✭ Glossary of Faith of the Church Of Carnal Knowledge

Welcome to the Glossary section of our website. We hope you find enlightenment here regarding our shared language and articles of faith. If you still require assistance, please reach out and let us know.

agent of pleasure (noun)

an individual committed to the path of pleasure for themselves and for those around them (more)

carnal knowledge (noun)

acquaintance with facts, truths, and principles of human carnality (more)

clarity (noun)

the blessed period of lucid thought and earnest objectivism that immediately proceeds sexual release (more)

cumplay (verb)

to play, entertain yourself and possibly others, using semen as a medium (more)

cumslut (noun)

a slut who specialises in cumplay (more)

elder (noun)

a dominant who has been ordained in our Church, pledged their fealty and continues to act with nobility (more)

first elder (noun)

the gentleman who first codified what we already knew in our hearts to be true, that sex is the path

first goddess (noun)

the siren who seduced the first elder, inspiration for unsure thoughts of carnal delight

gentleman (noun)

an individual who self identifies as a gentleman and who conducts themselves in a noble manner

grand rules (noun)

five sacred rules for living a noble life (more)

hedonism (noun)

the doctrine that pleasure and happiness are the highest good (more)

high slut (noun)

an exceptionally slutty individual who demonstrates time and again that they are a slut of the highest caliber (more)

noble (adjective)

of an exalted moral and mental character, admirable in dignity of conception, manner or expression

noble hedonist (noun)

an individual who chases hedonistic pleasure paying their way with noble actions and intentions (more)

slaveboy (noun)

a gentleman who is sexually enslaved through his commitment to consensual non consent (more)

slavegirl (noun)

a lady who is sexually enslaved through her commitment to consensual non consent (more)

subwife (noun)

a wife who is submissive to her husband in all ways (more)

temple slut (noun)

a venerated submissive lady who been screened and selected for employment by our Church in areas ranging from administration to public relations (more)

painslut (noun)

a masochist who is generous with their gift

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