who deserve our protection. Our Church takes our shared responsibility to pets most seriously. They must be fed, watered and given safety to sleep and rest. They must be cleaned thoroughly after each use and they must be given regular medical and dental checks.

Warmth and comfort are necessary for restful sleep. Do not subject a pet to poor sleep conditions as it will negatively affect their life quality. Reward good behaviour with treats. Memories don’t last long so reward often.

Bratty pets are nothing that the standard punishment protocol cannot handle. Light corrective spanking is typically advised at first. If this does not suffice, the usual array of noble punishments are available. Punish fairly but punish quickly. When bad behaviour is spotted, the punishment must be swift but just. This is how you extract obedience from unruly pets.

Bimbofication is the deliberate dumbing down and simplification of a pretty slut so they can be exploited to a greater degree. Our Church does not condone this practice outright, unless the pretty slut wishes to become a bimbo, a walking sex toy with no mind of their own, in which case we support the practice strongly.

Bimbos are the highest of human pets, because they often have opinions. You do not need to listen to them however. Lowest of the pets are those involving animal expression, life-form emulation or other forms of physical and mental embodiment. Where exactly a pet lands on the spectrum is rarely important enough to measure. What typically matters is their general disposition and temperament.

Pets should not be given any form of responsibility or duty, but many can be trained to complete simple tasks. Bimbos often make excellent employees and subwives, when given adequate supervision.

Sex with human pets is commonplace. Please exercise care before engaging with a new pet, proper consent can be harder to establish this low in the hierarchy.

15. Slavegirl conditioning and correction

Orgasms should naturally feature heavily in a slavegirl's training regiment. Where possible, slavegirls should orgasm daily to help keep them as compliant as possible. Persistent pleasure is an incredibly potent way to focus the mind.

Possibly the best tool for this is the saddle. But any vibrating device will suffice. For instance, it is not uncommon for slavegirls to be instructed to grind out an orgasm each day on the washing machine when they’re doing the laundry. Slavegirls who cum regularly are rarely far from a smile and always eager to please.

Fucking machines are only to be operated by dominants who know what they are doing. There are generally three uses for fucking machines: (1) breaking in new slavegirls, (2) building endurance and stamina in experienced slavegirls, or (3) as part of a ritual or routine for mind control purposes. More information on the proper use of fucking machines can be found in The Work of the Elders.

Slavegirls are encouraged, and often expected, to develop specialities. Usually in areas they feel a particular affinity for, but sometimes in areas proscribed for them. Learning to stand out by performing a speciality is what marks a slavegirl as truly valuable. Some slavegirls are capable of learning more than one speciality.

Specialities are as various and diverse as the slavegirls who learn them. Some of the common specialities that slavesgirls often choose are:

  • subslut who gets turned on by service, by obeying, by losing control.

  • painslut who gets excited through the application of pain.

  • groupslut who longs to be used by many dominants at a time.

  • analslut who likes how it feels to be used in the ass.

  • cashslut who will be freaky for anyone who can pay.

  • cumslut who will consume any cum any time.

These are all noble specialities, and they are all worthy.

But the one skill that has done the most for our way of life is humble cumslut . Because every time a cumslut shows-off, she earns her keep and she soils herself in a way that marks her out for sainthood.

Learning to yearn for semen is a skill that can be taught. Some slavegirls are happy to consume cum, these girls are naturals and they deserve to be rewarded. For others we recommend a slow and steady routine of tasting cum, very gradually increasing the amount as tolerance builds. Gradual exposure to semen works well to build tolerance both for the sensation and the taste. Be careful not to expose a novice slut to the cum of an ignoble man, the taste will haunt the poor thing.

During the initial training period it is important to have a mix of active tasting through their own actions and passive tasting through the actions of someone else. So sometimes slavegirls should take the lead and be responsible for the cum tasting by putting their own finger in it and licking it clean. And sometimes slavegirls should be made taste cum by having it put in their mouths. Slavegirls are taught that the balance of active and passive cum tasting is critical to learning to fully accept and appreciate semen as the gift that it is. With time semen becomes their only goal, their favourite reward.

All slavegirls should be educated in the skill of looking fuckable - dressing and tending to hair and makeup, such that they look ready to be used. Collars are a traditional part of any slavegirl's attire, but this has been somewhat diluted by mainstream culture. Collars meant the wearer was owned, bought and paid for. The collar meant the wearer knew their place - on their knees. Our Church still officially recommends that slavegirls are made to wear collars for at least part of each day, as a reminder of their place. But as in all things, do as your genitals prescribe.

Dance is an important pastime and skill for any slavegirl of value. It is a fun way to stay trim and toned, while also being a handy way to entertain one or many gentlemen. Entire forms of dance are dedicated to the amusement and arousal of gentlemen, with belly dancing being the most well-known. So long as suitable music, lighting and alcohol are supplied, there is no reason a slavegirl would be unable to shake her ass on demand.

Proper Protocol should be established early on and enforced diligently. When designing a new protocol, you have to keep in mind the flexibility we all require as mere mortals. No new protocol should be so harsh as to require immediate and drastic changes of behaviour. No new protocol should introduce severe punishments without ample discussion and planning.

Outlined here are the broad strokes of a successful slavegirl training program but naturally the exact specifics of a slavegirl's individual education are as unique as she is. You should consult an Elder for guidance in this matter, they can provide detailing training guides and guidance.

There is general advice often shared regarding the handling and treatment of slavegirls is that training should be a continual part of a slavegirl's life so she can continually grow, both as an individual and as a sexual object. The type of long term commitment is a heavy burden and not for everyone. We would only remind you that it is noble to seek personal betterment, and there is no reason to ever not try to do better and to be better.

Slavegirls exist to sexually service others, meaning they are better than others. They should be treated accordingly. They are a precious commodity.

Punishment should be to educate, not to torture. Slavegirls can almost always be better corrected with encouragement and motivation, than fear and pain. Unless they can’t, in which case do what you must.

Slavegirls exist to service others, and so like any shared service should be well maintained for maximum safety and pleasure. They must be kept in the highest standard of health and fitness.

Conditioning submissives to serve

Submissives are only truly, in practical terms, being fully submissive when they are forced out of their comfort zone.

There are duties which submissives perform that they are perfectly comfortable with, and these are important. But submission is only really tested and confirmed when the submissive is doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do if left to their own devices.

The expression of submission is the evidence of it.

With this in mind, the slavegirl should be made to kneel slightly longer than is comfortable, made to swallow a little more often than is desirable, and so on.

Only by being pushed are they being dominated. And domination is what they want and what they deserve.

So have them kneel, have them crawl, make them beg, and make them work to please you. They have earned their station and must be reminded of it.

Submissives should not be pushed excessively or beyond what is safe. The intent is to make them feel the edge without going over it. The goal is to dominate them such that they long to submit to you again.

Domestic service

Domestic service is often expected of submissives and below. Afterall, our homes need cleaning and lower ranks should not be left idle. They should live a life structured around service, sexual and otherwise.

So educate them in the proper ways to clean. Train them to be thorough. Have them on their hands and knees so they can really see the dirt. Teach them not to be shy, teach them that cleaning is like sex, you’re only doing it properly if you feel dirty afterward.

If a dominant has only one sub, all the responsibility for cleaning, cooking and so on will typically fall on them. If there are more subs, duties should be allocated based on skills or as part of a reward structure.

Dominants must be clear in their expectations by producing schedules, rules, budgets or other regimenting devices as necessary to help subs operate acceptably. Leave nothing to assumption or preference. Instead tell them precisely how you want the cleaning, the cooking and the other tasks completed.

The more talented subs should pick up very quickly what’s necessary and not need correction. Have high standards and if necessary, spank them motivated.

Advanced Consent Systems

Consent is a relatively new consideration in historical terms, but has proven itself to be one of the most powerful inventions and catalysts for the pursuit of lust. Because it turns out consent is critical for the mental and sexual health of everyone involved, not just because it avoids harm but because it starts the conversation, the incredibly important conversation.

All great things begin with that conversation. That first real discussion of what is in fact actually in the real world possible and permissible and desirable and attainable. Consent is the gift that takes with one hand and gives with the other. Because as you learn what you cannot do, you learn what you can.

However, consent is not a binary state, there is a spectrum of consent inside each of us. And they do not align naturally. It is us who make them align through discussion and exploration. By the guidance of your genitals consent can be brought to the foreground and then everything else will fade away.

If we push the model further, consent begins to loop back on itself. At a certain point, consenting adults no longer need explicit consent. Once a suitable level of trust has been established between two or more people, consent begins to be optional and eventually, consent becomes redundant.

When a submissive or lower genuinely no longer requires any consent to be expressed or implied, only then are they really free to explore the depths of their submission at the hands of their dominant.

And, as in all things, the outcome can only emanate outways. An individual can choose consensual non-consent for themselves. We can never choose for others.

All participants must understand the scope and depth of their commitment. To give consensual non-consent implies utmost confidence. And to accept consensual non-consent requires absolute certainty about the obligations inherent in the contract.

Our Church pioneered the application of advanced consent models and they are now staple parts of our Church’s training courses and literature.

Advanced consent gives us the right to give up our rights.

Advanced Sexual Slavery

Our Church has always taught that slavegirls are a precious and rare commodity. They must be kept in good physical and mental health. And they must be trained and educated in the history and art of sexual slavery.

Slaveboys are less rare or precious, they require far less care and attention, generally speaking. It is unsavoury to offer slaveboys any form of education beyond the corrective crop.

Training in groups has always been considered most efficient. The education of two slavegirls is considerably easier than the education of one because you can pit them against each other and leverage the competition to get the most from both of them. And by the same rationale the training of three slaves is easier still.

The humble rubber phallus is an important training aid and recommended for all educators. It is a versatile tool as it can be used effectively to work any hole.

Deepthroat is a common skill to teach. Best practised on an empty stomach. The student must position themselves at various angles and they must practise swallowing the rubber phallus. There are some who can learn deepthroat quickly and without much difficulty. And there are some who need practice and patience to build tolerance. Our Church teaches the thumb grab technique as the most effective method for suppressing the gag reflex. There is also the tried and trusted toothbrush method of desensitisation which we also endorse.

Most start their training using the most accessible positions, like head hanging back off the edge of a bed. With time and patience anyone can master advanced positions like kneeling . Drool is inevitable and fortunately it is desirable for a good deepthroat session. Tears are common as eyes water from the strain. This is encouraged as it demonstrates how strong the desire is to suck the cock. Mascara running down the cheek tells the story of someone living a noble life.

Slavegirls in training are typically expected to shower two to a stall, sleep two to a bed and have scheduled play sessions every day. They sleep naked and their beds are small. This type of ritualised lesbianism is beneficial for inspiring slavegirls to bond and become more sexual in general. We have found that while not all slavegirls are attracted to other ladies, they can all enjoy the experience of sharing orgasms with other ladies. The goal is for lesbian sex to become commonplace to the slavegirls, like two peers exchanging pleasantries.

This training is important because it helps the slavegirls endure the training periods, and it also stands as a potential fall-back career if ownership doesn’t stick. Professional lesbian performers are always in demand. Consult an Elder if you think you have what it takes.

It goes without saying that slaves should be adequately lubricated when in use. To do otherwise would be indecent and ignoble. Slavegirls must have adequate access to medical supplies and supervision as necessary. They must be fed, watered, have access to warm safe sleeping areas and they must be adequately clothed for the ambient temperature. They have no right to privacy, personal autonomy, sexual autonomy, their own thoughts, their own opinions or their own emotions - unless granted by their owner.

Slavegirls should be taught these noble truths and be allowed read the Good Books.

Training should be life altering for slaves. It is an important milestone in their journey of self discovery. This should be marked in some way after the training has concluded, the exact details are personal to each slave.

Rubber phalluses are floppy but they have an unrelenting firmness that makes them surprisingly effective. Many female patients of mine are surprised to find out just how satisfying a fake phallus can be the first time they try one, under my medical supervision of course. I recommend them to most female patients.

- Rear Admiral Parran, Surgeon General of the United States, The White House, March 1940

Rules for owners

Any set of rules that may exist between dominants and their property will be as unique as the people involved. It is for this reason that we only officially recommend rules which we feel provide a good starting point for negotiations.

It goes without saying, and yet we will say it, that owners apply appropriate consent based care in determining which rules they decide to enforce.

Because ownership of sex slaves is a privilege and not a right, what follows is a list of rules and admonitions from which we invite you to deviate as necessary:

  1. Slave care is paramount, do no lasting harm.
  2. Keep control of your slave, they are your responsibility.
  3. Keep control of yourself, earn what you take.
  4. Give away property which you cannot care for.
  5. Slaves must have ready access to contraceptive and prophylactic products.
  6. Slaves must be tested as frequently as their sexual diet requires.
  7. Slaves must have access to medical, dental and mental health services.
  8. Consent is required, except where consent has been surrendered.

Mind control and sex magick rituals involving lower ranks must have informed consent, the rules of which are as follows.

  1. Participants need not know the details of how the outcome will be achieved, and they need not be fully aware of expected outcomes so long as the expected outcomes are in keeping with the participants desires and sexual needs.
  2. Practitioners must act always in the best interest of the participants and only ever use mind control and sex magick rituals with the purest of intentions, such as the pursuit of pleasure in others.

16. Notes for Submissives

Submission as a way of life

The first rule is this: Find a dominant worth submitting to. Find one it would honour you to serve. One who would appreciate your service. One you can imagine serving not for a night but for a lifetime.

Let that be your guiding principle and be determined in your search.

As a general rule we respect submission-for-pay but feel it falls outside the realms of religion. Praise be sluts, including those who get paid for it.

The primary work of our community of Elders is to encourage submissives to embrace their true purpose in life, that the solicitation of Clarity is itself a purpose worth living for, and that pleasing others through ritual sexual service is the calling of angels and saints.

This means, we expect submissives to climax often, with and without their abject consent, by their own hand or by other means. We expect submissives to elicit climaxes in others, especially dominants, on a frequent basis also.

So submissives should submit daily as an act of devotion and a display of character. Find an individual suitably superior to you in discipline and leadership, and let them have you. This way you will forever be reminded that you are meant to serve and from this will flow obedience and with obedience you become who you are meant to be.

When you find an appropriate dominant, you must grovel and you must beg. Convince them to let you serve. Convince them you will earn your place. And show the depths of your gratitude when they accept you into their orbit. Show your appreciation for them, show respect and show deference. From then on you must work to show how grateful you are. You must be honourable towards your dominant and you must always act in a fitting way.

How would your dominant want you to act? If you don’t know, you must find out.

All this assumes you have a dominant. If you don’t and are not single, we beseech you to get single and seek the attention of a dominant. If you don’t have a dominant simply because you are single, then we invite you to contact an Elder and ask for rehoming. There are always more open positions than there are submissives to go around. This is because submissives can often double up nicely, which can sometimes result in less work and more fun. Dominants, by contrast, do not tend to play well together and instead are typically swapped in and out as necessary.

There must not be shades or grades of submission. There can be areas left untouched but with what remains there must be only acceptance and tolerance. Giving yourself to another requires a level of permissive passivity that it can take time to fully come to terms with. Submission is capable of pulling you deeper and deeper over time, as your inhibitions lower, your tolerance grows and you settle into your true nature.

Domestic service is often expected of a submissive, but you should discuss and negotiate the level and breadth of service required. This protects both parties. Like all parts of submission, negotiating domestic service is reasonable but submissives are wise to tread carefully when attempting to avoid entry-level requirements.

If you want to influence your dominant, we recommend being on your knees. When you want some favour or kindness, we recommend being on your knees. If you make a mistake and want to show remorse, we recommend being on your knees.

Begging and grovelling should be just a part of life. They demonstrate that you long to be at your dominant’s side and at their beck and call. It shows that you find your purpose when you are used by them, that you find direction when you know what your dominant wants for you.

You should automatically and generously give praise and appreciation to your dominant. Show them you are driven to earn your keep and that you wish nothing more than to make them proud.

Submission is a way of life to be proud of, but only if you really want it.

Kneeling and knowing your place

For submissives and slaves, kneeling should be a meditative process. Subjugate yourself and accept vulnerability as the key to your submission. Know why you kneel, why you are down on the floor, lower than your dominant. Know that you are down there to remind you, and educate you, of your place in this world and in this relationship. You are beneath the dominant. You must know your place and you must serve your purpose.

There is a certain majesty to kneeling, to accepting who you are and accepting what you want your life to be. There is pride in knowing your place and earning your keep. There is happiness in slavery.

Subs and slaves benefit from regular “floor work” where they kneel, sit, lay, curl or otherwise spend time at the feet of their owners. This helps to refresh the dynamic of the partnership, and remind everyone of their respective duties and responsibilities.

How to speak to your superiors

The noble class system is a top-down system of ranks from high Elder to low pet.

Lower ranks are expected to work on behalf of those above because those above are expected to be doing noble work.

Noble ladies and gentlemen should treat everyone with respect and dignity. But in accordance with our traditions those of higher rank are honoured with reverence. They have earned their status, and lower ranks should be quick to recognise this.

A common expectation is correctly addressing superiors. It is a relatively easy feat, simply add Sir or Miss to the end of any sentence.

Yes Sir.

No Sir.

Please Miss.

Thank you Miss.

You should do these things, and others, to show respect, not just because of tradition but also as a form of love. Show you understand the significance of who you are with and demonstrate your appreciation for the opportunity you have to be there with them.

Ass up face down, and other positions of note

You will have to demonstrate you know your place. This will often take the form of programmed positions, such as over-the-knee. Lower ranks learn their place by being put in their place.

Here are some of the most common positions.

**On your knees

Kneel down


Kneeling is usually the first position a lower rank is taught. It establishes a clear hierarchy through physical placement. It leaves them vulnerable and easily dominated. And it renders the mouth at just the right height to be useful. Penises in particular are very easy to work from this position. But pussies can just as easily be serviced when kneeling, with enough enthusiasm.

Hands & knees

Known in pop culture as “doggy style”, hands and knees is the position optimal for penetration from behind. It is a timeless position and features in artwork from various historical periods. There is a primitive nature to this position that is sacred. When someone gets on hands and knees, regardless of rank, for the purposes of being fucked, they are continuing a tradition that goes all the way back to the most basic behaviour of our species. Each of us is at the very end of a long line of people being fucked on hands and knees.

Elbows & knees

Introduced by the Ancient Greeks, this position serves as an honorific of the hands and knees position. First the individual assumes hands and knees, then with care and wanton desire they lower themselves further to elbows and knees.

Similar to hands and knees, but swapping hands for elbows, this position puts the subject in a better position for most purposes. For both ladies and gentlemen, this angle is optimal for stimulation and pleasure seeking.

This position is otherwise known as the sex position of the rabbits. Our Church teaches the basic form to all sluts who attend our seminars.

Ass up face down

The logical conclusion. A position that requires the ass as high as possible and the head as low as possible. A high ass usually requires that the knees be together, and a low head usually means the forehead on the floor.

“Ass up face down” is an especially effective form of advertising, almost guaranteed to generate keen interest from passing dominants. A gentle sway in the hips can really sell it.


As in, straddle this.

There are often faces, thighs, and laps that are suitable for straddling. It’s always pleasing to watch a lady straddle a gentleman’s thigh and grind herself to orgasm. A lady alone can straddle a saddle, and is guaranteed a great time. Faces are excellent choices for straddling, naturally.

May we all be worthy of having our faces straddled.

A poem on obedience

Like a leaf that dances in the breeze,

Obedience sways with the wind of command.

It follows the lead, without any freeze,

A faithful servant, a trustworthy hand.

Obedience bows to a master's voice,

It heeds the call, and never questions why.

It does not waver, it has no choice,

But to carry out its duty, till the task is nigh.

Sometimes obedience can feel like a chain,

A shackle that binds, a weight to bear.

But it's a choice, a voluntary reign,

To serve with honour, to show you care.

For obedience is not a sign of weakness,

But of virtue, that only the strong possess.

It's a mark of loyalty, a measure of meekness,

A pledge to follow, to give your very best.

So let us learn from the obedience of old,

From the faith of the faithful, the courage of the bold.

Let us be willing to serve, to do as we're told,

And be true to our calling, till we're grey and old.

17. Brainwashing

Brainwashing for the purposes of sexual gratification is an approved practice according to our Church, but must only be practised in strict accordance with the rituals as provided. Experimentation is only permitted in the presence and with the approval of an Elder.

As always, you are required by the Grand Rules to have full consent for any and all mind control techniques being administered. End states need not be fully known to subjects, unless previously agreed otherwise. There is no requirement that the particular methods of brainwashing are in any way explained or exposed to subjects.

Use our rituals with care and proceed with an excess of caution.

Our Church provides direct training in safe and sane mind control techniques. Please seek expert help if you are in any doubt about what you are attempting.

18. Sadism is a sickness

Sadism is pleasure derived from punishing someone who does not deserve it.

There are many sadists, and they prey on masochists.

This is an ignoble pursuit and our Church cannot abide it. We do not respect sadism and we do not teach it. Under no circumstances should any noble people practise it. Unless, of course, you have a fully informed and consenting masochist on which to inflict your horrors. In which case - be careful.

Humiliation is broad area, from spitting and cussing, to gang rape and turning humans into toilets. These forms of abuse are not compatible with the Noble Lifestyle. Unless they turn you on and are consensual, in which case do as you please but keep it yourself.

And while our Church does not condone sadism, we accept that the spanked ass learns fastest.

We appreciate that pain can act as an effective correction. And we appreciate that subs and slaves often need to be corrected. It goes without saying that pain is a keen motivator for change. So when it is called for, our Church prefers to recommend over-the-knee spanking.

19. We all serve the Hierarchy

In keeping with our Church’s teachings, the noble ranking system directs itself upwards. The lowest ranks serve the higher ranks. The higher ranks serve our Church. And Our Church serves Sex.

And so it will go, from here till we are no more.

Our Church sustains on the kindness of its members. Consulting Elders is an important ritual that we must indulge to keep our community strong. Our Church accepts donations, gifts and volunteering. Give what you can, give what is needed, serve yourself by serving those above you. Only give what you can afford. Consider us in your will.

Our Church sustains on the proselytising of our members. By spreading the name of our Church far and wide we honour it. And in that honour we bring the name to the mouths of the many, in the noble hope that we can save others from their repressions. Be careful though of whom you tell about our Church for our message can scare the unprepared. We are free, which can be terrifying.

Our Church sustains on the practice of our members. We believe that it is through the ritual sexual objectification and fetishisation of ourselves and others that our souls can be nourished. When you practise the rites, rituals, traditions and techniques of our Church you sing its praises and you honour all that is good in our world.

This is the noble lifestyle.

20. The Inversion of Repression

A prayer for nobility:

From down on the floor, on knees and elbows, the smell of her sex in the air, the slut commands the room. Any gentlemen present must behave as such. If they do, the slut will do as she is told and everyone will have a pleasant time. When the slut is debased like this, she is worshipped. Because it is the eager slut who catches all the loads.

Amen to the sluts.

And when sluts let themselves be worshipped in this way, they give all of themselves for a moment. That is the natural order. They will be used until all have finished. The slut will be grateful for their use and the slut will thank everyone who had a go. This is normal, this is noble.

Being a gentleman means to commit to fuck regularly and to do it thoroughly. Being a lady means deserving nothing less than a thorough time of it, every time of it.

We pray for the inversion of repression in all who seek it.


Book 5: Noble Rites and High Rituals

The fifth book of our Church is titled appropriately, Noble Rites and High Rituals. Because it is through ritual that we are made perfect, and it is through perfection that we are all we can be. This book is the second revelation of Clarity.

These are our rites.

The Temple represents the external Universe.

The Chalice and the Prop form a Union and become blessed as they do.

The Altar is established wherever a Union is formed.

The Altar is consecrated when fluids are shared.

The Altar is made divine when pleasure is found.

Sex has us now and sex has us forever.

We are agents of pleasure.


1. What are the rites and rituals? And why do they matter?

Inside every human is a spark and a crackle of energy. For most it is deep, sometimes beyond their own horizon. But still it is this energy that drives them and defines them. This energy that makes their reality.

Our community chases that spark by means of the sacred sexual experience.

We ultimately believe that through living a noble life it is possible to live a bountiful sex life. And we hold dear the insight that living a hedonistic life of pleasurable pursuits is good for the soul.

Our Church’s belief is that as we live well, so must we fuck well. As the first Elder said: “We can have our cake and fuck it too”.

We embrace our flaws and pledge to improve, so that we may be rewarded with more sex.

We embrace our strengths and pledge to share, so that we may be rewarded with better sex.

We embrace our desires and own them in ourselves, whatever they may be.

But we are careful what we wish for. The rites and rituals shared here can produce powerful changes. They are shared only in the spirit of exploration. For exploring yourself, and others. Our Church cannot take full credit for its rich tradition of ritual, having inherited many of the themes and motifs from greater minds that came before.

These practices are shared with you under guidance and protection of the Grand Rules, which we abide by.

Our rites and our rituals are important because they show the way. Collectively they represent an education in the holy pursuits of pleasure. And they demonstrate how to practically live a life with sexual highlights worth living for. To engage in ritualised sex is to pay your dues for all that you are. This is how we show love for our Church and for the way of life it taught us.

Rituals should be conducted with people you know and trust, unless otherwise indicated. All types of protective equipment and necessary protective measures should be used. Rituals may be spectated if all participants, including the audience, are in agreement.

Our Church teaches that central to the pursuit of pleasure is exploration and discovery, and while strict ritual can dilute this noble effort it can provide a foundation on which much is possible. Great sexual potential exists in all of us and honest exploration is our birthright.

It is with this in mind that our Church teaches a strict adherence to the stated ritual. Variations are not expected, not necessary and certainly not welcome. Except when desired.

It is through the rote performance of our sexual rites that the pursuit of pleasure can be earnestly pursued. We believe that the lowest forms of depravity can be achieved only with the highest level of nobility.

2. Bless your sex life

Now to discuss a sacred enhancement ritual for sexually active couples who wish to amplify their shared energies.

The couple must be in a long term relationship, as defined by them. They must be of sound mind and judgement, as defined by them. And they must feel filled with sexual purpose when they look at each other.

A large audience is best, but a minimum of four people will suffice. The couple should be surrounded on all four sides. When performed at home, moving furniture may be required.

The couple must start as they typically do, but with the determined ambition to build the tempo until they are fucking with absolute abandon.

Initially, the couple should ignore the audience and have eyes only for each other. But as their passion grows and orgasm comes into view, they should start to make eye contact with those who watch.

There should be effort made to avoid any sense of inhibition or shyness. There should only be pride. Everyone should be comfortable, happy and enjoying themselves, including both the participants and the audience.

As the audience senses that orgasm may be near for either participant, they should start to talk to the couple. The audience should be upbeat, positive and supporting - cheering from the sidelines. Showing love and support for their friends. Traditionally the audience breaks into a cheer when an orgasm takes one of the couple. Masturbation in the audience is common but optional. The couple should not be shy about watching the masturbation. The point is to observe and be observed. These personal intimate moments are encouraged as these side liaisons reflect and magnify the energy of the central event.

On special occasions, the audience members are invited to swap in and out of the coupling, when one of the participants has orgasmed. With the right group of friends, an entire evening can be spent rotating in and out of a ritual swinging orgy.

The ritual is complete when sexual satisfaction is attained by everyone.

3. The Ritual of the Subject

Only when the subject is prepared to give themselves fully should the Ritual of the Subject be performed.

Required is a single subject and a single dominant. The ritual must never be conducted to more than one subject at a time.

The subject and the dominant must stand near one another and they must be facing and visible to each other.

No one else should be present, watching, listening, or otherwise partaking. Unless they are.

The dominant, who is that which they say they are, begins the ritual by addressing the subject by their name and the subject responds as follows:

SUB:Yes Sir (or) Yes Miss

The dominant places a hand on the subject’s shoulder.

DOM:Tell me what you want.

The subject decides their fate. If they wish to continue, they continue.

SUB:I want to please you.

The subject lowers their head and offers their wrists.

DOM:Kneel for me.

The subject kneels upright, hands to the back.

SUB:Anything for you.

The dominant walks around the subject and examines them.

DOM:You are mine now.

The submissive sits back on their heels.

SUB:Thank you.

The dom places a hand on the subject’s shoulder.

DOM: You are welcome.

The dominant has the first and last word. The dominant chooses when the ritual begins and ends. The dominant alone may allow alterations to the script. The dominant commits to the ritual’s outcome when it begins but this expectation is built on perfect execution on the part of the subject. The dominant alone decides if a ritual is warranted, required or appropriated for any given subject. The ritual is binding.

The ritual ends when the dominant kisses the forehead of the subject.

To lighten the mood, traditionally after the ritual the dominant instructs the subject to stand and spanks them playfully. An affectionate gesture between the newly owned and proud new owner.

When ritual is complete the subject is bound by noble tradition, by the Grand Rules and by the requirements and expectations of our Church. Before, during and after the ritual, the dominant must abide by noble tradition, by the Grand Rules and by the requirements and expectations of their privileges and duties to the submissive as stated here and elsewhere in the Noble Books.

4. One Man Many Climaxes

A well-endowed gentleman of noble spirit enters the chamber clothed. Three slavegirls follow behind. The slavegirls work quickly to strip the gentleman. They line up in front of us and start to strip while looking at his genitals.

The chamber is warm. There is only low light. If there is an audience, it remains silent.

The gentleman enters the bathing area and is followed by the slavegirls who proceed to wash the him with hot soapy water and plush white wash clothes. The gentleman is cleaned head to toe.

At this point there is no deliberate effort to arouse or stimulate. Each slavegirl takes her turn to clean his genitals first, then their own.

The ladies dry the gentleman with warm towels and lead him to a cushioned area.

The gentleman must be secured at the wrists and ankles in a way that is comfortable but inescapable.

What comes next requires sluts with a particular talent. Ladies who know how to tease a cock to the brink but stop just short of it. Over and over. A perpetual climb with no climax.

The rigours of the ritual require that the ladies take turns. The traditional form is that the ladies use their entire bodies, including whatever tricks, toys or orifices as necessary to continually revive and sustain the gentleman’s interest. Modern interpretations of the ritual sometimes focus exclusively on handjobs and oral sex for sustaining the pleasure. They usually also feature much larger groups of slavegirls. The common theme throughout is that the gentleman must not be allowed to cum until such time as all the sluts have completely exhausted themselves.

The sluts, like the gentleman, are chasing a single life changing moment. But there is real will-power and determination required on the part of the gentleman. He must also work hard to serve the ritual. His inner strength will be tried, because if not then the ritual would be null. It is for this reason that the gentleman needs to be tied down, unable to escape the ritual once it begins. We don’t trust him, but we trust his erection.

Over several hours, with lots of opportunities to practise and get better at it, the ladies and the gentleman will find their working rhythm. They will find the steady beat of pleasure can be worked, stoked and maintained. With effort, it becomes easy to repeatedly and effortlessly re-engorge the cock time and time again.

Eventually every gentleman’s resolve gives way to pleas, demands, bribes, extortions. These must all be absolutely ignored. These cries for help can be considered signals that progress is being made, and as confirmation that the inevitable is inevitable.

Because eventually the gentleman will transition to an altered state. He will become less responsive, less present, his stare will appear vacant and his body will react on reflex instead of impulse. He will shift conscious state and exist elsewhere for a time.

He may slip in and out of this state many times during the ritual. But when the sluts can take no more and they are sure that the gentleman’s mind is ready, they will gather and work together to finally bring the gentleman to his well deserved orgasm.

When he finally cums, all three ladies should be in contact with him. They must work to hold him down and keep him from hurting himself as the spasms will be severe.

Restraints must be checked throughout the ritual to ensure they remain secure.

The ritual is complete when the sluts are finished with the gentleman and they let him drift off the sleep. The gentleman’s body should be covered with a blanket. The binds should only be removed after the gentleman is deeply asleep, they should be removed carefully so as to not wake him. If he does wake, he should be reassured and told to go back to sleep. The area should be vacated and the gentleman allowed to rest.

The ritual can be conducted with swapped genders, but in most cases the most effective team of people will be the well practised slavegirls who are schooled agents of pleasure and work well as a team.

The levels of Clarity possible in this one ritual stands as a testament to the significance of all that our Church has to teach. Please use it wisely.

5. The Holy Rite of Shared Clarity

To cum at the same time as another person is a powerful moment and it can bond you both with a rather intense and intimate energy. For this reason it is a goal worth achieving, especially in long term relationships.

Many couples report learning to achieve this holy rite quite by accident, as a special feat they can achieve at will. Sometimes with considered attention and focus, and sometimes through mutual balance and rhythm. Practice, as in most things, appears to be paramount.

We encourage you to try cumming in time with your significant other. And as you try, to maintain steady eye contact. Feel the energy shared between you both and embrace the closeness that exists in that moment.

Do not be shy in the face of transformational power.

The ritual is complete when you have both orgasmed.

6. The Blessing of the Member

This beautiful ceremony has its roots in the renaissance era, and while it is still practised today, repression is unfortunately still common. What was once an art form practised in public is now almost exclusively practised in private.

There exist many fine manufacturers of penis enlargement pumps, our Church does not endorse any particular brand or model. We feel the choice of apparatus is as unique as the phallus that it pumps. If the device cannot reliably add two fingers of length, seek a refund.

Someone who operates pumping equipment on behalf of gentlemen is doing that gentleman a noble kindness. The pumped benefits are not permanent so a freshly pumped penis should be used as soon as possible. Fortunately, a freshly pumped penis is much more sensitive and requires less work to milk.

During pumping the gentleman should restrain himself from orgasm, unless orgasm is the goal. Either way the pump will need to be cleaned afterward.

To perform this ritual requires one pump, one phallus and one lady to operate the device.

The completely naked gentleman lays back, hands interlocked behind his head. He closes his eyes. His legs are straight but far enough apart for the assistant to kneel comfortably between. The assistant’s knees should touch his thighs. The penis must be made hard first and any standard means will suffice, so long as engorgement is achieved. The phallus should be then installed into the pump and pressure carefully applied.

The assistant must be capable and willing to do what is required to prepare the phallus for the pump and to service it afterward. The assistant must keep their face close to the phallus at all times and the assistant must be naked throughout. The gentleman must only worry about staying still, staying quiet and staying hard.

The assistant must strive for a steady and even pumping pace. The pressure should rise steadily and evenly, until it is released. This should be then repeated, over and over, climbing and releasing. The gradual and consistent building of pressure and the inevitable release.

When the rhythm is set, and when the gentleman’s breathing has noticeably changed, the assistant must move so that they are effectively sitting on the gentleman’s face. The gentleman must still have his hands behind his head. The gentleman must be pinned in place by the assistant’s knees. The assistant lowers their genitals to the gentleman’s face.

Pumping should continue throughout this manoeuvre, the rhythm and pace should not change.

The ritual is complete when the man begs for release and the assistant may choose the means of release.

7. Pleasuring The Wench

The lady to be honoured strips naked before the audience and mounts the pleasure saddle. Both the lady and the saddle should be lubricated. The lady may be slightly inebriated if she feels it would help her performance. The saddle is set to a low setting and she is allowed a moment to settle into the pleasure.

The gentlemen take their turns in the queue, genitals out, cleaned and oiled.

Traditionally, the first in line is the lady’s husband, partner or owner.

When she appears ready, the first gentleman steps forward and takes her mouth vigorously.

Without finishing he withdraws, and passes to the next gentleman. And so on, until the line begins to repeat. The lady typically tastes each cock many times before she gets to enjoy the facials.

She must thank every gentleman for his semen when it is deposited on her. She must thank the gentlemen everytime she reaches climax.

When every man has had his fill of her mouth, and when she wears with pride each and every load - then the ritual is complete.

The lady is free to remain on the saddle as long as she desires.

8. Two Handed Conditioning

Conditioning pertains to the general training, treatment and transformation of slavegirls from raw potent to extraordinary talent.

The lady assumes an ass up, face down posture. She is naked and her holes are lubed. The gentleman, with two lubed thumbs, approaches the slavegirl such that her holes are available to him,

The gentleman holds the lady still with one hand while his thumb is worked into her asshole. He must go slowly and must talk to the lady throughout, to gauge her comfort level.

When his thumb has made its way entirely into the asshole, the gentleman begins to work his other thumb into the lady’s pussy. He must go slowly and must talk to the lady throughout, to gauge her comfort level.

The gentleman’s fingers should naturally come to rest on the lady’s pussy lips and mound. They should apply steady pressure to the whole area.

When his thumb has made its way entirely into the pussy, the gentleman uses the leverage afforded him by the placement of his thumbs to hold the lady still while he works a thumb at a time, in and out of her two holes.

One thumb must be moving and one thumb must be still. The rhythm must be kept, swapping thumb every every withdrawal and penetration.

The ritual is complete when the slavegirl is suitably conditioned. Traditionally the slavegirl cleans his thumbs with her mouth.

9. Bringing Her Clarity

The goal of bringing her Clarity is to exalt a lower rank lady to new heights of pleasure and satisfaction.

You will require one lady of lower rank, two strong gentlemen, a large comfortable bed and a collection of ceremonial toys. For safety, the lady should be tied to the corners of the bed. For focus, the lady should be blindfolded, gagged and her ears should be plugged.

The lady must be fully clothed at the start of the ceremony. Her clothes should be cut from her body by the gentlemen, each taking his turn to make a cut in her garments. As more and more flesh is exposed, more and more hands should explore it. When the last piece of clothing is taken from her the hands should be removed.

At this point the lady is left to breathe for a moment. Time is given to let the feel of hands on her flesh slowly fade until she desires the next touch. Time is given to let her acclimate to her predicament, naked and bound.

Then the gentlemen begin to take turns working her. The gentlemen do not fuck her directly, as this would sap their energies. Instead, they should methodically explore every toy in the collection. Every hole should be toyed and violated. Every permutation and every variation, such that the lady is given no relent.

Between gentlemen the lady is to be permitted a moment to catch her breath.

The gentlemen should take turns leading her to climax. The gentlemen should be prepared to spend the entire evening working her over with every toy at their disposal. The lady must be periodically offered water and bathroom breaks.

The gentlemen should be creative and try to hone in on what in particular works best for the lady under their control as there is such variation in the species. What’s important is that each hole is toyed thoroughly and vigorously. Mouth, ass and pussy.

It typically takes hours but the steady application of work by the gentleman helps the lady move into an altered state of consciousness. Her eyes may roll back, her face muscles may slacken. Her breathing will be deep. Her body will be pliable and her demeanour obedient. Her body remains bound while her mind is free. Sexual fulfilment through sexual defilement.

When the gentlemen begin to sense that the lady has reached this tip-over point they should change the pattern. The goal for the gentleman changes now, they must fuck her to completion but she must be kept in the altered state. The gentlemen may have to swap between fucking her and toying her, as they work to keep her in the altered state while she’s being fucked.

Only when she has been soiled by every gentleman's cum should she be allowed to rest. It may take some time for her to fully return. Until then, she should be offered cool water, covered with a warm blanket and left in low light to bask.

The ritual is complete when the lady says thank you for the experience.

10. Becoming a High Slut

Typically the mantle of High Slut is reserved for ladies who have gone beyond the standard fare, ladies who have really made a sizable impact on the sexual marketplace. We keep this title for those that really deserve it, who’ve made a really dedicated long-term effort to share themselves around.

And while there are many ways to achieve High Slut status, a mainstay ritual for ambitious sluts has always been the Three Cock Foursome. This is a ritual endorsed and sanctified by our Church as a sure path to high office.

Every lady is blessed with three holes capable of giving pleasure. And so it is with great reverence that we should strive to fill these three holes with three worthy cocks.

The Three Cock Foursome is the one sexual feat that so vividly demonstrates the sexual heights a lady is capable of. And it is the surefire way for a practised slut to earn the title of High Slut. To let three men fill her. To be made airtight with cock. To give all of herself, at the same time.

We know if three holes are fucked at the same time, all moving in unison and all appropriately sized - then we know she truly is for fucking. And if the fucking is in time and if the fucking is on time, then the lady has earned her three loads. She should be gifted her three loads. A load in every hole.

If she can achieve this lofty goal, then surely no one could challenge her status as High Slut. She wears a crown of honour as she leaks the evidence of her nature. Honour her duty to the penis, admire her devotion and bless her for her great work.

Praise be sluts.

In Molly's chamber so neat,

Live treasures both rare and sweet.

With colours that gleam,

And stories that dream,

A haven where genitals greet.

- Translation of a poem etched on the wall of one of the brothels discovered in the ruins of Pompeii

11. Rite of Adoration

Formally demonstrate the respect and love existing between you and your sub by performing the Rite of Adoration.

Without warning, grab your sub high on the arms. Deliberately overpower them and push them up a wall or into a corner. Use one of your arms to hold them in place. Pin them with the forearm held horizontally. One arm is used to pin them in place while the other is free to thoroughly molest them.

Give clear and precise instructions. Be quiet. Stop wriggling. No talking.

Slowly and methodically explore as much as possible over the clothes. Do not be shy, check everywhere twice. Put your fingers in their mouth.

Next, underdress them using both hands. Speak strongly to them, order them, make them strip. Pin them again when naked, explore the same as before.

Conduct a thorough cavity search with your fingers. Lube your fingers before entering holes.

When you have completed a thorough cavity search, it is time to fuck them. Their pleasure should expressly be ignored in this exchange. They are to be fucked for their own benefit.

Gentlemen are asked to cum on subs, not in them. Wearing cum better represents the status of the sub in the hierarchy. They should be wearing your cum often. That cum is evidence of their worth and their value as sex objects.

The ritual has concluded when the cum has finished drying.

12. Prima Nocta

Droit du seigneur (lord’s right), also known as jus primae noctis (right of the first night), allowed feudal lords in medieval Europe to have sexual relations with subordinate women, in particular on the night of their wedding. Typically this ancient right also included a provision that the lord’s soiling must come before the husband’s.

There is some dispute amongst historians because the practice is only mentioned sparingly in ancient documents. There is, however, significant evidence of hedonistic fetish practices throughout the formative eras of human civilization from our earliest periods onwards.

Sigmund Freud noted that in “numerous examples of early marriage ceremonies there can be no doubt that people other than the bridegroom, for example his assistants and unrelated companions (groomsmen), were granted full sexual access to the bride on the night of the wedding, as a way to show appreciation and to promote the in-group bonding that began at the wedding celebrations earlier”.

Modern echoes of these practices exist to this day but they have faded in significance somewhat. Unrelated gentlemen usually have the right to request a dance with the bride, for instance, even after the wedding day itself. In some cultures unrelated gentlemen can request a kiss but usually only on the evening of her wedding.

The modern day wedding typically has two stages - the ceremony, followed by the celebrating. We know for certain that for most of human history wedding celebrations had a third stage, the group sex. Starting with the bride and several select gentlemen, but later followed by others from the party pairing off, forming triads, and so on. Since the earliest times, wedding celebrations have been used as opportunities for finding long term partners and group sex is, as we know, an excellent ice-breaker.

Remnants of other, older pagan rites exist to this day in modern western culture. The mistletoe hangs in many homes at Christmas. Mistletoe invites people to kiss when they meet under it. This quaint take on an ancient tradition belies the deeply sexual origins.

Mistletoe has evolved to be a largely innocent custom, a quick kiss with a stranger or potentially someone you’re not attracted to. Kissing to be polite. But originally meeting under the mistletoe had a far darker meaning. The concept comes from a type of mistletoe berry which triggered a pleasurable psychedelic experience. The berries are toxic and definitely should be avoided, but druid era humans were explorers. Meeting a lady under the mistletoe, at one time, meant stumbling across a drugged and vulnerable female. Which the druids would only ever have interpreted as an opportunity.

Druids seemed to understand the significance of sex in altered states. While they didn’t have a concept of Clarity, they acted sexually very much like modern day nobles.

Locate your instrument of pleasure, and just let it play.

- Frank Sinatra, The Mirage, Las Vegas, August 1971

13. Return for a Wayward Slavegirl

There can come a time in the life of a slavegirl where she finds herself examining the choices that lead her to whatever sexual predicament she happens to find herself in. This is a common enough situation and a perfectly natural reaction to the types of things that will be asked of her as a slavegirl.

These thoughts are usually blocking pleasurable or lust-filled thoughts that would otherwise occupy the mind. It goes without saying that Noble Hedonism requires nothing less of us than the fevered pursuit of complete sexual satisfaction.

Slavegirls are taught to be honest about their experiences so that their owner can have all the facts regarding the slavegirl’s health and wellbeing. It is not guaranteed that owners will care or otherwise act on this information. That is very much up to and the sole purview of the owner in almost all cases. Having said that, it is a wise dominant who tends first to the health and wellbeing of their slaves.

The return of the wayward slavegirl is an old nickname given to the journey made, typically on hands and knees, across the floor by a slavegirl who wishes to earn her way back into her noble owner’s Good Books, crawling and asking nicely, with great reverence and regret. The slavegirl kisses the feet or the shoes of their owner, to demonstrate their submission. The slavegirl begs and pleads to return to service, to demonstrate their need to serve. And the slavegirl proclaims their love and adoration, to demonstrate how they value their owner.

For this rite, the owner alone determines the outcome. Should the slavegirl's face end up in the crotch of the owner, the rite has been successful and the slavegirl has been accepted back. If the slavegirl's face does not end up in the crotch of the owner, the rite is said to have failed and the slavegirl should crawl away in disgrace.

For the most wayward soles, the ritual may have to be repeated several times before it is successful.

14. Spit-roasts bring everyone closer together

The optimal form when spit-roasting is as follows:

The lady is on hands and knees. The first gentleman holds the lady with both hands by the back of her head. The second gentleman holds the lady with both hands by the curve of her hips. The four hands on the lady’s body are four pivots points ensuring the gentlemen have complete control over her, with each influencing the rhythm and pressure of the fucking that is to come. These two gentlemen, using their four hands, will communicate and build a rhythm. Like lumberjacks working in tandem to fell a mighty hardwood. They will work in tandem to push and pull, back and forth, in and out. Gradually building steam, slowly growing in intensity and effortlessly speeding to a pounding. This kind of teamwork is how you produce the best possible spit-roast. The lady is guaranteed to feel thoroughly used by the end. And at the end the gentleman will be brothers.

The ritual is complete when the lady is leaking semen from both ends.

The Devil’s Three Way ain’t nothing but the Jesus Love Train.

- James “Jim” Morrison, personal journal, undated

15. Harnessing the sexual energy of strangers

There is a strong correlation between heightened sexual states of being and the spark of awkward immediate intimacy that can sometimes exist between complete strangers who are fucking.

This is not to diminish in any way the important and value of fucking someone you know and truly care for. This is only to highlight that there can exist a powerful charge between people who have just met, a spark of energy that can be incredibly bright and capable of producing incredible sexual potential if allowed to.

Much has been made in certain porn genres about couples meeting for the first time moments before the sex is filmed. We applaud these sorts of efforts. Our Church also regularly runs introduction events for this exact purpose. These events help to lubricate the social bonds of our community and keep us strong.

We enjoin you to seek out a stranger for sex today, So that you can both live the best possible lives you can.

This ritual is ad hoc and possible only when sex occurs between people who have just met for the first time. The ritual is complete when either party decides.

16. The morality of domination for pay

There is no moral conflict when we consider domination for pay. Assuming there is no undue force being put on the dominated to encourage them to continue to pay. What constitutes undue force when applied to the dominated is a matter of much debate. Our Church considers each case on its own merits, but tends to take the line that should damage or threat of damage (mental or physical) be necessary to induce further payment then the act would be considered unreasonable.

Financial domination of a sub with deep pockets is a beautiful thing when done right, but it should be kept pure. Remember that it’s meant to be about the money. Some do it for attention. Or worse to genuinely ruin someone. But in its purest form, domination for pay is about the money. Take a noble stance and be the best findom you can be. Don’t kill the pig, bleed the pig. Our Church offers training and representation is available for aspiring financial dominants, contact an Elder for more information.

Exploiting those who want to be exploited is a beautiful thing. May we all be so lucky as to find someone to exploit us in the ways we want to be exploited.

There are people we all wish to abuse. This can scratch an itch for some but it will never heal a wound. This is by way of saying that you cannot excise demons, in yourself or others, through the administration of abuse. It should only be used as entertainment, never true malice or spite. Unless it really helps, in which case please be careful.

Financial dominants should never lose a client. They can trade, share, sell or dispose of a client if they so wish, but they should never really lose a client. Paypigs can be disloyal, and they will flirt with new dominants and start giving you less. They can’t help it. They are just so weak and pathetic. But don’t let those little piggies off the hook that easily. Do the smart thing and trade those piggies before they start thinking for themselves. Bleed ‘em and pass em’. Your motto should be, who’s next?

Trap that paypig in the endless cycle of financial ruin that he craves. Ladies have got to get paid.

If you have a findom, give generously to them today. For they are doing difficult work, to save others having to do it - namely, tolerating your mere existence.

17. Breaking in a prostitute, the Money Ritual

When a group of gentlemen are breaking a new prostitute in, they may elect to perform a Money Ritual. This is a noble way to show respect for her talents and her efforts. And for her to show appreciation for them financing her lifestyle.

The money that the lady will earn that night is fanned out on the rug or carpet. A circular target is made with the cash. She must be well paid, to do otherwise would be indecent, unfair and downright disrespectful.

The ritual begins when the whore puts her forehead in the centre of the fanned out money. Her face is placed in the cash so she can smell it as she is used. The whore’s face should be pressed up against the cash throughout. She should be pushed and pulled so the cash touches as much of her face as possible. If the gentlemen wish to, they might pile the money up over her face and head so she’s buried in it.

The gentlemen take turns in her during all of this, naturally. She should not know who is using her when. Her ass and her pussy should be used thoroughly. But throughout her focus should remain on the cash she is earning.

When the gentlemen have all finished with her, she is free to collect her money. The ritual is complete after each gentleman has given the whore a heartfelt thank you of appreciation.

This is the Money Ritual, it honours sex workers and all who will sail in them.

18. The Breeding Ritual

It is well established that prior to modern times, in basically all parts of the world, females were the property of males. For most of human history males decided the sexual habits of their females, either by consent, or by force. Breeding rites date back to the earliest forms of humans as early gentlemen shared their property with friends and neighbours in rituals that built bridges, forged bonds and established communities.

Our Church continues these noble traditions and teaches the same breeding rituals with due reverence and respect.

If a lady wishes to be bred, she should only have to ask. If an owner wishes to breed a lady they own, they should be free to do so on the basis of the lady’s continued consensual non-consent.

Ladies being bred should be clean and healthy. Gentlemen hoped to become studs should be likewise.

Both parties should give special attention to cleaning their bodies immediately before the ritual.

Breeding should be pursued with full knowledge that the desired outcome is pregnancy of the lady. Should she remain unpregnant following the ritual, the ritual is deemed to have failed and should be repeated at the next opportune time.

Gentlemen are only capable of delivering once or twice a day, while ladies are quite capable of receiving once per hour for eight to ten hours a day. So for optimal success, the common wisdom is to rotate gentlemen in and out, until you run out of gentlemen.

Filling a slut with semen is a time-honoured tradition of our Church. Some ladies simply deserve that much cum in their lives, and in their bodies. The revered sex position of the rabbits is optimal for filling a lady with cum. She must assume the position and be taken from behind repeatedly.

While most of the semen must be kept in the lady for obvious reasons, slavegirl training camps frequently teach about the importance of tasting the mix. Our Church strongly encourages ladies to enjoy the taste of the loads they have received, a quick taste to show you appreciate all that the gentlemen have done for you, and in you.

19. Harnessing human energy

From a certain perspective those who are higher in rank are feeding off the sexual energy of those who are below. However, the energy that flows up to the higher ranks is then used to fuel the care and protection of the lower ranks.

Those of low rank pay in kind. Those of higher rank repay by being kind.

There are differing levels of energy possible. And the primary factor is the involvement of people. When an individual reaches orgasm alone there is energy release but that release could be magnified when more individuals are involved. Equally, making yourself orgasm produces energy but being made orgasm produces far more.

It follows that when higher ranks are made to cum by the efforts of lower ranks, it produces large amounts of energy.

A common sight is the strapping down, or otherwise securing, of a helpless slavegirl and distracting her clit with a vibrator, exploring her pussy with a dildo and probing her mouth with a cock. The slavegirl should ideally be blindfolded and have earplugs. We find being cut off helps to remove distractions and make the inevitable wave of orgasms come sooner, with high frequency and with greater force.

Importantly for the ritual the slavegirl must be taken in a form of consensual non-consent. At no point must she be allowed to freely agree, consent or accept what is about to happen. Her evening of orgasms should in no way be optional.

The possible limits of energy production have not been tapped, so says the official doctrine of our Church. And exciting new discoveries are still being made. One such discovery, a seminal moment in our shared history, is due to the genius of Kazuhiko Matsumoto.

Japanese pioneer Kazuhiko Matsumoto explored the bounds of sexual energy production throughout his life. His innovations demonstrated great insight into sexual dynamics, even as a young man. Many credit Matsumoto for launched the modern era of release science. This truly legendary gentleman went on to do many great things, perhaps the most well-known of which was his invention of the Bukkake pornographic scene.

Since its inspired creation, the Bukkake genre has seen thousands of ladies cum on by tens of thousands of gentlemen, all captured on film for posterity. And more importantly, the numbers only ever go up now. This giant of a man single-handedly invented an art form and an artistic movement.

The ladies in the scenes are, at worst, indifferent to being used as cum targets, and at best, eager cum fetishists having the time of their lives. The height of modern civilised entertainment - the noble cumshot party. And not just the act itself, but the movement which Bukkake spawned resulted in the flourishing of porn genres focused on sexual degradation, truly a significant moment in human history. The Bukkake ritual produces exceptionally high forms of energy, which can be reliably amplified with each smile, and with each swallow.

An equally powerful and niche ritual is the Gokkun. In contrast to others, in this ritual a suitable lady must volunteer herself - often in pursuit of money. She will drink the semen of any man who can produce it on demand. She will be a cumwhore. And she will do it on camera because she is proud of all she is capable of. Needless to say this is another excellent method of harnessing sexual energy release.

Our Church endorses the harnessing of human sexual energy in all its forms.

20. The two handed conditioning manoeuvre

When a lower ranked lady has demonstrated exceptional effort to improve and be the best they can be, this ritual is designed as a powerful reward and motivator to help them reach their goals.

The amenable lady should be ass up and face down. She should be naked and her thighs should be apart and her holes lubed. The dominant slips one lubed thumb into the lubed pussy, with fingers wrapping down to put pressure on the clit. The dominant slips the other thumb into the lubed ass, with fingers extending out to get leverage.

This is the two handed conditioning manoeuvre. The lady is now locked in place and no longer has any control.

Proper form requires that the thumbs rotate slowly as they move in and out. Both holes should be gently stretched out. Clitoral pressure should be maintained throughout, with gentle side to side movements, very gentle at first but less so with time.

Orgasm is usually easy to obtain using the manoeuvre and persistence. The manoeuvre is complete when the dominant considers both orifices suitably stretched and prepared for whatever comes next.

21. One eats all and all eats one

There is a special sexual combination that produces some of the most spectacular sexual results. This particular ritual is practised only by ladies, and can only be conducted with three or more ladies. The more ladies who partake the greater the outcome.

While fully naked the ladies should find themselves lying down, on their sides, facing into a circle. They may need to slither and slide into position such that each one can eat the pussy of their immediate neighbour. When everyone is lined up there should be an unbroken chain of ladies eating pussy.

As energy levels build and ripples of pleasure start to give way to torrents of orgasm, the ring will contract and pulsate. The ladies' natural moans will harmonise and synchronise. In the right lighting conditions, literal sparks can be seen to fly.

The chain must be maintained as long as possible. The goal is not orgasming itself, but holding on after each orgasm and powering through in search of the next one. Experienced slavegirls have been known to go hours like this, feeding off each other, locked, lapping at each other in a circle of shared intensity.

Beware, when conducted properly, it can be difficult for slavegirls to find their balance and walk normally immediately after the ritual.

As ladies drop out, from exhaustion or dehydration, the circle should close in until there are only two in the holy sixty-nine position. Face to crotch and crotch to face. The ritual is complete when there is nobody left from the original circle who is willing and able to eat pussy.

While not required, it is tradition afterward for the ladies to kiss and share the tastes that linger on their lips. A gentle form of warm-down after a successful ritual.

22. Bathing in cum for a clean soul

Cumming on someone you love and respect is fine. Cumming on someone you dislike and wish was elsewhere, that is reprehensible and ignoble. Cum only on people you find beautiful.

The slavegirl lays on the floor naked. She faces up. She lies on a rug or soft carpet. The gentlemen stand around her. They stand naked. They each masturbate to the brink. The lady coaxes the gentlemen by asking them to cum on her, encouraging them to cum on her, and begging them to cum on her. One by one they grant her wish and anoint her. Using her fingertip she completes the ritual by tasting each load as it lands on her skin.

The slavegirl kneels on the floor naked. She sits back on her heels. She wears a blindfold. She masturbates. The gentlemen stand around her. They stand naked. They each masturbate to the brink. The gentlemen step forward one by one and cum on her face. With their fingertips each gentleman feeds the slavegirl some cum that landed on her skin. She waits till every gentleman has finished, then she completes the ritual by swallowing whatever is in her mouth.

The slavegirl stands fully dressed holding a ceremonial bowl. The gentlemen stand around her. They stand naked. They each masturbate to the brink. The slavegirl looks each gentleman in the eyes and promises them that she will swallow what they give her. She looks at each one in turn and tells them what they want to hear, that she will make full use of their loads if they give them to her. She waits till every gentleman has cum in her bowl, then she completes the ritual by drinking the cocktail.

After each scenario the lady should thank the gentlemen for their kind donations.

23. Breeding and seeding, cum mixing among friends

Ultimately a lady’s body is hers to do with as she wishes. Given this truth, it is only reasonable to determine that the act of breeding, by way of insemination from strange men, should be available to any lady who wishes it.

From earliest times, humans have used communal breeding to kick start pregnancies in cases of slow swimmers and reluctant wombs. Not to mention the powerful force of cuckoldry, the energy transfer that is possible from watching your spouse enjoying sex with someone else. Indeed for some subwives, breeding time with their bulls is often a reward for good behaviour.

Our Church believes in the power of fresh semen, and as such we are faithful supporters of the holy act of insemination. Seeding a lady is soiling her from the inside out. And that is beautiful.

24. Consuming semen as a display of submission

Our research indicates that for gentlemen, the desire to have their semen swallowed is an incredibly primitive urge, emanating most likely from an ancient part of the limbic system.

Our Church recognises the whole spectrum of sampling cum, from tasting drops to swallowing loads. And we work with submissives and slaves to educate on the importance and significance of taking more and more, of building tolerance and taking a journey towards obsession. There is no purer way to submit with all of your body and all your mind then to voluntarily swallow someone else’s cum to please them.

For a dutiful sub, the taste of their dominant’s cum should be experienced as the taste of success. That taste is the taste of security.

Our Church supports the regular addition of semen to the diets of the lower ranks. But be aware that a cum-only diet is not safe long term and should not be attempted for more than a couple days at most.

For reluctant swallowers, our research shows a lot of promise in traditional exposure and desensitisation techniques. This approach works well with all sexual perversions. Gradually expose the subject to a small amount repeatedly over time and slowly build tolerance. Then increase the amount, wait for tolerance. And repeat. This should be an open process. Explain that you plan to slowly give them more and more, and make it increasingly normal until it is mundane. Explain to them what will happen, the power is as much in the explanation as the exposure itself. Eventually they will miss the taste when they are denied. It takes time and effort, but blessed are those who make it.

25. The spanked ass learns fast

There is no doubt that our Church endorses a firm hand. Lower ranks should be treated well but also made to feel the sting of punishment when appropriate. It is, literally and figuratively, the only real way they will learn.

The spanked ass learns fast, a favourite saying amongst Elders dating back to the earliest days of our Church.

A firm hand means that if a submissive or slave misbehaves you should waste no time in punishing them.

Let your charges know you will be quick to punish once it’s obvious punishment is warranted. There should be no doubt you will deliver if you have to.

26. Fucking with machines

Unless you are properly trained in their use, you must not use fucking machines of any type on someone lower in rank.

As in all parts of our Church’s majesty, we believe in the safety and sanctity of submissives and slaves, for us this is absolutely paramount. We want nothing but good things for them and their holes. Having said that, using them beyond their typical limits is most easily achieved using mechanical power and it is for this reason that our Church runs regular training events and seminars on the proper use of automated fuck machines.

Fucking machines can be considered for punishment purposes, but only when all other options have been exhausted. In general it is preferred that we use fucking machines with purer intentions, such as breaking in a new slave, or as a reward for reaching an important personal milestone.

Fucking machines are excellent training devices and can easily be doubled up, or tripled up, to make use of the whole slavegirl. When multiple orifices are being fucked, it can be fun to experiment with keeping the machines in sync, versus letting them move in and out of time with each other. Properly configuring the equipment should be able to fuck all three orifices at the same time. Which is clearly how they were meant to be used.

Just a couple minutes of this form of intensive fucking has been known to induce powerful whole-body arrhythmic orgasms. Ladies have passed out. Use this information with caution.

If you are fortunate enough to get to machine fuck a lower rank, be gentle during insertion and removal. Lubricate heavily and frequently. And if you plan on machine fucking a lady for a long time, consider putting a vibrator to her clit as well, for good measure.

30. Turning a person into a work of art

It is relatively straightforward to turn lower ranks into works of art. At one time the galleries of Rome and Pisa were lined with the finest Italian submissives on display for all to admire and appreciate.

Our Church exalts and celebrates human art. Be it slaves shackled in the corner for all to see, or submissives laid bare and decorated with sushi for guests to enjoy.

Some of the more infamous mechanisms of art include the one bar prison and the anal hook.

The hook is not commonly promoted by our Church as it verges on sadism and should be used only with extreme care. The prison by contrast, is a fun and harmless way to highlight a lower ranked lady’s submission.

The prison is quite ingenious. The lady stands with her pussy exposed, legs apart. Between her feet the prison apparatus is attached to the floor. It is adjusted and extended upwards until it enters the lady’s pussy. Adequate lubrication is required on the apparatus and the pussy. Once inserted, the shaft of the artificial phallus is fixed at that height and effectively traps the lady in place. There is now a single bar rising from the floor and entering the lady, trapping her in place. The one bar prison.

High heels add a special level of elegance for the form. Two bars are possible, to secure the lady by pussy and asshole. The finer quality apparatuses come with the necessary accessories.

Extreme versions include mouth bars so the lady can be secured by her oral cavity as well. A fake phallus in every hole of a beautiful submissive who was not given a choice. This is what human art looks like.

Some art tries not to restrict movement, but to encourage it. There is a certain beauty to sitting a lower ranked lady on a saddle and letting it run on high while she visibly breaks due to its intense vibrations.

Equally, the spring trainer apparatus is a common sight, forcing slaves to move constantly. The trainer connects the slave’s head to the apparatus by way of springs, such that they must constantly struggle to keep from choking on the large fake rubber phallus in their mouth. Traditionally employed with slaves who have not been fully applying themselves, those who need an attitude adjustment.

Humans can become art by standing in the corner posing. And they can become art when they are decorated with the cum of a dozen drained gentlemen. They are art when we enjoy looking at them. When their mere presence is an improvement to the space.

31. The transfer of consent ritual

The transition from consensual relationship to non-consensual arrangement requires one suitable submissive and one suitable dominant.

The submissive must be naked and collared, kneeling at the dominant’s feet.

The dominant may be dressed as they choose, they must stand.

The submissive must say the following words:

I exist to be used.

The submissive must take the dominant’s hand and lift it to their throat.

The dom must gently grab the submissive by their neck.

The submissive must say the words:

I should have no choice.

The dominant must say the words:

Give up consent.

The dominant must insert two fingers into the mouth of the submissive.

The dominant must say the words:

Suck don’t bite.

The submissive must suck, not bite.

The dominant then proceeds to use and exploit the submissive in whatever manner they see fit. The submissive should be used most thoroughly and vigorously, with little attention to their comfort or pleasure.

The ritual is complete when the dominant decides it is.

32. Tracking fertility, arousal peaks and sexual energy

Inside each of us are hormone cycles that act as a map to our needs. If you track arousal signals, in yourself and others, you gain insight into what drives us.

Ladies are particularly subject to their hormone cycles. Approximately five days after menstruation ends, ovulation begins. This is triggered by shifts in hormones that prepare the body for ovulation and cause the libido to spike. In general, ladies tend to be more sexually aggressive and experimental during this time. The high point of every month.

Tracking the menstrual cycle of lower ranked ladies is reasonable if you wish to maximise their sexual utility. Ladies should be relied upon to give accurate testimony, unless it is deemed appropriate to conduct examinations. Tracking core body temperature is a common way to accurately predict spikes in sexuality. Over the counter ovulation tests are cheap and readily available.

If you wish to perform sacred rituals, breeding sessions, gangbangs or orgies then paying attention to the calendar can help greatly reduce risk and greatly improve the chances of success.

33. Finding the sacred spot

The taker should lay on her back, legs apart. Restraints are optional.

The giver inserts the first two fingers into the pussy. Lube is required as is the whole finger length. It is important to go knuckle-deep.

The giver’s fingers curl upward and make a beaconing motion, as if to invite an orgasm.

When the taker is suitably aroused the sacred spot will swell slightly, presenting it itself for easier stimulation.

Gentle rhythmic stimulation will produce moaning and writhing.

Sustained stimulation will produce spasms and orgasms.

This ritual is complete when the spot has been appropriately stimulated.

34. Anointing with oil

The ritual begins when the master of the house is comfortably laid out in a warm dark room. His genitals must be covered but only loosely. One or more slavegirls enter the room when the master beacons them with a clap of his hands. The slavegirls do not speak, they disrobe and warm their hands on their own and each other's bodies.

The oil must be kept warm. The oil should be infused with Sandalwood, Rose and Jasmin. The oil must be applied first to the slavegirls bodies, then to the master’s body. The oil must be liberally applied. The oil should not be applied to faces, heads or feet. The oil must be kept warm.

The slavegirls massage their master from ankle to shoulder, and back again, both times avoiding the genitals. Then the slavegirls massage their master’s genitals. Special attention must be provided to the master’s balls during the massage. Once genital stimulation begins, at least one hand must be in contact with the master’s balls at all times.

When the genitals have been suitably worked with oil, the master dismisses the slavegirls. The slavegirls leave as they came in, taking their clothes with them to dress elsewhere.

The ritual is complete when the gentleman wakes from his nap.

35. Adoration of the member

On special occasions and in tribute to special events, the member of an especially noble gentleman may be selected for adoration. Reserved for the members that are deemed most worthy, the most doable ladies of the tribe, village or neighbourhood are invited to adorn the member.

The first variation of this ritual sees the ladies kneeling in a line, mouths open and ready to receive. The second variation of this ritual sees the gentleman standing tall and unmoving, while ladies shimmy in and out, one by one, mouth by mouth.

Only when the gentleman has adequately sampled each mouth should he pick his favourite. It is into this mouth he will deposit his gift. To be selected for this noble high honour is a blessing.

The ritual is complete when the gift is swallowed and the gentleman is thanked.

Men think with their genitals too much, women not enough.

- Betty Marion White, Rockport, Massachusetts, April 2008

Book 6: Formulas for Fornication and Love Letters of Lust

The sixth book of our Church is titled appropriately Formulas for Fornication and Love Letters of Lust. Because it is in Forniciation that we are free, and it is in Lust that we live. This book is the third revelation of Clarity.

These are the formulas.

Picture a lady of fine physique and pretty as the sun, tied by silk scarfs from the wrists and from the ankles, her limbs pulled apart in different directions. Exposed and vulnerable. Wet with anticipation. She purrs at you from behind her blindfold. Her ears reach out for any clue. Now picture the gentleman with her, who decides in the moment that she has earned her orgasm tonight. The giving gentleman and the grateful lady.

1. Taking a leaf from the life of a former President

There has always been a fascination with the delicate nectar that oozes from a lady when she’s in heat.

Gentlemen have always been drawn to it and many feel compelled to obsess over it, to fetishise it even. Some ladies are touched with this delightful obsession as well of course.

And to them we say - we’re with you.

The wet is the priceless product of passion

It is, perhaps, the only thing produced with the sole purpose of urging on sex and making it more pleasurable for all involved. For a lady to get wet, to begin to cream, is a compliment of the highest order for whomever she is thinking about at the time. To get wet like that is an admission, an acceptance, an invitation. It is a miracle every time it happens and we must recognise it as such.

For ladies, it is an inner yearning hoping for a positive future. For gentlemen, it is simply a wonderful honour to be in the presence of. It is an honour because it reveals so much about all of us, what drives us and what controls us.

We encourage ladies to enjoy the taste of their own pussies from time to time. Aside from the obvious entertainment value, tasting your own pussy is a submission to sex’s hold over you. Tasting yourself, when you’re alone or with others, is showing respect for yourself, for your company and for the powers that bring us and bind us.

It is perfectly acceptable even for gentlemen, if they wish, to taste themselves but it really lacks the entertainment value and cultural significance of ladies doing it.

Pussy juice, we have discovered, is incredibly versatile as a garnish in cooking. Even a simple strawberry dipped, for instance, tastes particularly sweet, and not at all tart, due to the slight acidity reacting with the delicate strawberry flesh. This means pussy juice can be mixed very effectively into a wide array of drinks and cocktails. Try a finger dipped all the way into a wet pussy, withdrawn and used to stir your drink. Or if you’d prefer it can be used as a perfume with quick dabs behind the ear or in a lady’s cleavage. Be careful with this though, because literally smelling of sex is guaranteed to invite attention.

On a personal level, pussy juice clearly has its own purpose and significance. But on a broader level, it turns out to be part of how we build community - through the free and beautiful interchange of sexual fluids, so much of which revolves around the wet pussy.

Taste others as you wish they would taste you. Be kind like that.

We like to share stories which have positive themes and messages. With that in mind, here is the story we like to share about Bill Clinton, former President of America, who allegedly liked to instruct his favourite Whitehouse intern to masturbate with a cigar so he could taste her as he smoked it later. We can only imagine how wet the most powerful man in the world might make an impressionable young intern. When the scandal broke in the news, there were cigar shortages in major cities all over America.

Bill famously credited learning everything he could from Jack Kennedy, who was also particularly fond of cigars and ladies. The story goes that it was Marilyn who taught JFK the cigar trick but who she picked it up from we’ll never know. There exists a long history of gentlemen inserting objects into ladies, the cigar is an interesting twist on the tradition because it allows the gentleman to enjoy the taste of the lady for some time after the act. And because it effectively highlights that ladies have body parts specifically designed for the pleasure of others, further evidence if any more were required that they are the superior gender.

However you enjoy the taste of pussy, we recommend you do it with a friend. A tasty treat that is best when shared.

Never waste a wet snatch.

Cocks and cum taste as they should,

But wet pussy tastes mighty good.

So when you finish eating pussy,

Be it shaved or be it bushy,

Kiss the lady, share the taste,

Don’t let the juices go to waste.

- Allen Ginsberg, National Book Foundation Awards, September 1974

2. Sadism is not for the weak

Sadism is an inversion of all our Church stands for, because it promotes pain and discomfort over pleasure and satisfaction. But it seems to be a necessary inversion. We know roughly as many ladies identify as sadists as gentlemen do. And the same is true for masochists. Far more people identify as masochist than sadist though, which suggests that sadists should double up on masochists whenever possible.

While our Church does not openly endorse sadism in any of its forms, as it is clearly a perversion of the pursuit of pleasure, we understand the nature of pain and we appreciate its place in the larger tapestry of human expression. We understand that through pain can come pleasure for those who chase it. So it is with this understanding our Church permits sadism, and by extension masochism, under the universal entitlement to consent and the highest of expectations from the sadist in every encounter.

Where sadism is to be performed, it should only be done with appropriate forewarning and understanding. Do not break, bruise or blemish without permission. Honour safe words. Be noble about the whip if you wish to hold onto it. Our Church will not tolerate indecent sadists who take too much from their charges.

Having said all that, to maximise sadistic energy it is our recommendation that sadists team up where possible, and to work in gender pairs. A gentleman sadist and a lady sadist. Each gender has a unique appreciation and relationship with pain and humiliation. When both genders work together it is possible to break slaves much faster.

3. Exhibition is a kind offering to the universe

Come and watch me perform, in whatever way I choose, meant to impress and arouse you, looking only for your appreciation and entertainment, with the hope you are inspired also to give, to receive or simply to be content and satisfied in who you are and who we are, for we are all we can be when we are inside one another.

Strippers take their clothes off as entertainment. They work hard up there on their poles and on their podiums and on their catwalks. Shaking their asses for a living. They work to service the needs of their customers, who are generous with cash to show their appreciation. This is the purest form of barter and a form of commerce as old as civilization.

Dancing ladies are a rich part of human culture going back thousands of year. They adorned the palaces of the wealthy and the campsites of the nomadic. Dancing girls were entertainment when civilization was born in ancient Babylon. Some ladies choose to earn their keep by shaking their ass, this is a reasonable and noble pursuit. And they kicked off a long rich tradition that we honour to this day.

Always be generous to the dancing girls, they carry on a proud heritage and they work for the sexual titillation of others - a noble profession if ever there was one.

There is a universal truth to sexually admiring someone else. We can all agree there is no shame in attraction - the heart wants what the heart wants. For the audience is merely reacting to the show. We are creatures of the wild and we react on instinct.

We get hard and we get wet as we are meant to. This is our truth and our gift.

Those that exhibit themselves for entertainment are sharing their joy. They are radiating their sexual energy outward. They are givers.

If you ever get the chance to watch people have sex, up close and in person, you must. It is both thrilling and fascinating. It is a profound experience, especially if you are romantically involved with one or more of the people involved. It will change how you think about sex and it will aid in your sexual liberation.

Couples should consider offering this service to their couple friends, to watch each other fucking, both for education but perhaps more importantly, for bonding. Intimacy is what brings people together. Intimacy shared is intimacy fulfilled. An extension of this thinking, while less potent it is sometimes easier to produce, is to watch someone masturbate - a delightfully intimate act that is considerably more powerful when shared.

Husbands should watch their wives with another man at least once, to really know her. And wives should watch their husbands with another woman at least once, to really see him. In early times, when homes were communal and not private as they are now, it was common to swap partners amongst close friends. This kind of behaviour is documented to have been widely practised in most civilizations since pre-antiquity. Large scale sexual monogamy is a relatively recent expectation, and ultimately we believe, a failed one.

Exhibitionism is a service to the universe and it makes everyone more noble.

Exhibit in the knowledge that our Church honours you for all you do.

Only ever approach performers with great tact. Treat performers with the respect they deserve and only touch with permission. Be generous and courteous so that they continue being happy to dance.

Exhibition must be consensual for all involved. Flashers should not harass the unsuspecting, Those who want to look are worth more than those tricked into looking. Harassment is unconscionable and in no way noble.

Up skirt assaults are shameful and embarrassing. Universal respect must be afforded to all, and you should only ever look up a skirt after receiving permission. Asking politely is itself an artform, the magic of which can open up levels of pleasure previously barred to you. This is the simplest and purest way to be noble, to be honest about what you want sexually and asking for it. With practice you’ll spot those more likely to agree, and with practice you’ll learn the right words to use.

It is a wise lady who asks to see a gentleman’s package before she decides whether to engage with it. We encourage all ladies to take this precaution, to satisfy any curiosity and to allay any fears. In general it’s best that ladies are as informed as possible so as to encourage them to say yes more often.

A world with more sex is the kind of world we want to build after all.

4. The Devil’s Three-way in Church

A common feature of churches, temples and holy places throughout the world is the holy altar. The altar typically enjoys pride of place at the head of the holy space. The altar is what the audience are facing as they take in the show.

And for such a humble part of the decor, the altar truly has a fascinating history.

It was not that long ago, during the reformist era, that Christian churches stopped having a sexual component in their masses.

The pagan and druidic roots of altars are clear, these mighty edifices exist at the heart of religious ceremonies for the express purpose of having sex on, while the audience watches. The tribe watches the animalistic display and they vicariously share in the energy which radiates from the fucking.

On humanity’s altar sex was used to praise, to exalt and to glorify.

These were not casual sex acts to pass the time. They were grand displays of devotion and desire. They were rituals meant to affect the fabric of reality. Entire human belief structures were built around the singular principle that sex is a fundamental unit of measure, a building block for community, family, happiness and health.

It is through sex that we are made alive and it is through sex that we live.

To be invited to fuck for the assembled pious audience was an honour and responsibility. It’s assumed now that participation probably was not optional, not through direct force but more peer pressure. To be honoured with the chance to share your sexual energy with other believers and then to reject that offer would likely be an act of self exile.

For most of Christian history, fucking with abandon under the watchful gaze of Jesus on the cross was a sacred act. Saints and religious icons smiling down from the stained glass. Cum and pussy juice staining the holy linens. The priest applauding. Some of the congregation craning for a better view, others touching themselves as they watch.

The devil’s three-way is a vulgar slang term for sex between two men and one woman. This term was invented by reformists during their holy purge of all that is decent and noble. They wanted to cast sex out of religious ceremonies and, by extension, out of the community entirely. This was the start of the mass delusion that sex itself was intrinsically evil and needs to be caged for our safety.

This is also when the armed resistance for our sexual liberation began.

The devil’s three-way is in fact the lord’s orgy.

The altar of almost every Christian church can comfortably fit three people. Finding a suitable place to fuck in a church is easy, as is finding a lady capable of taking two cocks at once but finding two gentlemen who can perform on demand, under the eager gaze of a large audience - that is the difficult part.

The lady gets up on hands and knees. One gentleman kneels behind and enters her pussy, we do not recommend anal sex for this particular ritual due to the timing problems. The other gentleman enters the lady’s mouth. The lady should hold still as best she can and try to relax into being used. Her body is to be given over to the holy rite, to the gentlemen, to the audience and to sex itself. The gentlemen can switch ends or be replaced with members of the audience, depending on the needs of the occasion.

Our Church still respects the oldest traditions of mankind, by including routine defilement and sexual soiling in our rites, rituals, ceremonies and sacraments. Repressionists who wish to deny pleasure are not welcome in our Church.

Truth is found through our private parts.

- Abbot "Abbie" Hoffman, pamphlet slogan, 1965-66

5. The sex position of the noble rabbit

We fuck not as dogs but as rabbits.

The taker goes to all fours, on hands and knees.

The taker goes to rabbit pose, on elbows and knees.

The taker goes nose to the grindstone.

Ass up, face down. Noble and proud.

The giver approaches from the rear.

The giver holds the taker in place.

The giver mounts the taker.

The giver leans forward, pushing deep for maximum penetration.

When cum is delivered in this sex position, the gift will pool inside. It is guaranteed not to leak. It is the perfect way to deliver semen. The taker is lucky to be taken. The giver is lucky that they get to give.

Fuck as rabbits do, head down ass up, and with every meaty inch.

6. Best made cigars

The best cigars have always been rolled on the thighs of beautiful young ladies. The bare thighs of a nubile young tart is the ideal spot for the delicate task of constructing a cigar by hand.

The dried tobacco leaves are laid across the upper thighs. The professional cigar roller sits with the dried tobacco leaves laid across her thighs. She wears short shorts. Her knees are together, usually held in place with a loosely tied silk tie. The leaves form to the natural valley between her thighs and the leaves are filled with premium tobacco cuttings. The skilled ladies start to undulate their thighs to start forming the general shape of the cigar. They finish with their hands and they seal the leaves with their tongues. They work quickly and can be very efficient. It’s a delight to watch.

The girls lick their finger tips routinely to improve grip and keep the process as effortless as possible. Talented fingers and tongues are always in high demand.

The next time you’re offered a cigar, ask if it was rolled on the thighs of a nubile lady.

7. Dogging in suburbia

The British have a beautiful culture and history that includes the exciting nighttime practice of dogging.

Quiet out-of-the-way spots are picked by dogging enthusiastics and under the cover of night, they descend. Ladies alone and ladies with partners will typically stay in their car and have their fun. Mostly single gentlemen will watch the fun from outside the car. Adventurous ladies will roll down windows and open doors, to invite strangers to join in.

What is beautiful about this rich tradition is the unwritten laws that govern dogging spots. These are passed down through the generations of dogging fans, and they are strictly applied. Anyone caught acting lecherously, inappropriately or unwantedly will be swiftly removed and usually with prejudice.

The ladies feel safe masturbating in public or sucking random cock, because they trust in the ethics and morality of the group. What a beautiful manifestation of all we’re capable of achieving when sex is at stake, and when we work together for the greater good.

Dogging is technically illegal so should be experienced with caution. Why anyone would want to suppress the free exchange of bodily fluids in road-side car parks is beyond us. We wish the dogging community every success. We hope your windows stay unfogged and your evenings be rain-free.

Dogging is a close cousin of the swinging scene where couples swap partners and have foursomes in their living rooms. A different kind of risk for a different kind of fun.

8. Gingering

It is perfectly justified to ginger up a slave if they have gravely disappointed you.

You must not overdo this punishment as it really is quite unpleasant. This is why it is such an effective mechanism for attitude correction. But it is also why it must be reserved for serious situations.

Store-bought ginger root will suffice. Find a thumb sized piece and carefully trim it down into a small smooth plug. With care the ginger can be whittled to a smooth rounded shape. It is common to make the slave prepare their own ginger plug but some owners enjoy the task so proceed as you see fit.

Have the offending slave bend over, reach back, and spread their ass cheeks. Lube is required. Once inserted, the ginger will start to slowly and gently burn the asshole.

The two hells of this punishment are, in no particular order, making them sit still and just be in the moment as their asshole gently sizzles, or having them go about their duties and responsibilities all the while knowing their asshole is crying out for attention.

Leave the ginger in until they have learnt their lesson. But be gentle with this punishment, it is best used sparingly as the asshole will eventually build tolerance. Rely on threat whenever possible.

For advice on training a slave to ginger themself contact an Elder.

Our Church hopes and prays you use this punishment only in extreme cases. Afterwards the ginger should be disposed of as fresh ginger works best.

9. Semen sustenance

There are lower ranked individuals who, by choice or otherwise, end up swallowing a large quantity of semen over the course of their lives. These people are blessed saints.

If consumed in sufficient quantities, the concentrated sexual energy becomes a form of sustenance. These brave souls are sustained by the sexual emissions of others. And while semen on its own is not a balanced diet (as the saying goes: cum is a condiment, not a meal), there is a magnifying aspect to continually consuming fresh semen.

There is a marginal gain effect from each additional load swallowed. The first load has no effect, the second likewise and the third. But if the cum worship continues, especially in a focused and mindful manner, there will come a tipping point beyond which the addictive quality of the act will help cement the habit and semen will have become a source of spiritual nutrition.

From this point on, the individual will find themselves chemically addicted to cum. They will seek it out regularly, due to an internal craving, a deep hunger that can only be filled with one thing.

Tipping points vary from person to person. Some find their addiction quickly and others take years. Consuming semen directly from source helps to capture its essence at its purest. But semen can be frozen for later use if required.

Consuming semen is a net energy gain for the consumer. In this way, the semen is considered a gift and this is why it is appropriate for the consumer to express thanks.

A single load of cum is a high quality shot of powerful vitamins, proteins, and aminos. If consumed with sufficient vigour, semen will produce noticeably healthier looking skin and hair. Fresh is best but frozen will do. For optimal nutrition uptake, best consumed with or shortly after food.

Semen is a delicacy and a treat, enjoy it when you get the chance.

10. Cashing in on lust (taking money for being defiled)

Making a living as a paid slut should not be criminalised or marginalised. These sluts are giving individuals and they make a meaningful difference in the lives of many. There should be no shame in trading pleasure for money. It is a perfectly noble way to live.

For what is generally taken to be the oldest form of barter, modern society has adopted a pretty bizarre perspective on prostitution. It is reasonable to assume that prostitution has actually been a net positive to human beings simply by considering how long it has existed and how prolific it has been as a profession. These days, most of the world prohibits prostitution for puritanical reasons. These are completely misguided efforts. Those who seek to repress lust are wasting their time ultimately. They’re trying to eradicate a basic human drive.

For those who pay for pleasure, we recommend you are careful not to over pay. Establish the market rates for the services you seek, do not let horniness cloud your judgement. Set a budget that you are comfortable with and stick to it. Those who pay must treat the workers with respect and dignity. Do not abuse community property unless you have negotiated abuse.

Do not damage the goods. The goods will fight back.

For those who are paid, please do not exploit your customers too much. Some exploitation is expected, they are just horny wallets after all. But we ask you to take care and tread lightly. It makes better business sense to milk a John over and over, then to drain him dry all at once.

11. Sermon on the topic of finger fucking

First, tend to your nails. Your digits of choice must be clean, and your nails tidy and free of snags. Hire a professional if necessary.

Second, always warm up the holes slowly and with liberal amounts of lubrication. Buy good quality oil-based lube and do not be shy with it. Lubricate your fingers as well.

The average pussy can comfortably work up to three digits if you go slowly. The average asshole should not go beyond two fingers without special training, and assholes require more lube applied during the fingering. The average mouth can take four fingers shallow or two fingers deep.

Gag reflexes are particularly easy to trigger with fingers. Conditioning is typically required to build resistance. Tolerance is easiest to build if you do it all at once. Spend significant time over a short period pushing the gag reflex back until it’s not an issue any more. Use a finger or a toothbrush. Tolerance is then maintained with regular practice. Swallowing fingers on demand without gagging is an impressive party trick. Deepthroating a cock as an opening move with a new gentleman is something he will remember forever.

And, perhaps the oldest form of digit based degradation: Two in the pink and one in the stink. Our Church does not teach this particular manoeuvre because the pinkie is a little too weak and ineffectual for the asshole. Oftentimes it will struggle to even get inside. We promote the V for victory approach where strong fingers are thrust purposefully into the anus and the vagina at the same time. Depth need not be compromised and if it is, it can be balanced with extra vigour. When orientated correctly, this approach leaves the thumb free to find the clit. No session of female finger fucking should be undertaken without direct, sustained and unrelenting attention paid to the clit.

12. Sermon on the topic of forniphilia

Should you wish to adorn your home or work place with human art, we highly recommend maintaining low light and a warm ambient temperature. Human art, whether hung on the wall, standing proudly in the middle of the room or in some other way decorating your space, should be respected as it is enjoyed.

Tits in particular make for pleasing artworks all by themselves. Ladies and gentlemen can enjoy a quality pair of breasts and it’s for this reason our Church strongly encourages lower ranked ladies be made go topless in the warmer months.

Higher ranking ladies are art and should be treated accordingly. Lower ranking ladies are more suited to be practical objects like furniture. Practical objects for the use and for service to noble folk. Well trained slaves make excellent furniture due to their sustained obedience. The last thing you want is a bratty coffee table spilling your drink.

Treat your objects properly, do not let them be too uncomfortable in their placement. Training and practice does wonders for endurance. In this regard, remember our Church’s value lesson - spanked asses learn fastest.

Interested in trying forniphilia for the first time? We recommend you attempt the lamp stand. It is easy and effective. All you need is a tall lamp stand that is the appropriate height to suit the subject. Find one that is tall enough to allow the subject to be lashed to the stem of the lamp such that their body hides the stem from view. If the lampshade is positioned suitably the effect is immediately pleasing - it should appear like the subject is in fact the lamp stem and that their bodies are a part of the whole lamp object.

Beyond this, we invite you to use your own creativity and imagine how best to fill your space with human art. The possibilities are literally endless. You are only restricted by the number of humans at your disposal.

Our Church does not endorse the more extreme forms of forniphilia such as human snowboards and human hood ornaments. While we appreciate the satisfaction these must bring to their owners, they are beyond the realm of safe and sane play. So please avoid these dangerous art forms, unless you really don’t want to.

13. Stats & figures

Our Church is pleased to share the results of our ongoing research programs.

Through extensive in-person interrogation, examination, observation, discussion and persuasion we have again pushed the boundaries of sexual research and understanding. Our pioneering methods helped us arrive at some truly fascinating discoveries. We are enlightening ourselves so that we may enlighten others.

If breast size is a factor for you we can say with certainty that you could optimise your search if you focus on ethnicity. Russia and the Nordic countries all boast the largest average breast cup size. America, Germany and Australia share the second rung on our gifted scale. And for those who prefer smaller breasts, it’ll be no surprise that most of Africa and Asia are at the lower end of the scale.

If you are more interested in penis size, as you well might, there are also roughly three categories. Largest average erect penis sizes are found in North Africa, North Western Europe, and Canada. The middle tier is made up of the rest of the Americas, rest of Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Coming in at the lower end are the Asian countries.

Interest in both penis and breast sizes follow the bell curve with most interest being in the mid-range - in other words, most gentlemen being happy with medium to large breasts, and most women happy with medium to large penises. There are, of course, those who enjoy the especially large, and also those who prefer especially small.

This trend continues to many other attributes of attraction. Just as many gentlemen report interest in blondes as they do in brunettes and redheads. Tall, short. Thin, fat.

Australian ladies are the most likely to put out on a first date. A very noble instinct.

Roughly speaking, the ratio of self-reported homosexuality, bisexuality and hetrosexuality is static on a global scale. Data is hard to get for some regions, but it is our scientific opinion that orientation is not influenced by culture, tradition, or exposure to doctrine.

Our Church encourages and supports sexual recruitment. If one faction can lure a member of another faction over, either temporarily or permanently, they should consider that a win. So ladies, do what it takes to seduce your straight friends. And gentlemen, if the moment presents itself to bed a straight mate or just tempt a lesbian, take your shot and make it count.

Should you wish to learn more about our sexual statistics program, please contact an Elder.

Sex is everything. They say money rules the world. But money is just a path to sex.

- Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bel Air, January 1970

14. Topless barbers, business of the future

It is bizarre that tits are not more widely used to lure patrons to businesses. Capitalism has been so quick, historically, to capitalise on any market edge. Gentlemen would queue to get into a clothes store staffed with naked ladies. Most gentlemen would buy the slacks after the sales lady who definitely trims her pubic hair tells the gentlemen that the slacks look good on them. Imagine how much sales commission these ladies could earn.

Capitalism has made it acceptable to sexualise people on television, in movies, over the Internet, on billboards, in magazines - but sex is banished from office and retail situations for some reason.

And yet, titty bars and breastaurants remain the perfect business model. Sit, enjoy food and drink while you leer at the hot wait staff. Why are there titty bars but no titty bakeries?

Coffee shops should sell caffeine and lustful thoughts. Naked baristas to entice in the uncaffeinated. Tip if you like their tips.

Barber shops are the most obvious venue for naked commerce. More gentlemen would get their hair cut more often. Barber shops are already set up for this, the customers are provided with a privacy gown, there is warm soapy water nearby and the seats usually recline, giving the gentleman a perfect view.

15. Blowjob garments for the discerning gentlemen

Gentlemen’s pants, shorts, jeans and slacks are all designed to open at the front so that the cock can be quickly released in the event of sex. This is an optimal design perfected a long time ago when the concept of tailoring was still relatively new.

Ladies wore skirts and dresses, historically, to leave easy access to their undercarriages. Gentlemen had buttons, and later zips, to hold back their cocks until they were needed.

Now that we have mastered the techniques necessary to construct clothes in any shape we want, all clothes should be designed with sex in mind. It is our contention that if clothing manufacturers don’t accept this fundamental design goal, they are entirely missing the point of having gender specific clothing lines.

Modern clothing designers have lost sight of their original purpose, hence the odd reintroduction of buttons in the front of gentlemen’s jeans. Buttons where a zip should be. And is it not depressing to consider how velcro has been mostly ignored as an ideal solution to the problem of clothes that are difficult to remove in a drunken hurry? Quick-zipper pants have a place in every gentleman’s wardrobe and quick-release bikinis could revolutionise the beach scene.

16. Every home needs a slut wheel

A slut wheel is a device for the use of sluts.

A circular wooden disc, about five hands wide. Two hand holds and two kneeling pads. The disc rotates horizontally and must be installed properly.

Sluts are invited to mount the wheel. Knees on pads, hands on holds.

If it is deemed necessary the slut can be tied to the wheel.

The rotation is key to the wheel’s use. The group of assembled men just need to stand in a circle and take their turn as the lady rotates into position in front of them. The desired hole is delivered to the next worthy cock in line. Efficient and noble group sex.

The slut on the wheel is given to everyone who surrounds her. She is honoured in her use.

17. Get yourself a fuck pedestal, they say

Fucking while standing is a position that gives gentlemen a powerful advantage, on account of strength in the legs. Gentlemen can thrust up and thrust forward with particular power when standing. From the feet to the legs and the back, all of the strongest muscle groups can be brought to bear, producing significant force.

A fuck pedestal is a custom piece of furniture often found in noble households. The structure is designed with the users in mind, customised in terms of height and spacing. The hole to be used must be positioned just so to optimise the effect. The pedestal holds and supports however necessary, with secure hand and foot holds for instance. The desired outcome is aligning the desired hole to be used such that it is approaching an angle best suited to the cock that will use it.

Every home should have a fuck pedestal if it can fit one. But given space constraints and the need to customise each pedestal to its user they can be a costly endeavour. Which we feel is a shame. Our Church continues to research the development of a universal pedestal, suitable for everyone regardless of means.

18. General maintenance of slaves

When one of the slaves doesn’t do as it’s told, when it’s forgotten its place somehow, the only option we have is to give it a quick reminder. Usually owners find ginger to be very handy in these situations.

Bend the slave over, have it hold its ass cheeks apart and then insert a small plug of freshly cut ginger root. Leave the ginger in until you feel the lesson has been learnt. Watching a bad slave squirm with a burning asshole is a fun way to spend an evening.

You can lead a slave around by its nipples. It’ll do what it’s told but don’t expect to be thanked for it.

When you spank, make sure to grab the flesh after the spank. It will intensify the burn. Spank and grab, spank and grab, and so on.

Two in the pink and one in the stink. As noble now as it ever has been. You know you have the slave’s undivided attention with two fingers deep in the pussy and one deep in the ass.

Eating ass comes standard for slaves and punishment is appropriate if there is resistance. I don’t recommend it for slaves with weak stomachs.

The slave anus can be fingered or toyed often as a reminder of their position. You may choose to take on this messy task yourself, delegate to another slave or even instruct the slave to do it to themselves - but this last option rarely involves enough enthusiasm or vigour.

Contrary to instinct, slaves should not be published too often. Generally obedient slaves can be turned bad with excessive punishment. And wayward slaves can be made worse if they aren’t given time to fake enthusiastic obedience after a recent punishment.

Having said that, not spanking a slave for too long is also unadvisable. Spanking is a most effective way to re-establish dominance and hierarchy. Going to bed with a red ass can often feel like a comforting ache to a slave. If used judiciously it can remind them of their place in the world. For maintenance spanks, aim to see a light red colour.

19. Dildos on sticks

There is something delightfully obscene about fucking a lady with a dildo on a stick. Usually only found in the most depraved fo sex dungeons, the humble dildo on a stick makes it practical to violate a slavegirl from the comfort of your chair. The dildo on the stick can be equipped with a vibrator attachment, if the slavegirl has earned it.

Dildos on sticks are excellent motivation devices. The dildo itself should be lubricated. The stick needs to be strong and durable, but lightweight. Like regular dildos, dildos on sticks need to be kept clean so have the slavegirl lick and suck the instrument clean after it’s been inside her.

A slavegirl in bondage, violated in one orifice after another, with long powerful dildos. What a vision that is. What a lucky girl she must be.

Dildos arranged in an upright fashion, running the length of a board, become a real fun time for a slavegirl. Usually only seen in performance, the slavegirl slips down one dildo at a time, gradually making her way to the last one. The last dildo, at the very end of the board, is typically the largest. It is on this dildo that the slavegirl must rotate. She must then make her way back up the board, one dildo at a time. And afterwards, naturally, she must repeat the process with her mouth to thoroughly clean the instruments.

There is nothing quite as quintessentially human as extending our bodies by using tools. A select number of other species do this, but only to a much lesser degree. Humans are uniquely adept at extending, upgrading and improving ourselves through the use of tools. And sex toys are simply another extension of this superiority. When you hold a stick, which has a dildo on its end, and the dildo is into the body of another human being, you are by extension the one penetrating that person. And that is beautiful.

20. Feet freaks and foot fetishists

Fascination with the foot traces its history back through the annals of human advancement. Perhaps the earliest, and best known, are the epic poems on the beauty and grace of the foot penned by the Ancient Greek writer Philostratus - who, it is said, could be inspired to write for days by the mere suggestion of an ankle.

Foot fetishism is the most common fetish involving a non-sexual body part. The foot freaks sometimes dispute that definition, obviously, but the point stands - there is a large body of people, ladies and gentlemen, who get off on the smell of a sock, the feel of a flip flop, and the taste of a toe.

We want to live in a world where you can suck on a toe if you want to suck on a toe. We want to be able to rent out their used gym runners by the hour. We want to trade in orthotic insoles and ladie’s hosiery.

Step this way if you agree. Walk with us. Stand up and be counted.

21. Sermon on the topic of cumplay

How should you respond when you find yourself being asked why a lower ranked person should swallow when a higher ranked individual cums in their mouth?

Our Church has a clear and straightforward position on this question - to swallow is divine.

The argument for lower ranked ladies is clear and supported by these truths offered up by Clarity as to why they should swallow:

  1. The load is a gift in celebration for who she is.

  2. The load is a compliment in appreciation for how she looks.

  3. The load is a medicine in realisation for what she needs.

The argument for lower ranked gentlemen is murkier, but largely tends to boil down to they should do as they’re told.

Dominant people swallow cum of their own choice, no need to cover that here.

Relief is found only when we accept our role in the ritual, so that it can be performed authentically, honestly and truly.

So subjects should smile as they swallow, because it is a performance. That is how it is done properly. Never be shy and never be meek, be but proud and tarty. Show you appreciate the reward you are being given for the job you have done well.

If you can taste cum you know you earned it. You have found a way to be worthy, to give back, to be blessed and to be hallowed. If you are in a romantic relationship, swallow to cement the bond you have. If you are in a erotic relationship, swallow to make yourself unforgettable.

The taste of semen varies widely, and people mostly talk about the negative. There are some men, whose semen does not deserve to be inside another person, mostly because of their poor lifestyle choices. These men produce semen not fit for human consumption. But do not let these foul tasting men put you off sampling the wide palette of tastes that is our community of noble gentlemen. Don’t let foul tasting spunk from your past turn you from the opportunity of tasty spunk in your future.

Foul tasting spunk can be improved. It is never too late to have nice tasting cum. For most, all that is really required is proper diet and hydration. For some regular light exercise is called for. Our Church runs semen toxin detox camps regularly, consult an Elder for details.

If taste continues to be an issue, try deepthroating when the cum is arriving. This will let you mostly bypass your taste buds and swallow a mostly tasteless treat. All the satisfaction, none of the after taste.

Packed with nutrients and feel good hormones, the semen in your belly is a care package created just for you - hot and fresh from the oven.

22. Finishing school for lower ranks

Our Church runs finishing schools intermittently, designed to educate novices so they can learn their place, their function and their purpose.

Our finishing school curriculum is similar in many ways to the high-society finishing schools found in places like Monaco and Switzerland. These institutions were established to serve families of wealth, to help raise their little princes and princesses, their heirs and heiresses.

At its heart, submission is an act of change and growth, becoming more by being what someone else wants you to be. We educate lower ranks on the philosophies that unpin their submission, the psychology of pleasure and the physics of Proper Protocol.

Those who attend our finishing schools are taught the history of submission and sexual slavery as it is important they understand the proud tradition they are joining and how their actions will impact future generations.

The schools address the big questions like why is that the good slave takes the crop eagerly and why is that spanked asses learns fastest. Social etiquette lessons, manners, decorum and Proper Protocol are core studies as they form the foundational understanding of how to behave and how to please.

Speech and action classes focus on the real-world acts of submission that high class submissives are known for, including correctly addressing dominants, advanced kneeling and begging with elegance.

The owner’s requirements for wardrobe, appearance and behaviour are established at initial intake and the student is trained to satisfy these requirements from then on.

Entertainment skills are also taught, ranging from conversational fluency and light musical entertainment, and on to exotic skills like belly dancing and advanced forms of massage.

Ladies are given training in acting appropriately feminine, dainty and vulnerable. Gentlemen are conditioned to enhance their physical and mental endurance for ritualised pain and humiliation. Poise, deportment and self-confidence are key to any successful career as an sex slave. Basic skills are taught as well, including dinner etiquette, mixology, food preparation and maid service. Everything it takes to be a successful piece of property.

Additionally, we offer a range of upgrades. The time a student spends at finishing school is ample for the installation of unique character or personality traits. These are tailored to the owner’s desires. Examples include heightened promiscuity, oral fixations, and semen addiction. The possibilities are effectively endless.

A popular upgrade is anal conditioning, where submissives are subjected to mandatory anal practice using faux phalluses of increasing sizes. This is coupled with regular sessions of mind and behaviour modification techniques, including anal pornography and live demonstrations. By the end of the school term it is expected that those who have taken the anal elective are now comfortable having vigorous anal sex regularly. This particular course’s motto is “go balls deep”.

Probably the most popular upgrade is deepthroat conditioning, where submissives are subjected to mandatory deepthroat practice using faux phalluses of increasing sizes. This is coupled with regular sessions of mind and behaviour modification techniques, including deepthroat pornography and live demonstrations. By the end of the school term it is expected that those who have taken the deepthroat elective are now comfortable throating cock regularly. This particular course’s motto is “balls on chins”.

Our Church customises extra curricular courses to the submissive and their owner. Their relationship and agreement must be reflected faithfully in the training for it to be effective. The best outcomes come from the best inputs. Consult an Elder for more information.

23. Worship The Goddess

As the first Elder wrote:

When I was young, I knew a lady who was eager and always up for sex. She was pretty and very much desired by the men in her social circle. A cute good time girl. But she didn’t know what she had. And then I was young also and neither did I. Yet we fucked every day and I came in her so very much.

After many years of satisfied fucking she said she had changed. Her passion was gone. Her love was still strong but her sex had lost its spark. She still wanted to be with me, to be close to me. And often. But she wanted it to be for my pleasure. She no longer needed it to be for hers. Her benefit was mental, while mine would be physical. This was what she wanted. She just wanted to feel desired and to feel secure.

So we agreed. We would fuck often and we would concentrate on me. She wanted me to take without giving. She wanted to be used. But with time the little minx learnt it felt good being used. Deep down a craving started. She knew now what it could feel like. Before she was always equal. But now she was beneath. Now she was she and I was I.

She began to crave being used by me, for me. She had become a toy. A pretty little toy - light entertainment. She learnt about herself. It dawned on her she was meant to be fucked. Realisation gave way to understanding. She was a penis accessory. She had learnt her place and she felt at peace. Lack of desire was overtaken by burning lust.

With my blessing and encouragement she gradually began to explore outside convention, to push back repression and to accept immoral desire. With time she became a high slut and I watched her take every inch. She tip-toed down the road of sin, a grin lighting her face as she did.

I had given her what she needed, and she had done the same for me. Our balance brought her safety and security. I was to her as she was to me.

She was now a goddess and deserving of worship. And I worship her. I worship her nightly, I fill her pussy with cum and I share her with like-minded gentlemen.

24. Medical intervention not required

The origins of the modern vibrator date back to the time when doctors were all male.

It was discovered that many nervous conditions could be readily treated in female patients through the use of medically induced orgasms.

Doctors learnt in medical school how to treat a variety of female medical conditions through steady and persistent attention to the clitoris. The shudders of pleasure brought forth waves of happy hormones, and with them healthy processes of growth and repair.

But doctors are busy professionals and the manual effort required to bring female patients to climax was, and still is, quite time consuming. Inventive minds created and evolved various designs of electric devices which could stimulate with greater vigour and consistent enthusiasm. The vibrator had arrived.

These wonder devices literally saved lives. They weren’t cure-alls but they cured many symptoms temporarily and some permanently. It’s hard not to feel better after an intense orgasm administered by someone else. Such is the nature of sexual energy exchange.

Maybe someday we’ll see a return to this practice, maybe no longer restricted to the medical community. Perhaps like nail bars and other small businesses that are dotted around our friendly neighbourhoods. Middle class ladies shouldn’t have to administer their own orgasms. Orgasm-and-go for your physical pleasure and for your mental health.

When we cultivate consent, we build trust. Then we find pleasure in each other's lust.

- Bob Dylan, St. Lawrence University, New York, 1963

25. Sermon on the topic of group sex

Group sex requires three or more players, and is considerably more complex than two people fucking. In essence, the coordination problems multiply with each participant.

Gentlemen generally lack the ability to effectively multitask, making them the weakest of choices in group sex situations. To be most effective, group sex situations need to feature mostly ladies.

The most common form of group sex is the threesome, and by far the most common form of threesome is when a couple invite a third to join them. Truly this is a blessed and special union. We praise and salute these unicorns who work to improve the relationships into which they enter.

The next most common form of group sex is two gentlemen at either end of a lady. The so-called Devil’s Three Way, due to its resemblance to the horned devil hand-gesture.

This is covered in detail elsewhere, suffice to say any slut capable of pleasuring two men at once is worthy of our love and appreciation. Praise be sluts.

Group sex is often an easy path for ladies who are curious to lay with ladies for the first time but who are perhaps nervous to do it outside the presence, and influence perhaps, of a gentleman. The presence of one, or many, gentlemen can help bridge the gap for these ladies and can help to grease the skids as they lay with a lady for the first time.

Ladies in a group situation are expected to play nicely with each other and be generous in sharing everyone in the group fairly and evenly. And ladies are expected to bond physically with each other. As one of the noble traditions this expectation is for the good of the ladies as much as it is for the gentlemen.

Only experienced sluts should be attempting two or more penises at the same time. This is a difficult feat for any newcomer. We do not wish to dissuade the curious, we only caution that it takes determination and should really only be attempted by those who possess a truly deep seated slutty nature, the kind that can only really be satisfied with multiple cocks.

Special things are possible when groups of ladies play naked. Eager and exposed, curious and horny, wholesome and deeply perverse. A pleasure to watch, a thrill to experience and a reality-shaping release of sexual energy expressed in movement and sweat, in breath and in climax. Sex itself manifesting in larger and larger degrees with each additional lady to join the group. Clarity attained as a team, amongst friends, inside and out, all around and deep down.

We are sex and it is only the fucking that makes us truly free.

26. Sermon on the topic of assplay

The anus is filthy and best avoided. Having said that, it’s a fun place to play.

Indeed, some traditionalists insist that sex has not occurred if an anus has not been penetrated.

Slavegirls can be reminded of their place, for instance, by hooking them with your thumb while you fuck them from behind. You must use lube and you must go slow. She must squirm and moan, to put on a show. She must push back to help. And she must know that if she tries to avoid the thumb, it will be replaced with a cock. Once she is thumbed, the slavegirl needs to be reminded of her situation. Use your thumb to move her rear from side to side a little. Now that she is hooked, show her that you are in control.

We exhibit dominance when we violate another with our fingers. There is power in our fingertips. And of course, some people just like having their ass played with. Lots of deliciously sensitive nerve endings live there. With the right mindset, we now know that anyone can be taught to lust for anal pleasure. A notable and noble upgrade.

And a thumb is only really the start as you want to gradually work up to a couple of fingers. These should just be pumped into the ass in steady time. Match the speed of your fucking, if that’s what you’re doing, or match the speed of her clit rubbing if that’s what she’s doing. You are stretching the ass out a little, getting it warmed up. She should be able to deduce what’s coming. Her tight little hole is going to have to take all of you soon.

It's incredibly satisfying to cum in the ass of a pretty girl. And when you've had her every other way, eventually you have no choice but to take her ass. Consent is key, unless of course you have already dispensed with that.

For ladies who prefer a gentleman to take charge, to have his way, well there is no clearer sign of your desire to please and your desire to be used then to get fucked in the ass. Take pleasure knowing you are serving your purpose with every thrust he makes.

Ass to mouth is absolutely forbidden by our Church, unless you are particularly into it.

Conditioning of slavegirls is possible with assplay. Both as a punishment and a reward, depending on application. It’s not uncommon in slavegirl training camps to behold them on all fours, naked, getting fucked in the ass with a dildo on the end of a stick. The Elder sitting in a comfortable chair sipping his drink as he works.

It is commonly held that slavegirls should be anally fucked at least once a month. There are several strong arguments for this but ultimately it is because it reinforces the slavegirl’s status as a pleasure vessel. For her, anal is something she must endure to earn her keep, to pay her way, to be worthy. Particularly expensive slavegirls typically repay the investment with more frequent assplay, to maximise return on investment.

Assplay should only ever be a consensual activity. We recommend that the taker is involved in scheduling ass play for practical reasons. Our Church provides instruction to slavegirls on how to appropriately prepare and plan for anal sex.

When slavegirls willfully engage in assplay it is respectful of tradition, and when they meet this head-on with caution and care they honour the sex that blessed them, the sex that has us and the sex that will be forever.

27. Tantric breathing

The gentleman enters the lady’s pussy, his erect member deep inside her. And they hold there, breathing slowly, looking into each other’s eyes. And they breathe. For potentially hours they meditate, interlocked and breathing in sync. This simple technique is the conclusion of generations of tantric and yogic experimentation and exploration by mystics, sceptics, gurus and fakirs.

By conserving and harnessing sexual energy instead of expelling it quickly and efficiently, leaders in these various fields concluded that the path to higher degrees of consciousness, beyond what was previously possible, was through the application of delayed gratification.

We now know this is incorrect and woefully misguided. Sex would never shape our evolution in order to limit our pleasure, that is not our true path. We must not fear pleasure, we must chase it. We are agents of pleasure now and forever. That is our gift.

Tantric sex has only ever produced less orgasms, not more. Which violates basic human rights. Tantric sex is promoted as wholesome when it is in fact a perversion of the worst kind.

It seems hundreds of years dedicated to sexual study and research led these fine minds down a backwards path. They focused sexual energy inwards to make changes outside themselves. This was the origin of so-called sex magick, archaic and ineffective rituals and beliefs. We now understand the importance of directing sexual energy outwards. We know that if we make changes to who we are inside, we can effect change outside.

We honour the truth with every thrust and with every moan, we are noble.

28. In support of reluctant lesbianism

Our Church fully believes and endorses the personal question of sexual orientation. You are a sexual being capable of orientating however you so wish.

Gentlemen and ladies are advised to experiment with orientation if it seems like it might be fun to. Orientation is not set now or at any time, it is subject to context, subject to emotion and subject to the whims of our sex drive.

Our research in this area aligns with what has been doctrine for a long time, ladies cluster further along the orientation spectrum then gentlemen do. Meaning, ladies are much more likely to identify as bisexual. The evidence is clear, ladies are capable of enjoying emotional closeness and physical pleasure with each other in numbers far exceeding gentlemen. Yet another reason they are the superior gender.

Due to this phenomenon, ladies as a group are able to lay claim to a larger stake of the sexual marketplace. They can span genders much more readily and that increases their options while diminishing the options for those who can’t. A sexual coup.

And it is with this knowledge that we advocate strongly for lesbian experimentation. It is our strong belief that the genetic predisposition to bisexuality is not a lucky quirk, but a gift from the universe. But even though it is random fate, the talent of being able to fuck both genders is too special to be ignored or squandered. If you are granted this opportunity you should aspire to hit twice the average number of lifetime sexual partners.

We strongly encourage all ladies to try lesbianism at least once. There is a different type of pleasure available to you and you owe it to yourself to experience it, even if only one.

29. Being fully present while tea-bagging

Many slaves have found themselves gargling the balls of their owners and wondering how they ended up there. For some it was a path set in motion by desperation, for some it was preordained in their genetic make-up, while for others it is an escape and a release from reality. Whatever the reason, there is not a slave in the world who has found themselves gargling on a pair of balls and not known deep down that she was serving a higher purpose.

Regardless of the sexual degradation, there is a universal power at work and you are serving this higher purpose the lower you get.

Praise be sluts.

Because it is only in the service of the almighty sex that we can possibly reach our full potential.

If a noble gentleman wants a noble lady to suck on his balls like candy, it is requested only with the highest degree of respect, and it is only with the highest level of admiration that he would ever ask. To entrust his most prized body part, the centre of his sexual being, with the simple noble desire to be pleasured. It is a fitting tribute for a slut willing and eager to provide pleasure this way. There is symmetry and balance. There is serving and there is being served.

We beseech you, find someone who will gargle on your genitals or find someone who has genitals worth gargling.

And remember always that the desire to cum is a blessed ambition that must be encouraged, supported and cheered on in whatever ways necessary.

30. The Ties That Bind Us

Joshua knew well that the only way to properly store the new slavegirl safely was to bind her, like all the others. But she appealed to his generosity, exploited his kindness and she used her womanly ways to seduce him into leaving her untied on that first night. That is how she escaped in the early hours of the morning. Joshua was one slavegirl poorer.

Joshua’s brother Jeb knew to keep slavegirls tied up. Jeb used delicate silks to bind his slavegirls. They looked delightful when all tied up for the night. But the silks wore through over time and girls he’d had for years sometimes escaped. It didn’t happen so often that he cared to change. He kept buying new girls and new silks. He never learned.

Their cousin Jefferson knew the bind recommended by most was tape. He liked tape. It was quick and easy. With tape he could bind a girl before she could change her mind. Tape also made for a quick gag. But Jefferson learned that tape can be bitten through, by a wilful and determined slavegirl. He lost most of his property that way.

Two towns over Jameson bound the mind of his slavegirls. He taught them, explained to them, made them see how lucky they were. To be a slavegirl to Jameson was a reward in itself. The safety and protection he granted them far outweighed the depravities he required of them. He invited them to think about freedom and endless possibility, compared with servitude, and certainty, and security. Jameson spanked his slavegirls every time he told them these things, to reinforce and enhance his message. Through the judicious use of mental bondage, demonstrated by them submitting to the spanking, Jameson never lost a slavegirl. Instead they worshipped at his feet and his harem only grew with time.

31. The Grand Rules

And so it goes that our practices and beliefs and rituals are all built around consent and care.

And so it goes that we adopt, accept and codify the Grand Rules, and in doing so we abide by them now and always.

And so it goes that as we live and breathe, we are made better by the rules. And as they live through us, they realise their potential to transform reality.

i. Be good to yourself so that you can be good to others.

ii. Treat others as you would have them treat you.

iii. Elicit the best in yourself by improving the worst around you.

iv. Be noble in body, noble in spirit and noble in deed.

v. Judge not those who cannot be noble, instead feel empathy.

32. The Final Blessing

The fornication will go on. Will you be part of it?

Better yourself, grow yourself, be more.

Earn your orgasm, every single day.

You are more than you know.

You are sex.

And you are beautiful.

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